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Winter's entire life flashed before my eyes yesterday. A quick trip to the grocery store began on a very scary note. I was getting the kids out of the car and Gabriel opened both doors on my mom's truck. I couldn't get through to help him as he tried to get Winter out by himself (bless his sweet little helping heart) because there was a car next to us. He set Winter down beside the truck and went to shut the door. He broke his nail off below the quick and started crying...Not noticing that Winter had taken off running into the street. I'm running around the front of the truck because I'm blocked in by the door, screaming Gabriel's name and I see Winter run right in front of a speeding minivan. The fifth time I screamed Gabriel's name he finally heard me and ran and caught Winter JUST. IN. TIME. It was seriously close BY INCHES.

I sat down on the ground and just hugged him. I was still shaking for an hour afterwards and I'm still feeling very shaken by it. I never want to go to the grocery store ever again.
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DID. I'm glad you're all safe.
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Monique, those Halloween pictures are just precious. And look at your bump! You made an adorable pregnant black cat .

Did, how utterly terrifying. I'm so sorry that happened!

So I have read about this, but I'm curious to know if others' toddlers do it. Woody sometimes re-enacts scary things. For example, sometimes when he falls, if he gets hurt, a few minutes or even hours later, I will see him in the same spot falling--on purpose--in slow motion and kind of talking himself through it. Or if he whacks his elbow on the wall, he'll kind of gently hit it again right afterward and say "I hit my elbow! Ow! On the wall!" I know that kids in trauma situations do this as a coping strategy, but do any of your kids who aren't necessarily traumatized do it?
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DiD, I am so glad everyone is ok - that is unbelievably terrifying!

Tree - yes, I have seen that with my girls, in varying ways. My middle daughter especially, not so much re-enacting, but she has a great need to talk out things which hurt or disturb her, (sometimes far beyond my tolerance!) and it always seems to me like how one pokes at a loose tooth; it hurts, but you can't keep your tongue off it, you just have to poke it again! I try to really just let her talk it out, to be a source of comfort and reassurance while she sorts through it.... My '05 babe also talks about, rather than re-enacting, say, for instance, when she fell off the chair, for a long time when she was on a chair she would say "fall boom, bonk head" and we would say yes, if you aren't careful it can happen, but we are here, we won't let you fall...
You know, I read once something about the way the brain forms memories, that if one has a memory that is painful and avoids thinking about it, it actually forms a stronger memory, something about the neurons and pathways....that it is better to revisit and think things through, that the brain somehow then can sort of tame down that memory. I wonder if our babes are just trying to process their own "trauma" in a healthy way?

ETA: I love everyone's pics! Jen, your kids are adorable. willemsmama, I second HoneyTree's "love your bump!", and your boys look so cute! E talks the same way as your titles, I had to laugh.
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DiD - I'm glad Winter's ok. I hope your poor nervous system recovers.

Teresa, Rowan talks about *everything* so I haven't really noticed her talking about traumatic stuff specifically. Mind you, nothing traumatic has happened lately. I'll keep an ear open for that though.

Willemsmama, LOVE the pics. Adorable! Yours too Jen

Fern, lovely to hear from you. I wish you were still closer. And I am envious of your snow. No sign of anything remotely close to snow here yet I'm afraid!

Rowan's started picking up phrases from books we read and trying them out on us. For a while she was saying "I got a good idea! I put on my coat and go to cafe and get ice cream!" I was all, wow, we haven't had ice cream in like, forever, nor have we been to a cafe, and good planning with the coat - then I realized that it was a line from "The Tiger Who Came To Tea". Lately it's been "don't be angry with me Daddy! Don't be angry with me Mummy!" which was a bit disturbing until we realized that it's just a transposed line from "Rainbow Fish". But, she does know what "angry" means! She thinks it's hilarious, probably because she's never really seen (or recognized) mama or dada angry. Her sense of humour is pretty well-developed, and surprisingly she totally understands the concepts of "kidding" and "for real". And she's started on the potty humour already. If you ask her what something eats and she doesn't know, she'll answer "monkey poo!" No idea where she got THAT from.

She's also started "reading" on her own. She'll pick up books like "One Fish Two Fish" and "read" the first couple pages. Or she'll pick up one of my novels and make up words for it (usually "Once there was a girl called ROWAN and a dog called DAISY" and then it sort of peters out.)

Anyway, she just gets more and more fun every day. You can almost see her little brain chugging away. And now I have to go brush her teeth. Later!
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My little Piper is going to be two on the 18th- I can't believe how big she's getting
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Big News

oh, ladies,

ezra has not nursed since oct. 30th or 31st, if i remember correctly.

how do i feel about this?

STOKED! woo hoo!

allright, and a little bit like she's so grown up now. but, the break from being on call to nurse constantly is so needed! i am just really relieved that it has been an easy adjustment for her b/c i thought she would NEVER be okay with not nursing; she was sooooo attached to the milka. she still holds "the milkas" every once in a while throughout the day or at night or to nap. and, we get mad snuggles in the bed. and, honestly, i do not think she is really done b/c as soon as she sees this new babe nursing, she will probably want to join right in. i am totally okay with that and kinda looking forward to that bond for them to share and for me to reconnect with ez in that way. i think i will be more comfortable with her nursing, again by then. but, where oh, where have our lil november babies gone?
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They're still there. There's just a big layer of independence and toddlerdom over them, but that cute ball of fluff (oooh, the fury when I referred to Alex like this earlier ) remains. There's always days when they just want to curl up in a ball with mummy. Or mamma, whatever floats your boat.
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Helen, is Guy Fawkes Day celebrated for his capture or for his martyrdom? I've never been sure...
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Oh yeah, I remember that! Those questions may not be as appropriate now (I remember some were like, what is the hardest part of being a mom, etc.) so why don't you do the honors and make us a new list of questions!??
Some questions- if anybody wants to play

What do you enjoy most about your toddler right now?

What is the most challenging thing about this age/stage for you?

Does your kiddo still nurse? How "well" does he/she eat?

How is sleep now?

What are your toddler's favourite activities? Favourite things?

If you could go back one year and give yourself advice, what would you say? Back two years?

Feel free to add questions...
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And I'll start...

What do you enjoy most about your toddler right now?
How fun and funny she is. And how she is so verbal and communicates so well that I feel like we can have amazing conversations and I have such a window into what she's thinking and imagining. And as she becomes more independent she comes back for awesome cuddles now, too.

What is the most challenging thing about this age/stage for you?
Honestly, it's still the sleep deprivation. On nights when I get decent sleep, I'm a much nicer mama the next day. Being a WAHM and working evening shift just compounds this challenge.

Does your kiddo still nurse? How "well" does he/she eat?
She still nurses a lot- usually at least 5 or 6 times in 24 hours, and more when I'm not working. We're finally seeing a slowing of her hollow leg appetite and a bit of toddler pickiness, but mostly she eats a wonderful variety of solids. And over the past year she has begun to tolerate more foods, with only dairy still being a problem.

How is sleep now?
See above... We're not co-sleeping full-time anymore- she starts the night in her own room in a toddler bed. We have had a few great nights with only one waking- but mostly she still wakes two or four or six times :

What are your toddler's favourite activities? Favourite things?
She loves playing outside, anything musical (singing, dancing), and drawing. And her tricycle is probably her fave "toy" and mode of transportation.

If you could go back one year and give yourself advice, what would you say? Back two years?

Back one year I would tell myself that life will get better. We were just off major transition in our lives, and I was feeling pretty isolated and insecure. I'd tell myself about how much better things would be by now

I don't know about back two years (can't remember my response last time, either). Maybe just to relax and enjoy babyhood as much as possible, since they change so fast.
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What do you enjoy most about your toddler right now?
I feel like I'm really starting to get to know her, as a person. I look forward to doing things with her, like kitchen projects, or going to a particularly fun store (like the charcuterie, with all its pigs hidden everywhere), or foraging for herbs or mushrooms... she's good company, not just an appendage anymore. And I love her sense of humour and her compassion and caring and the way she tells me "I love you mummy SO much" all sleepily as she detaches from a boob and goes to sleep. I love watching her run and play and seeing how graceful and self-assured she is. And to be completely shallow, I also love the really cute toddler clothes she has right now

What is the most challenging thing about this age/stage for you?
Finding things OTHER than the TV to entertain her while I cook dinner and have a shower. So far the dinner challenge has been successful - she is learning to cook right along with me! She especially likes to wash kale. But some days, if she's tired and cranky, nothing but the TV will do. And some mornings I just don't *get* a shower if I'm not willing to turn on the TV for 15 minutes. Also, dealing with things she wants to do but is physically unable, like using the chucker to throw a ball for the dog. That's always a meltdown, we just don't use the chucker for the dog anymore.

Does your kiddo still nurse? How "well" does he/she eat?
Yup, she's still on the boobie. I don't produce a whole lot of milk anymore, but I pumped the other day when she was away for the whole day and discovered that my milk has gone from separating into about 10% cream and the rest skim to being 95% cream and only a teensy bit of watery stuff, so I suspect she's getting almost as much nutrition from it as she was before I went off the domperidone!

She eats people food really well too, and likes a wide variety of foods from every food group. I occasionally complain because she doesn't like some things that I really do, like squash, but really I don't have much cause for complaint, because I know not everyone's two-year-old will happily scarf swiss chard. Her favourite foods are seafood - salmon and prawns. She loves all meat, most fruit, but isn't a huge fan of grains, although she's starting to like bread more and the pumpkin muffins I made the other day went down pretty well. Oh and she'll eat oatmeal quite happily if it's topped with yogurt and honey.

How is sleep now?
Meh. Could be better, could be worse. I am letting her nurse at night at the moment because she's off dairy for a bit due to a rash that we suspect is dairy-related, but if I can get her back on yogurt at least then no more night boobies for her.

What are your toddler's favourite activities? Favourite things?
Reading books would have to be #1, and running and playing outside, playing with her toys... she has such a good imagination though, I could give her a couple rocks to play with and she'd be happy for hours. She loves slides, she heads straight for them every playground we go to.

If you could go back one year and give yourself advice, what would you say? Back two years?

Back one year... I'd say find some way of getting out of going back to work. I really wish I'd had all that time with her, to really watch her learn her first words and become more physically proficient.

Back two years... I'd tell myself not to stress so much about the breastfeeding, but in a way I'm glad I DID because in the end it led to a very successful breastfeeding relationship. But I wish I hadn't been so hard on myself and hadn't gotten so anxious... there is so much of the first few months that I can't remember at all.
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Originally Posted by HoneyTree View Post
Helen, is Guy Fawkes Day celebrated for his capture or for his martyrdom? I've never been sure...
That would depend on whether you ask the anarchic MDC member or everyone else... technically, it's for his capture and for the victory of authority over rebellion. Because Guy Fawkes was from Yorkshire, I grew up the next county up and there's a lot of sympathy for him up there. Oppposing the London tyrants and all.
I have a digger and the builders driving past my window. It's quite distracting, but I just keep focussing on how much fun it's going to be to have a big kitchen when we're finished.

What do you enjoy most about your toddler right now?

Oooh. I love that she talks. I love that she's so phenomenally affectionate. I love how talented she is, the beautiful arts and craftsy stuff she makes and her scribbles.

What is the most challenging thing about this age/stage for you?

Tantrums. Her language isn't yet fully comprehensive and in particular, she doesn't have any sad or cross words. So we were watching fireworks and she got scared, and she was shouting up,up, happy, happy, happy, up, no. The words just didn't match the behaviour, y'know?
AND, on a more mundane issue, she wants to have a dummy, but keeps on chewing them. It's getting very expensive.

Does your kiddo still nurse? How "well" does he/she eat?

Heh- once every 2-3 days, maybe? She's eating much better now than she was- she'll eat a full range of vegetables as well as the bread and meat she started off obsessed by, but not raw fruit.

How is sleep now?

Hard to get to, but longlasting once it happens.

What are your toddler's favourite activities? Favourite things?

Painting, gluing, sticking ,scribbling. Her baby doll goes everywhere.

If you could go back one year and give yourself advice, what would you say? Back two years?

I don't know that there's anything I'd have changed, actually. We had some really tough times with Skye's intense- erm, sod it. She was clingy as all heck, and it really knocked my confidence and made me wonder if we were doing something wrong. Well, now she seems to have grown out of it. She has her comfort objects, like the dummy and baby, and obviously still needs that security to be able to move away from me, but she's doing it and we're doing it and we're all working together.
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Helen, my best friend here is a direct descendent somehow (according to her family history) of Guy Fawkes - I guess her relative had to leave England, changed their name to "Fowkes"..... had you heard anything that might support that? Anyway, it always made us love anything to do w/Guy Fawkes Day. Not that most Americans know much about it....

Back at naptime to answer questions!
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Just quickly popping on to say Happy Birthday to all the November Babies!!!!

I don't have time to post, but I'm here, reading along, comforted by the virtual company of all you mamas, during this milestone month.

I have LOVED seeing pictures (willemsmama and QofC and Amy...hope I'm not forgetting anyone), and of course have LOVED seeing those questions and answers about our toddlers.

More soon, and hope everyone is having a lovely start to the week!

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I haven't heard of the change of spelling, gingerstar, but it wouldn't surprise me. Part of my family tree went from Burns to Burn to Hepburn to Burn, for no terribly obvious reason. I'm not related to either Audrey or Katherine, as far as I know
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But you've got their class and spirit!
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What do you enjoy most about your toddler right now?
The hugs and kisses, without a doubt. It's really fun too when he starts using new words

What is the most challenging thing about this age/stage for you?
Sleep, or the lack of. We still cosleep and he wakes (most nights) at least ever two hours. I feel like I am constantly tired!

Does your kiddo still nurse? How "well" does he/she eat?
Yup, I think Keagan will probably nurse until he leaves for college
He doesn't eat well most of the time, but in this last week he has started eating "meals" more consistently, so perhaps that is a sign of a change coming. . . soon I hope!

How is sleep now?
Hah! See above.

What are your toddler's favourite activities? Favourite things?
Keagan loves balls, duplos, and books. He thinks dolls are to throw and mommy's knitting is for him to unravel :

If you could go back one year and give yourself advice, what would you say? Back two years?
I'm not really sure what I would change. Well, at least how I would do it anyway. I'd love for him to not have bitten all the time or now for him not to hit. I know logically that it is simply his frustration with not being able to communicate what he wants to but it is still hard.
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Oh, and Lydia, I'm so glad that Winter is okay!
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I will get to the questions sometime later!

Yesterday we went to Amy's housewarming party, so I will report firsthand that 1) it did take place despite the previous week's basement adventures, and 2) they have done a lot of work on the place, and although I didn't see the house itself before I did get a glimpse at the "before" pictures yesterday and it is certainly a heck of a lot better!!! I have been requested to say hello to everyone on here from Amy, because they are having computer problems and aren't online right now.

Nothing major happening here today. I made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins this morning, from a recipe I found online but adapted significantly enough that I think it's now a new recipe! They turned out really yummy, luckily I am a very good scientist in the food regard and so I kept careful tabs on my changes so I could replicate them again if they turned out well, or know what went wrong if they didn't! So Ella and I are eating muffins this morning. The heating/cooling company came to do the fall maintenance on the furnace, so it's nice to know that all is running well there. And I'm glad that it's over with, because it was one of those "between 12-4" deals where you could very well be trapped in the house waiting all day long, but they came slightly after noon. So now I'm unexpectedly free the rest of the afternoon and I guess I should figure out what I'm doing.

We are trying to figure out the general outlines of major events for the rest of the year. Namely, the first thing is what we are going to do for Ella's birthday which is on Thursday, then what we are doing for Thanksgiving, then if we are going to go to India and if so, when. : Personally I don't want to do a major birthday party, and I do want do make Thanksgiving dinner at home, and I really am not enthused about going to India but that's the same old story.

gotta accompany someone to the potty . . . .
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