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OK I've got a goal.

Emptying 10 to 30 boxes this month.

I did two today!
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Originally Posted by ajohnson45 View Post
Hello! I am excited to have been lead to this thread, thanks superstella!

Anyways, my house is a complete clutter museum, so I honestly think I will be able to set my items high, let's say 450? Ya, 450.

Of course I have to let you know that I am somewhat cheating, I have already booked an appointment for a home organizer come and help me organize 2 of the kiddo's bedrooms. I couldn't be more excited to get the help, sometimes it's just sooooo overwhelming.

This'll be great!!

I'd love to have a professional come help me organize! Please do let us know how it goes, and if it's worth it.
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Freecycled 2 sets of sheets, a jacket, spoon rest, trivet, 2 comforters, 1 blanket, another jacket, deepfryer


Em's bathroom closet/medicine cabinet/cupboards
Our bathroom medicine cabinet
/2 cupboards
My nightstand - 1 small drawer/1 large
my underwear/sock drawer
kitchen junk drawer

for dh to do -
his magazine basket in bathroom - why is it always overflowing!!!
organize garage a bit more

for both
organize camping stuff
clean up old toys/misc yard stuff from side of yard
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I chucked/recycled 30 items this afternoon, so I'm going to increase my goal up to 250. So,


That was 5 minutes going through some papers in the kitchen and throwing out lidless markers and anything broken out of the junk drawer. If I keep going I should easily make my goal.
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I am in. I don't have a number goal, just a room goal. My bedroom and the play room.
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Originally Posted by beautyful View Post
I'm in for 100, since it's my first try. And it'll give me a chance to figure out what my goal should be next month.
Me too!! If I'm in for 100, does that mean I need to throw/give away 100 items out of my house?
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Originally Posted by superstella View Post

This month I'm going to do much better, and I've already started! I think I can declutter 300 items, 10/day, and I've got a head start because I decluttered toys this morning.
Wow.. that really does make it seem like it is doable when you break it down that way! I'm in for 300 as well in that case

The things/rooms I really need to tackle are my craft stuff, my bedroom and the kids rooms need organizing yet (we just moved last week
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Got rid a big pile of Pampered Chef catalogues and stuff since I am no longer selling it. Going to count it as 5.

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Originally Posted by oliveoildog View Post
Me too!! If I'm in for 100, does that mean I need to throw/give away 100 items out of my house?

As everyone can see in my sig, I haven't started decluttering yet...
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I'm in again. I fell short last month, however, I DID get rid of the major items I was targeting. So I feel like I accomplished a lot

This month, I'm setting my goal lower because we have some maintenance to do and I'm not sure if I can spend the time decluttering.

Today, I returned 5 items to the mall (MIL bought them for us after I told her not to. Gee, and I wonder why I have clutter

So, 5/150
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Just cleaned out a cupboard

11 more (large) piles of paper
1 calendar
1 disk
1 catalogue
1 set of old address labels
2 packages of Pampered Chef invitations
1 binder

5+18 = 23/425
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All right! We are off to such a good start declutterers!

Today I rid my house of:

2 books
1 cloth diaper
2 pairs of jeans that ds3 outgrew suddenly
several shirts, let's call it 3 even though it was probably more. and I'm counting them even though they're not out the door yet, they're sitting next to the door in the donate pile. Don't let me cheat and count them again later!

so 7 for the day, falling just slightly short of my goal of 10, but I had extra yesterday so it's all good so far.

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So for 11/1 and 11/2:
1 book sold
2 piles of junk mail
1 pile of work stuff
2 doll house miniatures
1 pile of expired coupons
1 pile of unclipped coupons
3 magazines
1 shirt
1 container of chili from the freezer

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I have freecycled my serger and sewing machine. I hated the serger. The sewing machine was an older model that I could not figure out how to use. They are going to a nice loving home.

I also freecycled a complete office set w/ desk, hutch, side table and storage center. They have been sitting in my garage for a year now.
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Okay, I'm in for 500 items this month. I mailed out some swap stuff today, so 52 things left the house today. I'll be going through DS's clothes this weekend and donating a bunch of them, and that will be a big hit on the stuff pile. He has a lot of clothes!
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Woot! I am here! :

DH is on the way to the dump right now with a 5x8 cargo trailer packed to the gills. It's our town's annual "Roll-Off" day where you can take up to 1000 lbs to the dump for $25 and not pay a surcharge on anything.

We're getting rid of four moldy mattresses, a broken loveseat, three unfixable bikes, a broken door, metal parts to a clothesline (including cement footing), parts of a broken outdoor fireplace, a dead pool pump, a really heavy and useless old broken 200 lb wooden cart thingy, and various antennae and wires previously attached to our roof. Plus other odds and ends.

Before anyone laments that these things are headed to the dump, I'm pretty darn responsible about finding new homes for useful things, but there is no other appropriate home for these particular items. Most of these things were left behind our shed or in our yard by the previous owners.

Yesterday I went through the kids' clothes and packed away all the summer stuff, and pulled a few additional things we needed out of storage.

It's a good way to start the month.

My goals for this month and possibly also next month:

- Finally attempt to truly get rid of all my get-rid-of things...post stuff on Freecycle/Craigslist/Trading Post/etc and follow through.
- Prepare and give about six trash bags of kid things to my sister at Thanksgiving
- Excavate my to-do-pile; it grew when I wasn't looking.
- Continue making regular trips to the swap shop to get rid of stuff
- Tackle mending pile (two tubs) and make it all go away
- Call about getting scrap metal (gutters) removed from yard
- Finish tidying up yard/garden for the winter
- Move sewing tubs out to the shed for the winter (inventory first, so I can easily find what I need without bringing the tubs back inside)
- Organize and store camping gear for next year
- Remove kid-art from living room walls
- Re-cover piano bench with fabric
- Pantry challenge at least until after Christmas

AND if I get super-ambitious, or if I have time after the other projects are out of the way: work on photo project (sorting and putting into binders) and start going through our many books in the garage.

Whew! I need to take a break after writing that!
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I'm in! I'm up for 500 items.

Yesterday I gave two leftover small diapers and a never used 0-3mo outfit to a friend who is overdue.

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I'm in. I'm also a newbie to this but my home is in serious need of decluttering.

I am going to start off with 200 items
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If your clutter is mostly old papers, old files etc. do you REALLY count each piece of paper?
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I don't count each individual paper but count by bagful or batch of shreds. I usually count each batch of shreddings as 5-10.
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