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I love reading about all of the growing pregnant mamas! We're going to have some exciting new baby threads around here soon

I've heard the doubling of the two year height estimate, but also heard that it's at 18 months for girls. Either way, she'll probably outgrow my 5'2"- according to our nurse she's 37 3/4 inches tall. Neela was measured lying down, so I think it's a bit generous- but she is at least 37" tall. And 28 pounds- turning into a bit of a lanky toddler.

And hugs to the sleepless mamas. We seem to have successfully night-weaned this time. I talked with Neela about it during the day, when I was calmer and less desperate, and we bought new magical help her sleep without nursing pajamas. There was no more than very brief complaining, unlike other times when I tried to not nurse during the night and she would SCREAM! She's getting really good about asking for help to get back to sleep "sing a song/read a story/rock me" etc. And I LOVE our new bedtime routine- I didn't plan on stopping nursing to sleep, but it just kind of happened. Even a month ago I don't think it would have been possible without tantrums, so I'm a true believer in the "when they're ready" school of thinking.

Off to deal with some poop...
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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
i know, i know.. i just posted. i just wanted to say that i miss my nov.ddc.. i mean not you guys but the jan ddc that im in im just not that connected with and i was re-reading posts from like 39 weeks on with ngaio and man, we were a tight group. it totally made me cry reading some of the posts..i guess im having the day after birthday sillies.. but what an amazing time we all had. *sniff* so... thanks.
I feel exactly the same way, Fern!!!! You look so belly-liscious! I love it.

And *I* **am** complaining about how I feel... I just popped an old stetchmark further and now it's red. What's it going to be like in four months??? Open? Ouch!

HoneyTree - Willem was like that. And it was so bad because I was pregnant too. He was totally inconsolable. After a while Dh would get so pissed about it and just would not understand.
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Originally Posted by kaspirant View Post
Jacob weighs 32 lbs *tears...means I can't keep him rearfacing ANY longer* and is 36 inches tall.
I could definately be wrong but I *think* a Britax can rearface longer.

Originally Posted by barcelona View Post
And yes, my deafness does have something to do with the problem with my parents. I think more than anything, though, they just have a different idea of who I am, have an idea of who I am, instead of actually knowing me, or wanting to. And then when I don't fit their idea, or into their mold of a daughter, it pisses them off. I think that is it in a nutshell. And, as awful as it sounds, I don't think they actually care about me. Again, they care about the idea of their relationship with their daughter, but not me.
I don't really know what to say other than I have been in "that" space before, and I'd like to send you a cyber

Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
I have been cleaning like a mad person today. It's like nesting in preparation for labor. I am so freaking antsy. In 30 minutes it will be the day before my wedding.
Eeeeeek - you're getting married tomorrow!!!! I hope the day is everything you have wished for!
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Carseats yuck! We turned Joseph around a month or so ago because he was too tall to be rf in the Scenera although it goes to 35lbs rf. He is also around 33lbs which is the limit for rf in the Britax seats so that wouldn't be a big help for him. On the other hand he will be too tall for the Scenera ff soon too which means a new seat altogether. Plan currently is a new seat for him and new guy in the Scenera. Annoying that even though the Scenera has very high slots for a 40 lb seat he is still almost too tall for it at 2 years old. I'm just glad we knew that would happen when we bought it or it would be far more upsetting.

I had my mw checkup today and I'm not measuring so far ahead now which was nice to hear. I hadn't worried about how big I was before she started me worrying at the last visit! I'm going to go with the early growth spurt and just being pg with #3 thing. Sounds good to me. I'm not overly concerned about a big baby either. One of the nice things about being on #3. Other then nasty high bp that was likely due to a headache from the weather things are looking good.
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Originally Posted by Susannah M View Post
I could definately be wrong but I *think* a Britax can rearface longer.
We have a Britax and the RF limit is 33 lbs, fully clothed. Which he now is (

But they are longer than most so that's good.
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Btw, a forward facing 5-pt harness seat that will last a long time with BIG kids is the Costco Apex 65. Kids can stay in the harness till they hit 65 lbs and some ridiculously tall height. Then it converts to a booster. Killy's been in it since he outgrew his rear-facing seat at about two years. He's over 40 inches and still has tons of room in the harness. Its hard to find in stores, but the Target website has it and some BRU stores carry them. Whenever Ellie outgrows her convertible seat we'll get her one, too. I do have her forward facing already, though - due to her terrible carsickness. She's thrown up twice in the last two weeks! UGH!
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Rowan's FF in our Britax now because her legs are really long and she was quite uncomfortable RF. Also, when we went to Europe, all the seats we had there were FF and she got used to it I would have liked to keep her RF longer but it would have been a major struggle. Fortunately we don't use the car daily so I don't feel quite so bad about it.

I just got my hair cut and all the colouring that was in it is now GONE! I am officially on the path to going grey gracefully. I feel very liberated. The new 'do is very short, but I like it.

DiD - happy wedding day tomorrow! Stop fretting and enjoy it. Yay married!!!

Mel - holy schmoly, Neela is a tall girl! I noticed that when you were here in the summer but it sounds like she's been springing up even more since then. Wow!

Happy birthday (late - sorry) to Ngaio!

Rowan had a little friend over this morning who kind of reminded me a bit of Ngaio. Her hair, mostly and her "i'll do it MY way thanks" attitude. Lovely little girl, she and Rowan got along very well, mostly because they're both a little reticent and very non-agressive. It was nice. I think I like this age, where you can pick and choose their friends. I'm sure THAT doesn't last. But fortunately - OH so fortunately! - all the mamas I'm friends with IRL have pretty awesome kids. Not a grabber or a pusher in the bunch. My closest mama friend has a little boy 6 wks younger than Rowan and they love each other. They even ask to phone each other. THAT is just a whole pile of cuteness.

Gotta go, laundry calling.

Oh, and I posted this in another thread but it was so cute I have to post it here - yesterday we were walking home from the dog park, very early because Rowan had an early nap, and I told her that because it was still so early, we could make popcorn when we got home. She said "Yay! Popcorn goes pop! Like a weasel. Only different." I couldn't help but laugh. I wonder what she thinks a weasel IS???
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Thanks for the wise words and sympathy about the night nursing. It's Friday, so I have two days to be able to sleep in with him and catch up! Dh already has a single bed in "Woody's" room, so maybe we'll take turns sleeping in there until this frequent waking thing plays out.

Spughy, Horray for going grey! I'm probably 10 % grey here a month shy of 30. I am quite fond of it!

And your post about picking Rowan's friends was so timely for me. The parent who watches Woody and another teacher's 1 y.o. for two hours a day at school (while I teach writing and math) has offered to take on another teacher's 2 1/2 y.o. for the whole day. This other child has had problems at previous daycares with body boundaries--"bulldozing" other children, throwing them on the ground, and all around playing really rough. Woody is really mellow, and is totally NOT a boisterous or aggressive or physically-communicative kid, and he and the 1 y.o. girl get along really well on a very gentle level.

I'm trying to withhold most worrying until a problem arises, trying not to put negativity into the universe, and knowing that other children are and will be part of his world, but I'm a little sad that the gentle dynamic between Woody and the 1 y.o. is going to be challenged.

Is anyone else struggling with this? What do you do?
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we spent the whole day at ikea which was pretty fun, surprisingly. it was great to have my mom along to play with ezra the whole time and hold her or push her or whatever. even though i have been to that particular ikea a bunch of times, i never noticed the little houses for kids to play in around the stores. they were great for ez!

got into a bit of a heavy talk with my mom on the ride back to richmond about growing up stuff. (basically, she was a horrible mom and my dad was worse, at times. she's asked me to forgive her and i have. we have a great relationship now which i NEVER thought would happen. i swore that if i ever did have kids, she woudl never see them.) anyway, it was hard to hear some of the stuff she said and it's hard for her to face a lot of it, too. but it was healthy and healing even though it was difficult to get through the conversation calmly. she loves ezra so much and is soooo good to her. it's so great for me to see my mom love on her (and me, and dh). i think ezra's love for my mom helps motivate her to be a healthier person.

rowan's hair is so cutie. your whole family is beautiful, btw. i have always thought that about you all! can we see a new picture of your new do, too? i have a friend going grey as she's barely 25. looks great on her though. she started when she was like 21.

hey fern- i saw you over int he burt's bee co-op. i am stoked to get some of their stuff but had to take it easy as both dh and i are currently unemployed. ngaio and her cake are soo cutie! ezra had one in the shape of a penguin (but i never posted pics of it; i need to do that). her hair looks way blonder then i remember but maybe i just haven't seen pics of her lately. i used to check up on your blog but hadn't seen any recent updates. ellwyn is as adorable as ever. you look great, too! you get to meet your babe in just a moth or two, how exciting! i have to wait until the end of feb but am growing steadily after months of no weight gain and lots of throwing up. it feels good to be getting bigger...until i catch my breath going upstairs! ps i don't feel nearly as connected with my feb ddc as i did/do with this nov ddc! it's weird, eh? it's really nice that helen and strawberry fields are there with me! there are some other moms of nov 05 babes but they don't post in this thread.

amy- can i get a copy of that? is that weird that i want one? sooooo beautiful!!!

helen- i did post asking for advice on etsy shops in wahm. i got so stoked talking about it this weekend. my mom is super crafty and has been selling her stuff locally in virginia for years. it's so encouraging being around her and knowing she has done it and i can do it. she's not doing as much as she wants to right now though and that makes me sad for her.

oh, teresa, i totally remember ez just screaming when i tried to say, "can you wait a minute. we're not nursing right now" or whatever i said. it was hard, for sure. i really hope things improve for you both, as plain as that sounds. ITA about how it affects the rest of life and directly affects work when you don't get sleep. it was hard for me to not resent nursing when it was hard like that and i was tired and so sore in the nips. i can barely believe she's not nursing anymore. it doesn't seem real. she does say that she'll nurse, again after buxton is born!

barcelona- sorry about your parent stuff. i don't have a relationship with my dad at all these days so i certainly don't think he cares much about me. i felt that way about my mom my whole life pretty much (that she didn't know me or care about me) and that F N sucked! this for you and lots of healing vibes sent your way. so jealous imagining all the goodies still available at your farmer's markets out there! we have soem still going on just are limited. did you ask about pming me about diet? you are sooo welcome to do that. i don't have an ideal diet or think mine is the "right" way or anything though.

neela sounds more like ezra's body type than the other babes but ez is still a bit smaller at 28.5 inches and 21 pounds. lanky babe, here, too though!

DID- perhaps you are married now! wooo hoo!!!

kristina- mind if i ask how far ahead you are measuring? i was measuring 2 weeks small last month and now i am measuring 3 weeks ahead! two different people measured me though so it could be a little off b/c of that.
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I started a new thread...
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