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September 2007 mamas-Is it really November already?

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Thought I'd start the new thread. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving time already. The beginning of the holiday season. What are everyones plans this year with the new babe and all? We will be staying put in MS for Thanksgiving with dh's family. At Xmas we are going to Utah to spend it with my family. I'm really excited b/c I get to finally meet my niece who will be 7 months old and my bro and parents will get to meet Wyatt. This will be our first time travelling with two...two of everything! Two kids, two carseats, two sets of clothes (well actually four with dh and I!) It's going to be a lot. Maybe we can start sharing helpful travel and holiday tips with each other.
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Oops. I accidentally replied on the October thread! I'll re-post here:

Originally Posted by greenmagick View Post
Those are beautiful! Makes me want to get my butt in gear and actually take some nice photos of my kid. Very nice!

Originally Posted by debra_lea View Post
My stress right now is coming from vaccines! ... I wanted to ask all of you what your plans are. Anyone else struggling?
I ordered Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book. I cannot WAIT to read it. A snippet of a review at Amazon: "For each disease, Dr. Sears lists the following questions: What is this disease? Is it common? Is it serious? Is it treatable? When is the vaccine given? How is it made? What ingredients are in the final solution? Are any of these ingredients controversial? What are the side effects? He then lists the reasons to get the vaccine, the reasons NOT to get the vaccine, travel considerations and his own opinion. These are exactly the questions that I wanted answered."

I won't have it until DS is 9 weeks old or so, but I'm sure that after reading it I'll have a better handle on the whole thing. My guess is we'll be doing selective/delayed.
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FRIDAXSKY-I saw your post on another thread and just wanted to say that I can't believe Ezri is 11 weeks old!! Wow! And she looks wonderful, so do you! I haven't seen you around in awhile so I just wanted to say 'hey'!

ATD-That book sounds great and very informative. I love ALL the Dr. Sears books, I have many.

DEBRA- I don't vaccinate. I've done a lot of research and I just don't feel it is right for my children. To me the risks of vaccines do not outweigh the benefits. JMO for MY family.
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[QUOTE=takebirthback;9599436]FRIDAXSKY-I saw your post on another thread and just wanted to say that I can't believe Ezri is 11 weeks old!! Wow! And she looks wonderful, so do you! I haven't seen you around in awhile so I just wanted to say 'hey'!

Thanks! I can't believe it either! I took her into work today - had to meet with a few other teachers to plan my return - and people couldn't believe how big she was. She's come such a long way.

As far as travel tips, we've never been on a plane with her, but have gone to visit our families over night about 1.5 hours away on several occasions. The biggest life savers for us have been 1) DH having his own pouch sling. When we're away from home, it makes me feel better to know that we can hold Ezri close so she has some familiar surroundings. It's also great for being in large groups of people. Our family always wants to hold her and pass her around (okay sometimes but not when she is crying to be fed and Grandma just says "Oh it's just gas." but when she is in the pouch, people are less inclined to ask to hold her or to get in her face. 2) We bought an Eddie Bauer travel bed from Target. We didn't have our Moses basket when she came home from the hospital and we cosleep so we didn't have a bassinet so we ran out and grabbed one just so she would have somewhere to nap during the day. Now, we take it home with us all the time since she naps better laying down but we can put it anywhere so she stays close. It folds up and has a carrying strap so it's a great way to travel. 3) If you use cloth diapers, wool is GREAT to travel with! We do mostly fitteds with covers - mainly wool. It's so easy to throw a few pairs of longies in the bag with her diapers instead of packing a bunch of covers to go under pants. Wool is warm enough or cool enough, plus it doesn't have to be washed unless it gets soiled so it holds up for a few wears.

With the holidays fast approaching, what are those of you that celebrate Christmas doing for gifts? We're already getting asked what to get Ezri and I don't know what to say. We're not into all of the plastic toys with lights and batteries - which is exactly what people want to buy. I don't want to be rude to people who are generous enough to want to buy her a gift, but I also don't want a house filled with plastic toys that she probably won't play with. What are you all doing?
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Just got back from seeing mom at the hospital. Took Lilah with me and dd1 stayed home to play with then neighbor and her niece who is a year older. They are going to keep mom under another week and then I spose we will go from there....I try to not dwell on it but it's hard....we're paying our bills, most of her bills as my sister lives with her and only works pt right now and is looking for ft hours but doesn't make enough to support the whole mortgage and bills..

The clutch is going on the car and has been but we don't have the $ to fix it so we have been driving it here and there and someone is coming to look at it tomorrow but since we have been driving it, we may need an additional part....Dp can gets parts at cost but if we need the other part, that's an additional $600...:
Trick or treating was fun....DD1 was a super cute dino (bronto) and loved going from house to house. We went to my old neighborhood to see old friends..We just went up one side of the street and down the other sided. Some ppl told her she could take 4 pieces bc she was sooo cute but she still took one. Her step sister was with us and took handfuls of the candy.....I didn't want to start a scene with her so I let her and Dp go ahead of us a few steps....She'd get a nice piece of candy and yell about it like she had never seen candy before....Dp got tired of it and her not listening so he took her back to the car...after a few "warnings"....So, dd ended up with about 15 pieces of candy, a few fruit rollups, some boxes of raisins and a few cardstock ghosts with dimes on it. We went to a few houses that gave her an apple bc we knew them and they know she likes them. When we got home, she picked out the raisins, ghosts, apples and a few tootsie rolls and handed the candy over to daddy and I to share.....

Lilah was in her MT and had a bee cap on that was her big sister's 3 years ago....everyone loved her and some of the women wanted to know where I got the carrier but I didn't have the WAHM card on me...drat!

Christmas: Money is so tight this year I don't know what we are going to do...it's looking pretty bleak right now....Dp is taking a payroll advance at work to pay for the car parts. I am going to sew some teething dolls (waldorfy but not waldorf...lol) for her and go through some of big sister's things stored away to gift new to her....I do have a longie set coming that I spent too much on but had to have and it's the only NEW thing I've bought her so I splurged....but above that....there just isn't money....Things we did for dd1 were pretty wooden rattles, some cute outfits, pretty blankets and a bear. HTH

Vaccines: My brain is such mush right now...I actually started a thread over in selective/delayed saying my brain was mush asking for help....

I am not doing the Rotovirus...it's too new and she's not around other children besides her sister who just goes to dance with 4yos on mondays....I think I would worry about it more if she were in daycare. I don't I am doing the Hep B either. She's not at risk for it. I had the Hep vax when I was in college bc I couldn't do my nursing clinicals without it.

I will be doing the DTaP....ONLY bc there are too many cases of Whooping Cough going around here right now. It's all over dsd's school right now....

I am unsure about polio....

Luckily, my ped is ok with delayed/selective....so I will chat with her at the 2mo appointment on the 5th about how we are going to proceed and see what she thinks...... I'd love to have a copy of the book by Sears...Maybe I can ask for it for Christmas.....the waitlist for it at the library is at least that long bc you can renew 2 times (about 56days)

Cian: Your pics are beautiful...I know you can't read this but your mommy can tell you.....I LOVE 3, 5, 10 and 12!!!!!

Mighty: Thinking about you....got your PM...tryin to carve out some time!!!

Travel: We haven't gone far yet but when we do go out, I've used wool covers over my fitteds....bc they can go through a few wears....

Holidays: We are doing Thanksgiving at our house this year. My sister will be here, along with MIL, SIL/BIL (i don't know if he'll have his boys this year or not)...Nothing big and fancy.....just doesn't seem right while mom can't be here. Need to get her recipes from the house though.


Need to get some laundry out of the dryer, help dd pick up her toys and try to pump a bit. Lilah seems to sense this though in her sleep and just as I am finishing, she wakes up and wants to nurse and gets frustrated...... but settles in and gets a second letdown.....
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Originally Posted by Fridaxsky View Post
With the holidays fast approaching, what are those of you that celebrate Christmas doing for gifts? We're already getting asked what to get Ezri and I don't know what to say. We're not into all of the plastic toys with lights and batteries - which is exactly what people want to buy. I don't want to be rude to people who are generous enough to want to buy her a gift, but I also don't want a house filled with plastic toys that she probably won't play with. What are you all doing?

Well our families are both small and barely buy anything for my kids so it really isn't worth even trying to talk with them about plastics and recalls etc. Some of our family asks us for lists and I just put down exactly what I want them to buy. I am done shopping for Eavan and Dahlia because I got in on a great wooden toy coop here on MDC. I am almost done completely with all my shopping. Have to finish up the older kids and hubby. I am giving family portraits to most of our families. Good luck getting people to not give plastic/loud toys. It has been a struggle over the years.
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We selectively vaxed the first two and then stopped and Eavan and Dahlia are unvaxed.

My MIL is coming for four days at Thanksgiving. It should be interesting if nothing else. I think we are just staying home and relaxing for the winter holiday.
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i've been reading a lot but not really posting.

roisin will be 2 months old on tuesday, and i can't really believe that time has gone by so quickly.

she was a penguin for halloween and so frikkin cute!

she's got such a lovely demeanor that it's really been a joy to just get to know her.

we're delaying/selectively vaxing her. she hasn't gotten any yet, and probably won't until 6 months or so.

i'll post new pics later when i get them on my blog. for anyone who would like to read her birth story that i finally finished: www.leanbh.vox.com.

the holidays will be spent here. we basically told everyone that they would have to come to us if they'd like to spend time with us at the holidays. i'm not taking a four month old on a plane at christmas. i don't even like to take myself on a plane at christmas.
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Hi. I know its been a while. I am always checking up to see how everyone is doing, but don't get much chance to post. While pregnant, I was [just took a break to change a poopy diaper. Now, where was I?] Like I said, while I was pregnant, I was in front of a computer all day. Now, I am not. So, Aili lives on a 48 hour schedule. One day, she is awake all day long, eating, eliminating, cooing, eating, growling . . . the next day she sleeps and wakes for little snacks all day long. I think she may have a dairy allergy, so I'm in the process of cutting out all milk and cheese. Seeking a good milk substitute is difficult. I don't want soy milk and hemp milk was gritty. Rice milk is a little weird tasting [NAK] and almond milk has an unpalatable nutty aftertaste. I'm gonna try oat milk tomorrow; I hope I like it. She got a rash on her face that is now clearing, but is still peely, more spit-up, and some mucousy (but still yellow) stool; that's what suggests a dairy allergy to me. I can't believe that she'll be 2 months old this Sunday! Here she is at 4 weeks and this one too.

ATD_Mom: Let us know how the vaccination book is. We are planning delayed vax, ideally beginning when she is 2 yo, but haven't done nearly enough reasearch yet.
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Originally Posted by sunshine's mama View Post
Cian: Your pics are beautiful...I know you can't read this but your mommy can tell you.....I LOVE 3, 5, 10 and 12!!!!!

He says to say thanks!!! Its funny because he tends to be pretty fussy, but he LOVED modeling for his aunt eRin

Vaccinations I dont do any. Originally I had thought to delay, but my gut kept telling me to go vax free, so thats what we are doing, for now anyways

Holidays and presents I have no idea what to do for Cian this holiday season: I celebrate Yule, but dd birthday is usually that day. We do christmas with the family. DD is getting a wood kitchen from grandma, so a lot of her presents will be accessories for that.

I dont know, what do you get a 3 month old!
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Originally Posted by greenmagick View Post
I dont know, what do you get a 3 month old!
I got Dahlia a couple wooden teethers and grasping toys and will get her some sort of stuffed something. I think the only thing she really wants is a boob.
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Thats what I was thinking.....boob and fresh diapers. Hmm, that gives me an idea....I need to convince DH that we should get him diapers for Xmas That way I can get some more fun ones!!
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Originally Posted by greenmagick View Post
Thats what I was thinking.....boob and fresh diapers. Hmm, that gives me an idea....I need to convince DH that we should get him diapers for Xmas That way I can get some more fun ones!!

That's what we're thinking! Not the boob part - she's already got two of those. I need to order a dozen or so Swaddlebees pockets for daycare so I'm thinking that those will get wrapped up and that will be her gift from us. I just can't see spending a bunch of money when she's so tiny. We might also buy the extra parts to convert her crib into a twin bed. She will probably not be spending much time sleeping in the crib, but it would be nice to have a twin bed to cosleep in her own room.

Those that mentioned clutching toys - we just bought Ezri the Haba Kringelring and she LOVES it! Even if she is really upset, all we have to do it shake it in front of her and she is instantly mezmorized. I'm thinking of getting a few more of the wooden rattles and clutching toys.
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Hey Sabo. Good to see you! Aili is so adorable..those cheeks!!

This Christmas we are getting ds1 a small wooden kitchen that will fit in this space next to our kitchen. He loves to help and I think he's ready for his own deal (he'll be two in Jan). To even out the domestic side of this gift, dh wants him to also get a small wooden tool bench with tools. I can't give my son too many girly toys without also giving him some "masculine" ones. Lol. And that will be about it. I don't have a ton of space, nor do I want to overdue it. Plus, mil will be overdoing it. so what I have been doing, is steering her in the right direction of wooden toys, NOT made in China. She is actually all game for this b/c of all the recalls lately of plastics. So it has worked out nicely for me. My Mom also knows better then to get ds1 a bunch of plastic crap and as for fil, well he's a lost cause. The kids get whatevers at Walmart. But I can always get rid of it later, and will.
And as for ds2 who will be three months at Xmas, I will do as Lactivist is doing and get some teething toys a new soft rattle. But not much else.
We will be out of state on actual Xmas and will not be bringing much with us. maybe a couple of books.
So that's our plan.
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Hi Everyone! Hope all of you had a Happy Halloween!
We had a decent one. We didn't get a chance to carve our pumpkin but we were given a onsey pumpkin outfit by a neighbor for Marshall. It was still a little big but cute none the less. I look forward to dressing him up next year!

In weight news, Marshall weighed in at 8 lbs 12 ounces on Tues. 8 ounces in 7 days. He's moving at his own pace that's for sure. The week before he gained 8 ounces in 4 days. The doc wants to give us a break and come in for the next check in 10 days, next Friday. We are still using the Haberman bottle but I'm putting him to the breast more often. He's definetly sucking better although he still gets sleepy. He also fusses sometimes and I believe it has to do with the spray. If anyone has any experance with this, I'd love to hear what you did to make babe more comfortable with this or do they just get use to it.

As for VAXs, luckily I didn't have to get into it with our doc at our 2 month b/c he recommended a delay until DS has some more weight on him. He said he recommends the DTaP and Meningitis b/c of local outbreaks of Whooping Cough and Meningitis. I'm thinking of delaying further. All of these shots make me nervous. If we were going into a day care situation, it would be different. But than what if????
The doc also recommended that we all get the flu shot. I told him my husband and I have never gotten the shot. I may talk to DH about the possibility of him getting it since he will be working out in the public this winter.
I saw that the Sears' book was coming out. I think I may try to get it myself. In the other books I've read of theirs, they seem straight forward and honest.

Holidays: We usually go to MI to see my Dad for Turkey Day and we usually drive. 10 hours in the car isn't an option this year and my Dad just visited us so I think we'll be home and go to some family members house as no one is expecting us to do any big holiday hosting.
Christmas time will be celebrated with differnt family members near, on and around the holiday. The 12 days in a way. My DH and I don't get all hard core for one day, it's too much. And it sounds like folks are coming to us from out of town.
As for gifts, I have no idea!!!!
I want DH to talk to his family about gifts and let them know we are going real minimal this year. His Mom and Sister always give us tons of gifts. It's way too much, very thoughtful but too much and we can't compete, especially this year.

Ok gotta go... babe just woke up!
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My first post on here. Here's a holiday photo of Gavin.

He gave me his first real social smile this morning! It made me melt and cry. So cute! I can't wait to have more!:

I am choosing the non-vax route due to mine and DH's allergies. There is a Swedish study linking allergies to vaccines. Our family Dr. recommends that we don't vaccinate. I have to do everything possible to keep this little guy allergy free. I don't want him to have the serious ones that I have, like to peanuts and fish and bee stings.
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For thanksgiving we'll be spending it in Conifer with DPs family & Xmas will be in Oklahoma with my family. I have relatives scattered across the US so we all decided to meet in OK for this Xmas so we can all catch up and they can see DD! I'm very excited for her to meet the rest of her family.
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Argh - I still can't keep up with you all!

I responded about vaccinations on the old thread. But for those who didn't see it -
We will not be vaccinating Yann. Our first was partially vaxed up to 4 months, dd has had one tetanus shot and ds2 is vax free. I feel like I would rather take my chances with the actual diseases - and the likelihood of any of my children actually catching them, or suffering complications from any of them is slim. Plus there are sooo many new vaxes on the schedule these days, and we don't really know if they are effective, or what the long-term effects on our childrens' health is.

I recommend reading, lurking and asking questions on the vaccinations board here for those of you who are undecided. I wish that I had researched the diseases and the vaxes more before having ds vaxed.
I also found the books How to Raise a Healthy CHild in Spite of your Doctor by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn ( a bit outdated but has some useful info) and Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide by Aviva Jill Romm to be very helpful in making my decision.

Christmas -we are going to the ILs in France for a week or 2. Not sure what Yann will be getting for Christmas. Not much probably I've already put aside some of my other dc's old toys for Yann's birthday presents next year...

Yann has a stuffy/runny nose and a bit of a cough. I don't know if he is getting a cold, is allergic to all the dust in our house, or is reacting to dairy or something else I am eating.
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My baby is sleeping in her sling in my arms - this is the second time I've pulled this out recently and I wish I'd remembered it sooner. The first time she screamed but now she's happily sleeping and I can type with 2 hands! I've had to get up twice and dance around a bit to get her back to sleep.

Kavya is 7 weeks old as of yesterday. She's smiling sooo much and studying people's faces. She has also discovered that her fingers are fun to suck on, but can't of course keep them in her mouth for very long. She doesn't like her arms swaddled anymore, but in order to fall asleep, someone has to hold her arms or she gets frustrated. Her stomach is still bothering her now and then and most of the past week she's had her day and nights confused, but that is gradually getting better. Whew I can't believe how much she has changed in just a month.

Holiday gifts - I'm thinking of getting her one of those playmats. She already likes to hang out in her crib by herself (for short moments of time) and stare at the wall so I think in another month and a half, she'll be ready for more stimulating stuff.
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Wow, looks like I missed a lot! We're about 99% moved into our new house, we got internet today finally. Liam will be 2 months in less than a week, hard to believe so much time has gone by already! He has doubled his birth weight as well, so around 14lbs now.

Halloween was a lot of fun, my 2 nieces (4, 3) and 2 nephews (6, 4) all went tricker-treating together and came over to our new place. I made bags for them with different fun stuff from the dollar store. My brothers took more of the candy than the kids did We didn't dress Liam up but we'll definitely be making up for it next year.

Andrew is gone this weekend to help with ROTC since they're doing field training, I'm kind of looking forward to getting more of the bed to myself and Liam. We got some interesting news that hasn't been confirmed yet, supposedly the 500 cadets selected for reserves/national guard could be pushed back into active duty. That would mean Andrew could be going active duty and we pretty much moved for nothing, luckily the Army has a policy of getting us out of our lease if need be. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but the prospect of having a more secure plan is appealing, as well as moving to a new (and perhaps warmer!) state.

I had PP bleeding that started right after my 6 week mw visit. I'm thinking the exam had something to do with it because I had a pap, and it lasted about 8 days. I'm also taking the mini-pill. After spending the last 7 years on birth control, I have to say this method is the one I'm most satisfied with. I haven't experienced any side-effects compared to other methods, which ranges from bc pills to depo-provera (yuck) to the patch. I wasn't comfortable at this point not having a bc method since I got pregnant on the first try after only dtd once that entire month, it seems if we even mention the word sex I might end up pregnant

As for vaxing, I started out thinking we would do delayed/selective but the more I read and learn about them I'm leaning toward not vaxing at all. At this point I would rather take precautions to avoid exposure to anything rather than subject him to vaccines.

Holiday gifts: We have made suggestions to everyone that books and clothes are what we need. We informed family that plastic gifts are probably not a good idea because of the lead recalls, and most of them understand unless they've been living under a rock (wouldn't put that past my mil). Andrew and I probably won't be doing much for each other because money is tight, though I will probably get him a little something. For Thanksgiving we're going to the West Point/Highland Falls area here in NY to visit the IL's and whoever else makes it up. Can I say I'm NOT looking forward to it. Christmas is still undecided, we talked about going to Maine to visit Andrew's grammie and papa and having all the family there meet Liam. Not looking forward to that either

What is with babes who break suction and narrow their latch toward the end of a feeding? Liam has taken up doing this and its getting incredibly annoying. I take him off after he starts doing this but sometimes it happens maybe 5 minutes into it? He seems to hate keeping his mouth wide after he has begun eating, any suggestions?
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