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Kavita - that's a bummer about the turkey. I don't like "real" turkey flavour either. I've no idea why the entire continent persists in eating them, they're really nowhere near as tasty as geese and ducks.

kaspirant - I PM'd you back

FSM - it was fabulous seeing you guys again. Your children really are lovely and it was *wonderful* talking to you. I wish we lived in the same city. I promise I wouldn't feed you too much

I had an extraordinarily productive day - without Rowan, of course. DH took her to his parents while I checked out the flea market and interviewed a bunch of people for an article I'm writing, had coffee and a walk with friends & the dog, then came home and completely organized our bedroom, did all the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, made a pot roast, made bread, steam-cleaned the floors, and made mashed potatoes and fried brussel sprout tops and bacon to go with the pot roast. The house is the tidiest it's been since DH moved in, the laundry is all done (one basket left to be put away), and there is plenty of food made for the next few days. I feel like a decent domestic goddess for once.
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Kavita: In the words of my idol, Monsieur Simpson: "D'oh!"

Flapjack: Celestial cream. Oh, it's yummy. And with my sensitive skin, it's the only thing I can use without my rosacea getting out of control, making me look all embarrassed all the time.

Spughy: You know, there are lots of nice tech jobs down here, and we are so very nice and crunchy too! Or we can both move to the Vancouver area...
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Kavita, I remember not liking the taste of wild turkey when I was growing up. And hearing about the dark spots under the skin... ugh... reminded me of pork skin soup my dad made me eat when we visited Ecuador (the dark spots in that skin were from the hairs shaved but still lodged in the follicles).

Dh brined our turkey and stuffed the skin with herbs and it was very tasty. Note to self, taste the turkey drippings from a brined bird before making gravy! I didn't and the gravy turned out a bit on the salty side. Which made up for the bland food my mom made.

Our thanksgiving was so-so. Nice to see my brother and his wife and kids but stressful with my self-centered, drama queen of a mom and whipped, doting dad. Gabriel got vapor rub rubbed on his face and into his eyes when my mom left the jar (within reach and not tightly closed) of his two year old cousin who wanted to play "mommy." My mom still hasn't apologized (I wasn't there at the time) and actually believes that when she had kids all she had to do was expect them to leave things alone and we did. hah. This coming from the woman who had a stroke at age 46 with a resulting personality change, and who forgets most of the details of my childhood, glossing it over and pretending like she was the best mother of all time. He's fine now but I am so heartbroken that I wasn't there to comfort him when he was terrified and screaming his poor heart out:

It's four am and I'm still not sleeping and it's going to be a LONG day!:
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Monique. May the naptime fairy visit you today with synchronised napping, and you and your mum come to a happy place.
Well, my baby girl turns 2 today. Ironically enough, she did an enormous wee right in the middle of our bed yesterday as well, so it was almost like old times I'm revisiting her birth story, and finally having the confidence to believe that it wasn't an intrinsically fast and scary birth, what made it that way was the sheer amount of adrenaline and worry-hormones floating through my system. Story here...
I'm still strongly planning this birth, with at LEAST 20 minutes pushing. My pet vulval varicosity can take that much stress without bursting, yeah?
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
and you and your mum come to a happy place.


Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
I'm still strongly planning this birth, with at LEAST 20 minutes pushing. My pet vulval varicosity can take that much stress without bursting, yeah?
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Happy Birth Day, Skye and Helen!!!!

I hope everyone is resting and recovering from their respective sleepless Thanksgiving weekends.

We had a very sleepless night last night with Neela's cold, which she mostly redeemed by coming and resting her chin on the edge of the bed as I tried to get a few minutes more sleep. "Mummy, I have a question... Can I tell you a secret?" Then whispered the sweetest "I love you" in my ear :heart

I also have a crazy photo that I should post soon of my 146 week belly shot. Neela asked to climb back in my belly and actually managed to stretch my sweater enough to get most of herself in it

Spughy, isn't it amazing how much one can accomplish in a day without a toddler?
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happy birthday skye!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post

FWIW, if it was me that made me mad, my suggestion came out wrong. I'm just feeling conscious, sometimes, of the fact that I tend to wind my kids up by overtalking something.
I have tried and tried and tried to figure out what you are talking about but I have no clue and anyway, it's okay. I'm over what it was about anyway :

Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Monday at 12:30 this nightmare will be over.

I hope.
This nightmare will be over and you will have a beautiful wedding
BTW your DDDDC cracks me up!

Oh, and happy birthday Skye/happy birthing day Helen!
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happy birthday, skye!!! happy labor day, helen!!!

kavita- sorry that ella is sick. we were sick here the week before thanksveganing but just runny noses and coughing a ton. ez didn't really get it, thankfully. and, i spent way too much time on the TP while laid up in bed resting! it's frustrating when plans go crazy and then we get so tired trying to catch up. i really hate that sort of thing. being vegan means we get to skip any potential turkey fiascoes and that is so less stress for us. maybe by next year i will use all my vegan powers of conviction to brainwash you into not having one, in an effort to help you avoid any potential stress?

uhm, spughy, exactly how much coffee did you drink before doing all of that? that's more than i could get done in a month. way to get after it! maybe you and FSM and I can all move out to bellingham one day; i loved visiting that place. hate that we didn't get to meet up though.

monique- my mil ate dinner with us the other night, homemade pizzas. they were very messy for even the adults. she told me about how she was used to seeing kids eat more neat (than how ez was eating her pizza). dh just wasn't "that messy". he also climbed up on the potty at age 1 all by himself when she was in another room. right. she talks about him like he's so much more of a golden boy since i became a mom...before we had ezra, she already raved about how he did everything "right" and was so advanced. we've seen through it all but it's just so ridiculous at times. used to kids eating neatly, my ass.

i am off to orientation with a HB MW and her other assistants. she caught ez and we hired her for this babe, too. i am really stoked to begin working with her on a regular basis. i got to doula with one of her clients earlier this year. i am not heading for a CPM or anything just want to attend HBs with her. I don't want to do hospital doula stuff while preggo. i finished my ALACE certification exam and e-mailed it off today. woo hoo! kinda silly that it took me so long to even start that exam. just glad it's over now.
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So, gunter, am I remembering right that you are in North Carolina? Because I'm in Southwest Virginia - maybe we could meet up sometime!

Okay, totally off-topic, but does anyone have any advice about cats peeing in the house? Our cats have NEVER had accidents, until we moved to our current house 6 months ago. I am actually beginning to hate my cats because at least once a week they pee in a clean basket of clothing or on my quilting stuff. I try to keep my quilting stuff closed off in the sewing room, but every once in awhile I leave the door open and they always pee on my stuff! I am beyond angry about this, and DH just doesn't think its that big of a problem - because he doesn't do the laundry! I'm so freaking sick of re-washing clothes. Am I just being cosmically punished for not always putting clothes away immediately after taking them out of the dryer?
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Jen, I had that issue with my oldest cat - he was my "baby", when I lived alone, with just him, I used to carry him around, he slept with me, etc.... Fast forward to married w/kids, he was a very jealous and pi$$ed off kitty, and showed it by peeing on things..... my leather jacket, set on the floor for like two seconds; my DD's school backpack; the changing table - you get the idea.
Sometimes it can be a comment on the state of the litter box; my vet advised me to have as many boxes as cats, and they all need cleaned daily. In my case, it was a comment on our lifestyle, and his need for attention; he was not pleased to come a distant second to the girls.
In my case, we actually put him on anti depressants, : and it helped.
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So, while Finley napped and nursed, I had the joy of reading the several pages of our thread and catching up. What an impressively domestic group of mamas this is!

Spughy, I cannot believe all that you did in one day...like Gunter said, that would take me about a month, with no toddler, to accomplish. Whew! Sounds like Rowan's birthday was adorable, too.

Helen, Happy Birthday Day, and Skye, Happy Birthday!!! Hope the rest of the day, after the big wee in the bed, was delightful. How's the baby in your belly feeling? Or you, that is I'm going to read your birth story when I get another chunk of time.

Monique, I hope you got some sleep today! And I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and your trip with your family. Sounds similarly stressful to mine.

QofC, sorry about the cats! I know it was ages ago, but your pictures of Ellie's birthday are just adorable!!!

Susannah, I'm glad you are feeling better,

And Mama Fern, I'm glad you're getting help from family and friends, financially. What an exciting time this is for you..so soon!

Amy, how was Texas? Your house is stunning...I'm so impressed by how quickly and elegantly you turned your house into such a lovely home.

Mel, Neela sounds too cute for words!

Kavita, so sorry about your turkey. Sounds like everything else was really delicious, though. I hope you and Ella feel better soon!

DiD, did you find ties? Did you get your dress fitted? Sorry you are dealing with these added stresses. Soon, the big day will be here, and it will be beautiful, and your new life together with your beloved is all that will matter.

Kaspirant, how are you guys? This week is crazy and then I'll be in touch to try to meet up again.

I'm surely forgetting someone, and my apologies! I'll be back in the loop, and can catch up further.

So we just got back from FL Saturday night, and the actual travelling wasn't so bad actually. Finley was so calm and happy in the airport and in the plane. And he actually slept on both trips, so that was a blessing. As for being in FL, he was great, too...just, again, not thrilled to be left with my parents, so we didn't leave him with them for more than 20 minutes. He loved playing with them, though, when they were interested in playing with him, and while we were around.

We have not been forcing manners on him, and he has, on his own, learned to say "Thank you" almost every time it would be deemed, and it's completely heartfelt and voluntary and full of meaning. He hasn't caught on so well with "please", and I just haven't pushed the issue, trusting (and hoping) that he'll catch on in time. Does anyone else go this route? I just have a hard time hearing moms constantly telling their kids, "what do you say?", and "say please", etc, etc (hope I am not offending anyone here) but it somehow rubs me the wrong way. And perhaps it's also connected to my own upbringing, where I was ignored until/unless I said "Yes, Ma'am", "No, Sir"; manners were a HUGE part of my life, in a very forced unnatural sort of way. At the same time, especially when I'm around my family, I cringe a bit when Finley doesn't say please (which is most of the time), and with his limited verbal skills, he sounds so demanding. Anyone have any input/assurance here?

As for my experience at home, it was pretty awful. But the good thing is that I feel like I have come to yet another level of clarity about my parents, who they are, and what they are in my life...what our relationship is, the reality of it, and being okay with that, or trying to be....and another level of growth for myself. I found myself feeling pretty angry a lot of the time, and having a hard time covering it, and that was hard for me to even accept in myself. I hate that I do feel anger, but I suppose I have to just feel it in order to move past it. The anger is subsiding, though, into something more of a processing nature, and just a reaction, that I think is carrying me through and above it.

That little rant probably made no sense at all! But, for those of you who remember, I've had a continuous struggle with my parents, each trip causing quite a bit of pain. And this last one seemed to go to a new level, that gave me a new perspective and clarity. One thing is for sure: I really am the black sheep of the family.

On a sort of MDC note, each trip to my parent's, I'm more aware of something in their lifestyle, which used to be the norm to me, all I knew, and is becoming stranger and stranger to me, as I strive to become more and more natural and green in my lifestyle, although I have very far to go. For example, I can barely tolerate any of the food my mom has or prepares (all fake food, really just "edibles", nothing organic, etc). This last time, I was painfully aware of how often they use papertowels (I have been consciously trying to use them scantly at home, relying almost always on cloth), and the food was even more intolerable to me. I'm relieved to be home and eating (relatively) well and real food again.

And Gunter, you'd be proud to know, I have barely touched meat in the past few months, only about five times, and I feel like I am closer and closer to becoming an official vegetarian. I don't know if I can make the leap to vegan :, but I do admire it, and am learning more and more...how cruel even the dairy industry is to animals. I'm just taking things one step at a time.

Ok, that's enough rambling from me at the moment!

Thinking of you lovely ladies, and so glad you all had such good thanksgivings, for the most part.

PS--The best part of our trip was the wonderful news that my brother and SIL are expecting a wee one!!! Finley will have his first cousin!

PPS--I'm 28 tomorrow. It feels so OLD, this one.
PPPS--I'm shooting the one episode that was written before the strike on Wednesday...only have two lines for this first episode, but am ecstatic nonetheless!
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Happy Birthday Skye! (a bit late, but my internet was broken for most of today)

Barcelona, way to do an update! I'm glad things are sorting themselves out with your parents and you're coming to some peace with your relationship with them. And ugh about the "edibles". I feel for you, I do. On the vegetarianism though - before you go that route, maybe take a look at the traditional foods movement. It stresses ethical, natural treatment of animals and recognizes the health benefits of eating meat. Not hormone-saturated factory-farmed meat, that's not good for your body or your soul - but meat from cows, chickens and other animals living on pasture the way they were bred/evolved to do, being happy chickens and cows and living contented lives, then slaughtered in a non-stressful, humane manner and processed carefully and respectfully. I know Gunter will have a different point of view, but I think real change is going to come to the dairy and meat industries when people start spending money on the high-quality competition and growing a market for ethically, naturally raised animal products rather than just avoiding them entirely. JMHO. Check out www.westonaprice.org for more info.

Jen, a friend of mine has problems with peeing with her cats. With one of them, it's partly health-related, partly emotional (mostly because her health gets bad when she gets uprooted, she doesn't eat enough or something) and with the other it's totally health-related, and happens when he has a UTI. You might want to take them to the vet just to rule out any health issues - peeing is one of those early signs that if it IS related to urinary problems, it's much much better to catch early on.

Nothing new here. The weather is miserable and it's getting dark so early that it's a real challenge getting the dog walked after Rowan's nap. I'm going to have to start working out some other way to do it, but the only way I can think of would mean walking the dog before lunch, which would push Rowan's nap later, which is probably not going to work that well either. Sigh.
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Jen, Amy did this a LOT in the last few months before she died, which was a few weeks after Skye was born. The vet treated her for a UTI, but also prescribed walnut flower essence for her- seeing as it could be your moggies reacting to the stress of the move, the walnut could be worth a try.
Barcelona, good to hear from you We've never pushed for pleases and thankyou's at this age either (at 5 or so, otoh, the boys tended to get some pretty dirty looks if they overlooked their ps and qs) and all three kids used them spontaneously- I think we got thankyou, you're welcome, sorry and please in that order. Belly babe and I are huge, thankyou for asking (someone who hadn't realised about the miscarriages looked at me the other day and reminded me that you get no medals for going post-dates) - but he's head-down and staying there so far and I'm not in contraction hell yet, which is always a good thing.

: to everyone else.
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Ladies, I have BIG NEWS!


:::: ::::

For the first time ever! She went to sleep (on her own) at 9:00,and I didn't hear from her again until 5:07 (!!!!!), when I heard her toddling groggily down the hall, saying, "May I have milkie?" Bless her little cotton socks, as Helen would say.

I think the combination of night weaning and gradually moving her back into her own bed has really helped...and maybe it's that she's almost two? I don't know, but I will tell you that I am in celebration mode today!

I have to go get breakfast but will be back later today to respond to everyone's posts. (I read for over an hour yesterday to catch up!)
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[QUOTE=MelW;98 We had a very sleepless night last night with Neela's cold, which she mostly redeemed by coming and resting her chin on the edge of the bed as I tried to get a few minutes more sleep. "Mummy, I have a question... Can I tell you a secret?" Then whispered the sweetest "I love you" in my ear :heart

I also have a crazy photo that I should post soon of my 146 week belly shot. Neela asked to climb back in my belly and actually managed to stretch my sweater enough to get most of herself in it [/QUOTE]

these are two of the most precious things ever. how fun for her to climb into your sweater, too!

barcelona- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Hope you have a fabulous day and everyone celebrates you! PS I am almost two years older than you. Got the big 3-0 coming up on Jan 30th. but hey, it's my "golden year", too so it can't be that bad turning 30. I can understand some about parent visiting and how difficult it can be. It sounds like you grew a lot after this visit though. If things cannot be all mended then at least, we can be happy with our own growth and acceptance, right? i have had to come to that place, too. i still get angry though.

jen- we should definitely get together. i live in durham, where duke university is...near raleigh and chapel hill. I am not far from the interstate. my mom is in richmond and we have good friends in lynchburg. we used to live in northern virginia but were really unhappy there. i do NEED an ikea trip soon though. of all the things i want online, none of them are available for shipping.

sarah- i don't entirely disagree with you. i think everyone can make changes in their diet to improve their health and the lives of those affected by what they consume. i struggle to not eat cookies every single day. i like them, A LOT. when i am not busy eating sugar, i am totally drawn to the locavore diet. for some people, that would rely more heavily on dairy consumption. i think that progress is to be more aware of what we consume. we should all count the cost of what we consume, mainly b/c we have such privilege of available food. that's what is most important to me, awareness.

amy- that's so awesome! here's to many more sleep full nights for you all! it's still so weird for me that ez is sleeping on her own, in her room, in her bed all through the night. she may wake up and need to get settled on her own or with a little cuddle. but, DH and i look at each other around 9-10pm like, "What should we do now?" It's like she's a teenager on her own or something; that's how different it feels for us.
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I think the combination of night weaning and gradually moving her back into her own bed has really helped...and maybe it's that she's almost two? I don't know, but I will tell you that I am in celebration mode today!

No, I can tell you what it is--she and Ella have switched places, a la "Freaky Friday" style. Last night Ella woke up all.freaking.night. After a nice 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon, I couldn't get her to sleep until around 2 am!!! Then she woke up a couple of hours later but I think I managed to get her back to sleep by patting her. Then she woke up at 8, suddenly pounced on me and said "phone, phone, grandma!" latched on and went back to sleep. I managed to detach myself to go to the bathroom a while later and then she stayed asleep while I came into the living room and checked email, and then she woke up about 45 minutes later and came out crying and jumped into my lap and is nursing and snoozing again. Oy. Between her being sick and her top molar starting to pop through, it's going to be a looooong day!
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Kavita. I hope she feels better, and sending you the strength to stay sane.

: Amy!!!!!! : Sod cotton, if she makes a habit of it I'll knit her cashmere socks. Is that our last sleepless bub letting her mama sleep for at least some of each night?
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it's good to be back and connected again
i'm going to do some reading on diets and figure out what i am going to do, what path i will take. thanks for the link, spughy. gunter, is it alright if i PM you about your diet, too? and thanks for the birthday wishes!

amy, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! what joyous wonderful news! i hope this is the new nightly pattern for brynn!

on a sleep note, finley went down for his nap yesterday at 2:30, and proceeded to sleep through the night til this morning!!!!!!!!! i tried waking him, short of picking him up, music on, in his face talking gently to him, lights on, etc, but he kept on a'sleeping. i think he just needed to catch up on sleep from the exhaustion and jet lag and loss of sleep from our FL trip.

off to get a birthday breakfast with my boys, and then hope i didn't gain tons of weight over thanksgiving to go in for my costume fitting!!!

hugs to you all!
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Just quick, but YAY AMY AND BRYNN!!!! That's so awesome. Rowan's been pretty consistent lately with sleeping from bedtime til about 5 or 6, but sometimes she is glommy at night and then I don't sleep so well, because every time she moves I kind of wake up. I think this weekend I will put my foot down and insist that we go to Sleep Country and pick up a twin bed for her - which we will put between our bed and the wall, and she will learn to sleep in it. Getting her to go to sleep on her own is still an upcoming challenge for us, too.

Hilary, you can totally PM me anytime you like about anything you like Or bug me on facebook, that's ok too. Oh, and speaking of which, Helen I can't figure out which Helen N. you are on facebook - can you please look me up on there and make me your friend?

And Gunter, I totally agree - awareness IS the most important thing, and I try to eat as local as possible too (which is also pretty dairy-centric here, but we have awesome local veg all year round which helps. No grains though.)
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