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Nothing yesterday, but I think I'll meet my goal by tonight (and then some!)

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Got rid of 5 more random items.

315 + 5 = 320/425

Wow, the rest of November is really busy here so I am really going to have to try hard to make it to my goal.
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yeah! I made my goal for the month! Previous was 60/100

Add to that -
2 things of bubble bath freecycled
3 1st christmas items freecycled
39 baby girl items given away (to sister's finace's brother's wife )
threw away broken tinker toy
recycled numerous catalogs (not counting them)

New total - 105/100
and the running total before Dec. 31, 2008

105/2008 (Hmmm, maybe I should count those catalogs after all )
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Met the goal!!

Previous total: 143/150

I met my goal today:

bag of 10 nice sweaters to freecycle
2 huge bags for donation bin (at least 50 items total)
5 items I realized they probably don't want at the thrift store

I'm calling it 65. It was a super-productive day

New total: 208/150
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Surpassed the goal! 86 new items


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it's the end of the month but I so need to do this so I'm not going to wait annnnnny longer! lol I'll get rid of at least 50 by the end of the month!

Here we goooo...

0/50... I'll be back before the end of the night.
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Good job thoseof you hitting your goals! It gives hope to us slackers.

I got rid of another 5 shirts from my closet, and 1 pair of pants.

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1 evil plastic toy
1 magazine


To make my goal, I have to get rid of about 36 items per day. I don't think it's going to happen.
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Thanks for the info on Dress for Success. I will get rid of those teeny little suits!

Making some progress:

Basement food storage:
63 items either to trash (expired--oh, the waste!) or to food pantry

I hope to keep better track of what I have from now on to avoid this. I still have to do kitchen cupboards and rearrange basement.


I went through DS's toys and pulled quite a bit out. They are not ready to "go" yet so I'm not counting 'em.
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I was determined to get some stuff done yesterday.

1 book to its rightful owner
16 fridge or pantry things either used creatively or tossed b/c no good
1 very dangerous shelving unit trashed
1 DVD box set sold
35 items that used to have sentimental value and no longer do trashed

54 total


I now have to purge at least 34 items per day to make my goal.
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Still going! 47 more baby items --

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Forgot to post last night. I got ruthless with a box of old trophies, certificates and plaques from Elementary - High School. Took pictures of some of it before I tossed it all, but mostly just tossed. Also recycled 2 magazines.

70 more items gone!


Need to do 26 items per day now to make my goal. Not sure how much I'll get done today or tomorrow though!
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swapadvd.com is public now - I was inspired to get the kids to declutter "their" videos and we posted about a half-dozen. Not much but it's something. I posted two more CDs at swapacd.com also, and a handful more books.

I also am coming up with a bag of gently used wooden toys for a friend to give her DD for Xmas. We have too many. Yes, it is possible to have too many. But I am sure you all know that. She is very excited.

I think our book collection is as pared down as it's gonna get, and now my challenge is to sort and prep the remaining books for long-term storage. I'm guessing it will be 5 years before we have a library room with shelves for them, and of course at that point I'll pare down again based on the actual shelf space we build. It probably sounds counter to decluttering, but I think it's the best thing for us to do it this way.

Still eating up Thanksgiving leftovers...does that count as decluttering? LOL.
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I'm still going...

3 old, icky pillows
6 misc junk items

There's more, but I can't remember right now...
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Since last Thurs I've been doing some random tossing here and there. No focused decluttering time chunks, though. I've also found homes for items that didn't have a proper home. I'm going to add 10 to my total.
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1 old cast boot
3 big plastic toys
5 shirts (I have never seen so many clothes!!!)
1 baby snowsuit (to HH FIN)
18 kitchen washclothes (FIN)
2 yards fabric I wasn't using (FIN)

so 30 more this past weekend.

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Did some decluttering in the master BR, and lost track. It was a lot, but I'll just include the things I remember -- 30 items


I need to stop, and save some things for Dec.
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I have some catching up to do! DH went to the dump last weekend to take the things we couldn't donate or freecycle.

1 bag of odd mittens, etc.
2 mattresses
2 boxsprings
1 broken chair
1 broken lawn chair
1 bag of misc junk

Today I'm cleaning up the summer stuff and putting the winter stuff where it needs to go so I'm getting rid of a few things there. These things are being donated.

1 coat
1 hat
1 pair of boots that are too small
2 pots

So as of today I have decluttered my home of 13 more things and I'm not done yet for today.

193/200. I think I'll make my goal today!
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I did it!!!

I threw out:
3 pairs of worn shoes
1 broken stoneware peice
1 bucket

I put in the donate bag:
1pair of overalls
1 pair of winter boots
1 crock pot

That's 8 more things bringing me to 201/200 !! Woohoo!!
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Not making great progress here since the week started.

I threw out 1 bag of garbage that's been hanging around for a few months (don't know why I didn't take it out sooner), 1 broken mop, 6 magazines (recycled), 5 books/dvds/cds/video games sold, 4 items shipped to their rightful owner. Also discarded 5 piles of shredding, so that's 22.


108 more to go. I don't know if I can do that...
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