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I just LOVE IT when Amara sleeps in, which is like, never, but it is happening today. Yaaay!

I am doing the thing and loving that.

I had a great dream where I got together with the owner of the mega-house and we were TTC.
It was a delightful dream.

I went to bed with the girls last night so I feel well rested.

Lots of Sleep + Lots of Coffee = Happy Morning Mama

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Well no sleep for me
Lovely laboring mama
Now my shift is done

(no baby yet, sigh)
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sarah you're sleep deprived and you don't even have an infant to contend with!! but you get to see brand spankin new babes which is just :

i am sooooooo tired. ebin is sleeping HORRIBLY and i feel terrible. i am so positive i will never be doing this again. i am in the keeping the eyes on the prize mode that oh....maybe in a year i'll get to sleep. he'll sleep. we'll all sleep.

coffee is my friend too. split shot latte this morning since i won't be nursing babe until 5ish. i don't even pump until after i get home.

quite the dream elsanne

i hope my post didn't sound too callous, kk. i was trying to say something like i was drawing the same conclusions about the scenario before you posted the deets. it probably came out wrong.

doug got a brand spankin new truck last night he's had a work truck in our name and yesterday they did a fleet lease through their company for 2 new trucks to pass one of their old ones down to their new (awesome) foreman. so he got a double cab and the whole fam can now fit in the truck! wooooo. camping just got a whole lot easier. and we have one less loan in our names. yay! it's a diesel. so giant i do not even want to drive it. for the first time since he started the company doug has hired GOOD employees. i think 3 new ones in the last week or so. he stole half of another company's employees. his biz is such a niche trade it is SO hard to find anyone that knows what they are doing that isn't a total crackhead. because they're the only ones that can't hold a job
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woot on new truck, jstar!

kk: i hate pre-existing condition clauses.

heath: how are you doing today?

els: ummm... that's a dream, sistah... wowza...

on an all about me note, i am getting so frickin' excited about hawaii for christmas, i can't even stand it.

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So flippin tired...another 3-5am partay here last night. Other than that okay...need to make dr's appt as soon as I can put HJ down. Also need to brave the PO to mail socks. TG for the automated machine!!! Hawaii sounds incredible!
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Oh, Jess, no offense at all. I half feel the same way myself. (And half of me is pissed off about it.) It's just the likelihood that I'd lose an ovary (and that we haven't decided for sure on a #4) that is stopping me. Now that I know I'm going to do COBRA, I know which acupuncturist to pursue, too... I'm not going to sit on my butt about this. Also, dh found out some good news: state law here is that after 12 mos of self-employment, we have to be allowed to opt for the group plan, and they can't deny me coverage--major (even though they can deny me in the interim). I want to confirm this in writing, but it makes the whole self-employment thing feel a lot less risky.

I'm trying to be more cheerful today (after feeling very "poor me" yesterday).

I want to write long details response to everyone (esp. about the not sleeping kids... : I'm with you), but it'll have to wait a few hours.

Smoochie boochies.
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Aw, Heath...bummah about the sleep woes. and jstar too. COOLNESS on the bigass diesel truck! How cool does he feel. I used to call those things, "penis-lengthening trucks", because oftentimes the owners buy them for that reason, it makes them mas macho. Doug did not buy it so he's not one of THOSE.

I sure do miss our Morning Goddess Renae.
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oh but he is his little macho ego is like an overfilled balloon right now. dork. of course i pulled up to his office today and see these two giant trucks here (doug and eric are both rarely in the office at the same time) and my first comment was 'look at those BIG trucks with such TINY tires!' and i just knew that would rib them it did. if they buy tires i will KILL them. they're out looking at ladder racks and bed liners right now. boys and their toys i swear. overgrown KIDS!!!

doug was such a 'cool' skater kid when i got together with him. beach bum volleyball type. and somehow he has morphed into a total redneck hick construction worker. he doesn't have all the traits (thank gawd) but yeah...lots of em. i never would have guessed this back in 1995. but he's come a long way in being a capable kick-ass guy. those 2 left their old company together to start this one and that company is now doing NO work locally (3 yrs later). their jobs are out in montana and wyoming now. so D&E have definitely made a place for themselves in the market here (and i'm proud of them). and i will take full credit for watching over their shoulders and TELLING them what to do financially and just generally riding their asses because this is one scary ship to steer! STRESS. and good at the same time. all i know is that new employees will translate into no owner paychecks at some point in the future. and that always sucks baloney

i miss renae too. and stories of rowan (isaac's birthday buddy)

heath- ebin was kind of having a party in the middle of the night himself. he has been wanting to go down for the night around 7:30ish instead of 9ish. but then he's jolly and cooing and rolling around his crib at 3am and definitely NOT sleeping. gah. tonight i might just deal with his crankiness and keep him up on purpose.

i let isaac stay up 'late' last night to watch the grinch. he sat completely still and watched the whole thing and loooooved it. i haven't watched it in its entirety in years. cute
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Okay, going back several days here...

Whenever I think of Renae, I think of her bouncing a needy baby. I miss you, Renae, but I'll bet the baby has higher needs that we do!

I just wanted to nod about what Meg said about her bro's baby. Yeah, *some* people get mellow babies...

I grew up with people saying "fam damily", but I do not say it myself. :

L is growing or teething or SOMETHING, because she is RESTLESS at night. And nurses using her teeth. (Ouch.) And then she wakes up at 6, totally refreshing, in a GREAT mood. (Unlike me.) This morning, she crawled over to me, sat on my head, and then started bouncing on it vigorously. At that point, I said to dh, "Honey, L is poopy."

I want a TurboStar! (or at least a TurboStar pie or get-together or something.)

Danile, eggs are one of my BIG pregnancy cravings. (Outside of pg, I feel kind of eh about them.)

One thing I'll say for not eating meat and not being able to eat eggs or dairy products (L's allergies)--you don't worry too much about feeling overstuffed after TG or gaining weight during the holidays.

Jacquie, Z has been talking about nursing lately, too (and he stopped *much* earlier than G). I try to give him the extra cuddles at those times, too. (He's also been nursing his teddy bears lately, too.)

No dog here (don't foresee getting one ever). Just don't want another butt to wipe.

Ug on migraines, EL. It seems like you've been having them more frequently (or am I imagining things?).

More to Heath on cysts... I agree with everyone else who expressed concern about the pain so soon after HJ's birth. I would think that because you were so recently pg and because you're exclusively bf'ing, your ovaries should be basically asleep. You might want to get things checked out soon, especially since you had a C (don't want to be alarmist, but could it have to do with the healing there?).

I think we should *all* be required to write haikus. After this monster post, of course.

I agree, poop on cars. Isn't it funny how cars don't fail when you're *not* driving them, and furnaces don't fail in the summer?

Our next Netflix movie is Sicko. Seems oh so appropriate.

Fern, *I* have bitter feelings about your church helping someone else (besides you and fam) get a house...

Go, go, go MCSB and Danile! 2 more weeks!

Poop in the bathtub.... never happened here. Nope. (And if you believe that...)

Yea on progress with E!

And again, Jess, I agree with what you wrote. (And it's been hard explaining it to dh, because he's not hard-hearted at all so he can't think like an insurance underwriter.)

Z... loves music. A *lot*. And people.

I think I basically sort of covered everything and everyone. Off to my MG class. s
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Now for my monster post (so no haikus for me either):

Jess, I've enjoyed your posts lately- I feel like I'm getting a little window into jstarland.

KK, nothing like a cheerful, poopy babe on your face first thing in the morning. :

I am unfortunately among the ranks of the sleepless. W gets up every one to three hours at night. Why is this happening? I don't nurse him every time (but I do nurse him every 3 hrs despite my constant resolve to try for longer stretches), and I always try some kind of in-the-sidecar soothing first. He was such a good sleeper before the teething hit, and now he's forgotten how to self-soothe back to sleep. Sigh.

About the Habitat for Humanity thing, it's not really my church's project. Our little house church is loosely associated with the United Methodist church. The district superintendent came for a church conference, and mentioned that the Methodist churches in our area are working together to build a Habitat house. So no one specifically asked ME to raise money to house someone ELSE. But it is kind of a bummer that way back when (last year??), the whole joining-the-income-sharing-community thing didn't work out. I must say though that our community does a lot to help us out, including pay medical bills we can't afford, a car repair this summer, etc. So my beef isn't really with my spiritual community, I was just feeling grumbly about being poor, and not feeling as generous as perhaps I ought

Elsanne- I wonder if subconsciously you want a third kiddo. Or, more woo woo, a third kiddo wants you. There was that whole unprotected oops, shortly after the IUD incident. :

HF- hooray for good docs, and a plan you like!

TC- I'm excited FOR you. I personally wouldn't be that enthused about Hawaii (lived there a bit, so not as special), but I can feel your happiness and it makes me smile.

Sherri- glad you got the car thing figured out. I hate it when a problem is undiagnosed, so it's good that you know, and that it wasn't too spendy.

Hi Sarah, Megan, Lisa, Emily, Jacqueline, Danile, Renae, and anyone else I haven't chatted with lately!

What L's into these days:

1. Mittens. He is obsessed with mittens. He has 3 pairs, and must have one on or nearby at all times, often including mealtimes.
2. Stuffed animals and little figurines- he takes these old McD's toys my fil gives him, and has them converse and walk around.
3. Doing everything.by.him.self.
4. Being a proxy DJ- he is constantly picking songs that he wants us to play. 5. Coming up with reasons for things- he hasn't figured out how to ask "why," yet, but when we tell him to do/not do something, he'll say what he thinks the reason is, and then we'll give him feedback about that.

L doesn't have a clue about letters yet, but he likes to play with his letter magnets. He does funny things like grabbing an R and saying "L is for Mommy." . His artwork is still nonrepresentational. It seems like he's working on the difference between back and forth motions and circular motions lately.

OK, that is enough gabbing for me tonight. Ta ta mamas!
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loving the megaposts
rocking wakey wakey babe
mama needs some sleep!
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You up way too early, heather! :
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ouchie cold morning
seems she wants to bite it off
lansinoh for me

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i love it

beth i am sort of going for the 3-hour nursing stretches too. but i *try* to do some soothing and then most times just end up giving in to the boob. it is so hard. this morning at 5 he woke and it had only been 2 hours so i gave him a pat and left again. he did a little wail when he realized i left and then very quickly went back to quiet. but that was right when doug got up so he heard walking around 5 minutes later and said HEY I HEAR YOU!! so he got some boob after all

that is so cute about L and the mittens. AND cute that he has his own variation on the 'why' phase (because it really is sort of a trying phase). well isaac was in the 'why' phase for a while and then recently moved on to the 'what?' phase. his response to every single comment or question is 'what?' i thought he was stricken with hearing loss but it was his 'i don't quite understand' response. but so annoying because he was apparantly not understanding *anything*

i hate car problems too. because they're usually so $$$. sherri - that's pretty awesome it was a cheap fix and that you figured it out so that won't happen when you're out and about somewhere.

kk, i won't ruin sicko for you but i learned a thing or 2 about their denial processes : i think it'll be all clear to your dh...and yes, so appropriate to watch that one right now. my insurance underwriter got transferred during the last month of my work coverage and they STILL are denying ebin (because he was born after the date i am assuming they got all the enrollee info). i've sent a letter and my employer has called and yadda yadda. thankfully we had a couple of months of overlap with our new insurance but grrrrrrrr. so annoying.

i have to say though he paints the british nhs in such a glowing light but my friend gina just died on the nhs. i don't know if they just wrote her off as a lost cause from day 1 (i think maybe they did). she went in with pain and they found a malignant 6 inch tumor on her ovary. they didn't operate for over a year. when she saw a doc here they told her they would have operated the next day on a tumor like that....possibly changing the outcome for her because at that point it had not spread. of course...if she had insurance in this country. but anyway. their birthing is more 'natural' than our birthing world here. they birth with midwives (most of the time i think). but you just get an on-call midwife so there isn't any chance to establish a relationship and bond with one particular person through your pregnancy. but you know.....free is always good!

i have lots to do today. housecleaning (blech) because MIL and SIL arrive tonight. sock mailing! baby present mailing! door painting! and right now....bagel making!

oh yes, i am downright envious of hawaii because i have never been!! i'd love to see it sometime. i'd love to go to *any* warm beach right now
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Love making bagels, jstar! They are so much work. but so yummy.

What's this about Hawaii? I scrolled back a few posts and found nothing? Am I blind?
I had doubts about Hawaii...being it's so totally touristy...and man, there's a REASON it's so touristy--it's great! I went on a tango trip--back pre-children, Tango was my Thang, and I worked with a woman who organized tango vacations, so that was my "pay"...it was great fun. Mega, huge, super fun...we went to the big island Hawaii and I found a fab little hippie nude beach to hang out on. It was, actually, the ONLY beach in the area--the coast was rocky and gorgeous, but not beach-y, where we were (near the volcanoes). *sigh*
Pre-children. When I was thin, carefree, and had a stellar figure...could travel at the drop of a hat...
I love them sooo much but wow, man, quality of life is just a teensy bit different. That said, I do think a woman sans children is somehow not fully realized as a woman.

Fern, not sure about that subconscious desire for #3. I am, however, subconsciously a bonehead, because I have not done anything to "take care" of that sitch, still. It's one more large-ish expense and when I'm having trouble making the rent...gah...
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els: i (and my whole family and extended fam of my parents, my sis and her partner) are going to hawaii for christmas holidays. 2 weeks on kauai. mmm...

feeling mopey right now, though. maybe will OY about it.
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speaking of bagels---just finished my guilty pleasure/indulgence of a raisin bagel w/ sun butter and sprinkled with mini choco chips (they melt!) :


I think we're getting our tree this weekend if snow doesn't muck things up. yay christmas! Then I can wrap presents and see how long it takes E to get into them--she's very mischievous these days!

Have no idea what's for dinner which leaves me to ponder yet another : grocery trip this week. I'm such a flake these days from lack of sleep.
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Thread Starter 
Hey all,

Reading along, as usual, just not posting. I felt much better when fiddle told us a few weeks ago how it took her awhile to get back to posting regularly with 2 kiddos. And, I wasn't supa regular before, so ya know.

Anyway, KK-We get our own insurance as well (even though we're fortunate that the church reimburses us for the cost) and we're put in a "high risk" category because when you list your health history and every doctor's visit you've ever had, I actually put down chiropractic visits. Apparently, this means we have to pay more $$ because insurance cos. look poorly at regular visits like this. So, we are covered, but we pay a higher premium, and obviously, we don't get coverage for chiropractic. And we didn't have maternity coverage, either. I've yet to watch "Sicko" but I have a feeling it will just make me angrier. The whole insurance industry just makes me crazy!

Well, I was going to post more, but Miss A decided to wake up earlier than I thought she would, so I must go grab crying babe. We've also had sleeping woes, here. Well, she's sleeping, but only in bed with me. Since I'd gotten so used to her long stretch (often from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.) I'm having troubles getting used to her being in bed with me. She wakes up every time I move even my pinkie! Now, I've been waking up with back pain cause I can't move when she's with me. And, I really need to go see the chiropractor!!!!!

oh, she stopped crying for now. let's see if she'll continue...

hf--we're getting a tree this weekend too! G is really excited about Christmas this year, so it will be fun. Except, I can't seem to find our stockings....I think they're somewhere in the crawl space. We're also going to a tree lighting in downtown tonight. We're in a small town, 3,400 people, so it will be pretty low key. Yet cold! It's only mid-30s here today and we got a tiny bit of snow.

Sherri-glad the car stuff wasn't too bad. We had a big expense on our older Honda last month (just regular maintenance) so I know how it feels!

Early naps today because I'm getting my haircut!!!!! I feel like I have to move heaven and earth to do it, though. Gotta take G & A to see dh at the church so I can drive another 40 minutes to my hairdresser. If I could find someone closer to us who can cut curly hair, I would. I just like her so much. Haven't been since mid August, so I'm really needing it. Especially with the great postpartum hair dropping!

TC-Hawaii sounds fabulous. I've never been and I love beaches, so I'm totally jealous.

Mailed my sock mail yesterday!!!

A's still quiet....

What G is into:
-music. he's making up his own songs, which is pretty funny.
-talking to himself incessantly. can't believe I was worried he didn't talk on time!
-race cars, monster trucks, snoopy & charlie brown (he saw the Christmas special the other day).

Okay, she's awake again. better go feed her before we leave anyway!

Hi to everyone else!!!!!!
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