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Barefoot in Winter?

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I know barefoot is the best thing to be with regards to your feet. But what do you do in Winter?

At home, I wear slippers ALL DAY! Our floor is wood or stone and my feet get cold, I also see my son getting cold toes too! I don't like the idea that my feet rarely go barefoot. I am wondering if socks with rubber gripped bottoms are better than slippers.

What do you do?
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I wear socks all winter. If you've got smooth floors, the rubber grips can be helpful. I think socks are closer to barefoot than slippers, but it can depend on the slipper and how much bulk it has to it.
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I've been thinking about this too. It's too cold here for barefoot already!

I usually just do socks but worry about slipping on our floors.

I was wearing my slippers all day, but I have to admit it makes me feel kind of frumpy : Maybe I need cuter slippers!!!

I bought a cute pair of flats thinking I would wear them around the house - and I *do* if I am cleaning and need to run outside and such, but I'm finding they aren't nearly as comfy as just socks or slippers, so I end up kicking them off......They don't have great arch support I guess, so maybe if I put some insole thingys in there it would help.
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Not sure how barefeet on stone is any good for the health of your feet or muscles, but our entire family wears flip flops (cheapo $1 ones up to nicer ones with supportive/strategic massaging nubs). I wear socks in the winter and moisturize with cocoa butter during the winter (or lotion, olive oil, or coconut oil during the rest of the year).

I was born with flat feet, but my feet are fairly nice apart from that. Numerous people have commented on my feet and it gets embarrassing. My grandmother (who passed away this year) used to say my feet looked like little loaves of bread, Paul used to say my toes were like peas. Somebody at work said a few weeks ago that my feet looked untouched and has never seen a pinching high heeled shoe in it's life.

Go figure!
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ugh dont u hate this time of year when you have to cover your feet and your kids feet such a bummer- anyway i knit myself socks! they sure are soft and feel nice!
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I'm usually barefoot. Winter, summer, doesn't matter to me. And I typically can't sleep wearing socks, but if it is super cold, I will.
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My littlest is wearing socks and robeez. My oldest is wearing slippers.
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socks & leather/lined moccasins. The slippers help my feet stay warm as socks alone won't do it.
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I guess I will keep wearing slippers then- though I was thinking of some Ugg boots as they are so light and comfy!!! I go through slippers so frequently cos I a homebody and at home so much. None of my slippers are leather though;all fabric.

My younger two just won't wear anything on their feet!!! And I love cold feet in bed (my own only!!) I cannot sleep with socks on.
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Originally Posted by DharmaDisciple View Post
I guess I will keep wearing slippers then- though I was thinking of some Ugg boots as they are so light and comfy!!!
DH literally lives in his bootie slippers like the Ugg boots. He's also had shearling slippers from LL Bean that fit like lined mocassins (no sole, just sewn leather). I guess mocs might be the way to go (worked for native Americans).
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