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sewing machine woes: what would you do?

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Hi sewing mamas. Here is my dilema:

I MUST have a working sewing maching soon because I am dying to sew for our new baby before I get too tired. HOWEVER, my mom's expensive pfaff that she gave me (computerized--in the 3000 dollar range when it was purchased around 5 yrs ago) has gotten fried. The computer won't turn on at all. (we are temporarily in the country w/a solar power system...not sure exactly what happened) It might be not terribly expensive to fix but I am guessing it will be. I LOVE this machine and WILL get it fixed some day at least.

My question: do you think I'd be better off since we are on a VERY limited budget, to buy some cheapie machine for now? DH complains that he can't work on the pfaff very easily since it's all computerized and since he's very handy, it'd be nice to have something simple to fix. On the other hand, I LOVE the pfaff and want it fixed, though I don't really need all the bells and whistles. THough I WILL be sewing diapers, so it needs to be decent enough quality to work on those. I would have accesss sometimes to my mom's even fancier pfaff. Still I need something of my own.

What would you do? Have you ever had to work on/replace teh computer of your machine? was it expensive? OR does someone know of a decent machine for around maybe 3-400$?

Eek. I'd appreciate any help you can give. NOt having a machine is driving me nuts. thanks!!!
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i got my White sewing machine on sale for 200.00. It is made for sewing denim so it does the multiple layers pretty well
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The first thing I would do is get the machine looked at, so I'd know how expensive it would be to fix. If the total to fix it was more than $400-500 I'd probably buy a cheaper machine for the time being. I just think it would be a shame to spend $300 on a lesser machine, when I could spend $100-200 more and get my work horse fixed, kwim?

Hope your Pfaff is nice and inexpensive to fix!
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I used to work in an electronics shop, and replacing internal computers is pretty pricey. On the other hand, it may not be the computer at all. Take it to a reputable shop, and get an estimate. It sort of sounds like a power supply problem to me, but I would obviously have to poke around to be sure.
If it is a lot, maybe get a simpler machine. Until it finally gave up the ghost last year, I was working on a 35 year old Necchi. Oh, how I miss that little thing.
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Could it have been power fluctuations that killed it?

My vote would be to see how much it will cost to fix and if it is going to be a lot then buy an older pfaff. I just bought a 20-30 yr old one and love it. I'm buying the service manual too so we can service it ourselves.

After using the pfaff dfs (built in walking foot) I think it would be hard to buy anything else.
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