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share your HALLOWEEN!!


Just wondering what fun you had on Halloween! I planned to make a monarch caterpillar costume to go along w/my family's "Dia De Los Muertos" theme... but that would've been a big ol'dealio so we bought this one online after remembering it from the thread during oug pregnancies.

We hung out at the UU & passed out candy.... one trick or treater was having his first halloween, he was the cowardly lion & his mama was Dorothy ... so very cute.

What'd you & yours do?
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Well it was my anniversary but I think we are going to go out tonight to dinner. It was pretty much a fiasco. We had left the costumes at Target (that was a horror show when we went~thanks Eavan) so had to go pick them up. Dahlia ended up never even putting on her costume because it was so late and she was fussy. I stayed with her and dh took Eavan trick or treating. He was a clown and really cute. My ds1 went with his friends and so did dd1. I am glad because at least ds1 got to go have fun. It would have sucked for him if he stayed with us. Ah well. They can't all be perfect. I do hope to have a lovely dinner tonight if Dahlia will cooperate. The three of us are going to go out and eat something yummy. I even got a new Mei Tai which will be great for the occasion.
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Oh, cool! It was our anniversary, too...not wedding but of our getting together.
Hope you have a great time!
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It was our anniversary of getting together and getting engaged too!

Took little Gavin to Grandma's and Great Grandma's house. Great Grandma gave him $25. That was a good treat!
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That's right, now I remember there were a few of us w/halloween anniversaries

What did you dress your kiddos up as?
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My kiddos chose their own - we had a ninja, pink princess, blue princess, a bunny, and Linus. All very original, right? In the excitememt of it all I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I'll try again when the costumes are all clean and dry. :
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Gavin was a little prince that went with our renaissance costumes.
He also had a really cute outfit that said Peek-A-Boo! on it with bats and ghosts.

I need to add more photos but here is one so far.
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