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And so it begins...the MDC NaNoWriMo Thread! - Page 19

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I've got less than 1600 words left before I hit 50k. I'm on the west coast and do all my writing late at night, so I have to finish tonight or I'll miss the deadline.

I'm feeling sad that this is almost over! My husband and I have both enjoyed making writing a daily part of our lives. I think that I'll take a few days off to cool my fingertips after NaNo ends, but then I want to get working on a short story I was trying to get out of my head for months. I think I'll give myself a tight deadline on that one too, the NaNo writing blitz thing seems to work for me.
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Yikes - I totally won, but I can't cut and paste. I'm using NeoOffice and must have overloaded it. I'll stick my software engineer on it tonight!!

I had 50 words left all afternoon. The kids were going nuts, people stopping by -ugh!! It will be nice to have time for all that stuff again!!

Keep writing all of you - you are soooooo close and it goes really fast at the end (unless you have kids knocking themselves out . . .)
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Less than 3k to go! I think I might just make it!!! I may even end the story tomorrow too!
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I did it! Final word count: 50,049. What a month!

I want to write more about how much I enjoyed this experience, yadda yadda yadda, but I'm so tired my eyes are closing on me.....

It got real quiet in here during the day Thursday, I bet there will be a lot more winners posting soon Yay! :
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I did it too!!! I finished last night but my internet connection hasn't been working. : anyway it just started working again today and so I just submitted my word count! YAYYY!!!! I totally thought I wasn't going to make it there for a while but I DID, I DID!

Way to go, everyone!

Gee whiz, what a month.
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I'm such a procrastinator. 929 to go. DD doesn't want to let me finish though. Please, just one more little nap? I'm hacking through the end of this thing so fast that it would be a total letdown if the rest of the novel weren't so bad.
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Sending you some sleep fairy dust . . . you can do it!!
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I finished! It's awful, but I won!!!
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Finally! The pigs got out yesterday and ran me ragged from 9 to 3pm, including going a half mile away to raid someones compost pile. It took 2 freaking hours to walk them back, with many, many long detours through the woods, and lots of turning back. I'm bruised and cut up from trying to head them off. I was so tired when I got back, I was trying to fix their enclosure and just crying.

And then, after a medicinal glass of wine and NO DINNER, for anyone, I stayed up and wrote about 1250 words. This morning I heavily fed the piggies, who were so exhausted they barely moved all day, and then I wrote until I finished.

And I did it! I finished! I celebrated by washing the kitchen and living room floors (Ugh, they were so gross), and taking a long, long, long hot bath. So long my fingers wrinkled up. With a glass of wine. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Come on, there's still a few hours left! Do it, make it happen.
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