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Oh, crap, Heather.
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I propose that as many of us as possible take a moment to write a letter to G*d, the Supreme Being(s), the Vegan Nun Goddesses, whoever on behalf of Heather. I think it is time to try get the universe to lighten up her load.

Dear powers-that-be-whoever-you-are,
Please grant our friend, Heather, a break, a respite, and an extended moment of deep peace and healing. It has been a hard year filled with many blessings for our friend. Most recently she has been blessed with a third child who is deeply celebrated and loved. Please give her strength and support and allow her to feel cared for in the world. Let her have a period of smooth sailing ahead.
In love,
Enis Conchord
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thank you, lisa! for you, a taste of the daily hj that I usually post on my blog.

So far no more pukies, but I'm still betting E will soon enough. I've been sequestered upstairs (yay a few true babymoon days finally! ) and have been calling DH downstairs on his cell to remind him to take temps, giving permission for toast, etc. HJ's growth spurtiness continues and he is just edibly cute even in the wee hours. Looking forward to lunch in bed and then a nap....
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Oh, Heather, he is just beautiful! I hope the gods/goddesses keep the sickies away. And, being sequestered away from the others is not the worst thing!

We're leaving in a little bit to drive to Grand Junction to get A's pics taken at Penneys. I just really want to make sure she has the basic pics taken since G did; I'm the fourth child and know how easy it is to just not do stuff for the younger kids. And, after our marathon trip last weekend, an hour drive should be easy, right?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!
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Heather, that picture of HJ is SO sweet. I just want to grab him and hold him all to myself. I'm glad you're getting to do just that, being sequestered upstairs and all. It made me profoundly happy to hear that. (Deep, contented sigh.)

Dear Mama of the Universe:

Thank you for some peace and rest for Heather. You can keep it coming.


Shaddai Fiddlefern

Jacqueline: hope the drive was uneventful.

Jstar- I'll pm ya. Definitely want to do the scrapbook thing. I have lots of fun toys and papers, and no time to use them.

KK- hooray for dh's who declutter! (Mine is excellent at it.) It sounds like both of you are doing really productive stuff during this transition time. Good luck with the diss.

EL- blech. Having a new baby AND needing to work on a diss, AND having a crabby dh sounds like no fun. My guess is that fun-lovin guy you miss is just as stressed out as you. .

Speaking of dh's, mine had fil and bil over tonight to watch the end of a Beavers football game. I asked them not to come over till after bedtime, which they complied with. Still, Fil woke up babe by being too loud and looked overjoyed to then get to hold W when I couldn't get him back to sleep. Grrrrrrrrrr. I admit I lost it and yelled at both dh (which was unfair) and FIL (which was justified but I still felt like a dork for yelling, especially since I'd just asked him to watch L once a week and he'd said yes). Inlaws. Can't live with em, can't live without 'em. Thank GOODNESS we don't actually share a living space.:

OK, time to hit the hey, at least till the next time W awakes.
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Thanks Heather for the heartwarming little boy pic. So very cute and snug as a bug!

Claudia - wow, your boy is getting around quite nicely. He looks to be a cheery sort too.
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Claudia--eek!! How sweet! I had to laugh at the barricaded bookcase--I finally just gave up on ours and put it in the attic!

Monday! C headed to school and doula coming for the morning. Hoping E isn't a terror. Tomorrow I'm on my own. : Somehow telling dh I needed someone T/W/Th didn't compute. Good thing Tivo is fully stocked!

Growth spurt over--phew! (until the next one) I woke up after 3 hours and was shocked that *he* was still sleeping!

Okay...must take a quick shower and attempt to wake up. So wishing my babes could tolerate caffeine---how I look forward to that again!
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Claudia, how kyooooot! I cannot believe your baby is already walking (mine either, for that matter). Time just flies by in the most amazing way.

Heather, growth spurts aaagh! How great that he is doing well. I am so bummed you have 3 for 3 reflux, that's rough, the only bright spot being that you know how to deal with it well!

Sending everyone much love this Monday Morning.

Yesterday was belly dance class, then family time with Viet's extended family. It was okay but I was miss grouchatron, not really wanting to be there. I did not represent myself at my best.
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EL I somehow missed your post until right now. I am so sorry about dh not being sweets at the moment.
It's absolutely normal to not have sex for many, many moons around childbirth. Viet requires physical demonstration of love to feel okay in the relationship, in that way it's very easy to keep him happy, but it's also a chore sometimes.
I truly hope that today dawned brighter. How are things today?

I am sending you a triple caramel yummy coffee drink cybernetically. smooch, smooch, smooch to you!
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Note to self: never, ever, get a week behind the maymamas again.

: Mega-congratulations (way late) to Heather! HJ is positively scrumptious. I'm reliving my early days with Mr. Ethan through reading your posts.

Jacqueline, I finally bit the bullet and got Firefox, and it does manage a bunch of stuff that Safari was lacking.

TC your babe looks so very pleased with himself!

Mega-hugs to all and everyone else. Love the letters to the universe. : at low-scoring DHs. Got one of those myself right now.

Gotta be quick - tending sickies over here. It's been a rough couple of weeks. Caitlyn had a cold, Allison had a cold, Ethan had a cold, Allison developed bronchiolitis and we didn't sleep for a week. Finally started recovering and BAM a *new* cold over the weekend. She's back at school today, but Caitlyn is home with a fever and since I've been running on 4ish hours of sleep for the past two weeks, it's hitting me too. Called off the day at work today, and am snuggling on the couch with my sicky girl. She actually threw up in the car on the way home from dropping off Ethan eeeew. Still, very grateful that E and A are taken care of so hopefully I can get a little snooze and be well enough to go to work tomorrow.

On a lighter note, actual conversation with Allison this weekend:
Me: "Please don't play on the stairs."
Allison: "No, mom, this is the bus."
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isaac has pinkeye : and i feel bad that i don't want to take him to the ped but i think i need to. i tried the eyedrops from his first round of pinkeye which are ancient and haven't done anything. so off to the doc we must go. and our playdate is cancelled. poopy.

miss juice - i hope you get that nap and start feeling better. sounds miserable.

i should eat some brekky and call for an apt.

baby pirate

so tell me about the candy again

jacquie - how'd A's pics go?
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oh, my god, jstar those little babes are just tooooo cuuuuute. I guffawed aloud at baby pirate. They are great, growing so fast! Your little is as big as Amara, and fatter.

So sorry to hear of your woes, miss juice. Esp. the sickies, and dh GRRR. Hope you are relaxing happy now.
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like the hair? he's so bald really it is even more hilarious.

he's so big he is hanging off my lap when he's nursing now. how did this happen??? i got past my denial yesterday and pulled out a lot of bigger clothes which mentally i had thought 'oh isaac didn't wear this until february'. the sad part is they don't make many 'baby' clothes (soft stretchy) that big except sweat pants. at least i have a few pairs of overalls and a few nice cosy zutano things. "pants" are just too constricting for him. he'll never roll

isaac on the other hand is getting so skinny! judging on his 3 chins and 18 wrists as a baby it still surprises me
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jess--you made my day!! such cuteness! : My girls love to run around yelling "arrrr, I'm a pirate!" E will hold one hand over an eye for the full effect!

doula thang this morning was :.....she was helpful which was great, but she had brought her dd who was um, not quiet nor very well-behaved as advertised. that's all I'll say. : Needless to say, I won't be having her back later in the week, but my regular doula will be coming by instead. I'm beginning to think I smell or something w/ my string of odd luck. who knows. It actually went just fine w/ just me, E and HJ so not dreading tomorrow and next week quite so much.

: Okay...it's almost naptime..
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Aw, Heather! I'm bummed that the doula experience was less than you'd hoped. It never occurred to me that someone might bring their child (not that I think there's anything inherently wrong with it, but it truly never occurred to me). It would be stressful for me to have another little one in the house, I'd be in hypervigilant mama mode, which I think is not what you're looking for right now.

jstar those pirates are too too cute. How big is E now? Ethan was huge, and I think I have some cute and comfy things in size 18mo that I could send over if you're interested. I agree it's hard to find things that aren't constricting.
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Stefan is so stinking cute with the walkiness! WTG baby!

Ack Juice! No fair with all the sickies and sleeplessness!

Heather : What is it with the unpleasant chain of events of late?

Jstar-two of the cutest pirates I have ever seen, I do believe!

Hi Elsanne KK, LIsa, emmalola, sarah, renae and Jacqueline and nuggest!

Sorry 'bout the not so sweet sweets, elola.

It just occurred to me that I never did a smilie parade for the arrival of HJ. So give me a few minutes....
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::b ouncy
::bal loons:
:bo uncy

Welcome Henry!
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Sherri, fix them smilies. But overall, super cute smilie art.
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D'oh! Not sure how that happened. I'll bbl to fix them...
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