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well, mamasgroovin, fancy you being in a place like this.

I thought I was lucky to host and not travel but a small tiff with dh over what to serve : and the fact that I cannot control when my in-laws leave has me rethinking that theory.
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shoes - each person can have one pair in the pile at the backdoor. When ds1 was 2 he would greet everybody at the door saying "shoes are not for wearing in the house." My current 2 yo wears everybody's shoes and wanders off.
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Thanksgiving this year, for us is pretty simple. It is at our place. Usually we go to my Mom's, but this year I kinda inferred that it would be better at my place with our outdoor room and kid friendly house. She is a bit concerned about anyone touching all her nick nacks that she has laying around, and I am always tense and on the look out for someone to make some mess that will cause trouble. At my house, it is all my choices! So I am pleased.

This time of year is very busy for us, we just had our one year mark of Gabbie's Homegoing just over a week ago, Hannah's birthday last week, Hubby's birthday today, Thanksgiving in a few days, and Jessi's birthday a couple of days after that. I feel like I am on the go and just don't have enough time to do anything that needs done. But we are getting along.
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Wow, has it really been a year already? Time flies. for Gabbie. And for you mama. Your strength amazes me.
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Hey mommajb!

We are staying home all weekend! NO family telling us what to do this year! Woo-hoo!! We've decided it would be a nice time to do some more work on our house, so we will be stripping wall paper! And I will be very thankful for that! So will my 11 and 6 y/o boys who's room has very girly baby wallpaper in it. Yeah, I think they'll be glad to see that go.

We have shoes everywhere, though they mostly belong to #4, our only girl. : I'm developing a shoe habit for her. The boys are all pretty good with their one pair each. They have a designated spot to put them and usually abide. I can't complain.
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Mamas with 4 or more, what were your labours like with the later ones???? Specifically, did you have more prodromal labour and/or a harder time late in pregnancy? I found a study yesterday that scared me witless, suggesting that on baby 4 or more, it's common to take a while to get to 6cm dilated, and the idea of going through my last birth again is freaking me out.
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Labors for me have gotten easier with each one. My very first was early, my water broke, and she was born 20 hours later after four hours of "hard labor".

With my second at four hours, third at six hours, my fourth at five and a half, my fifth at three and a half, my sixth at one and a quarter, and my seventh at five and a half (but he was my "crowning glory!" as he weighted nine and a half pounds and was delivered posterior.

By the way, all my births were at home, no drugs or doctors. My timing always starts at the first "real" contraction that I KNOW is a contraction. I figure if I can't tell, then it does not count. I do have more braxton/hicks contractions beginning earlier with each baby but they are never painful or even uncomfortable, just noticeable. The only thing that really seems more painful is the after birth contractions with each one, but they are endurable and short lived.

Never had a harder time with any of my later pregnancies, other than the increasing fatigue of being pg as well as running a household with many young ones running around. I don't know what study you read (though I would love to read it), but I know MANY MOMYS (Mothers Of Many Young Siblings) - like a couple thousand, each having AT LEAST four children, and generally speaking, the labors are no harder the more you have had, and usually they are much easier; though there are the exceptions to every rule.

So I would take a study like that and have to really check the resources and credits before I would accept it as anything other than someone with an agenda.
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I have had very, very speedy labors. Aall 5 have been precipitous, one was unplanned UC, one I was admitted 8 minutes before birth even though I went straight in with first sign of labor which was not yet a contraction, etc. The only thing that has changed has been pushing. Three have shot out, one was lodged a bit funny and was turned during the second push and with #5 I forgot I had to push and had to be told. He was half out and I wanted him all the way out so she told me to push and what do you know- It worked.

I know this is not usual but I think I had been told the first is usually hardest/longest, then the time usually cuts in half and stays at that rate for future pregnancies/deliveries. That said, I am sure many here can tell a different version. Ask for birth stories and you will get every possible permutation.
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Well, I am quite sure that I will be the odd man out here! All my babes were hospital births. #1 was induced b/c I had pre-eclampsia. His labor was 15 hours. #2 was lass than 5, I think. #3 was about 8. And #4 took the cake with 12+. I can't remember exactly anymore, but that's pretty close. Please note that #4 was simply not ready to come out yet, but somehow she knew there was a giant snow storm on the way and thought it prudent to break my water and get out before we would have been snow bound. That and she didn't want to be born on Christmas, I think. I'm expecting her to be a meteorologist when she grows up.

Sorry, I hope this does not worry you. I don't always follow all the rules!
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Basically, it's the whole "takes longer to get to active labour" thing that's freaking me out. I lost a month of my life stuck in prodromal labour hell last time, to the extent that I welcomed a bout of flu because I felt so ill that my contractions stalled. I think part of it is that I'm just unlucky in that I do tend to have a lot of BH, and they do get pretty painful sometimes and have a pesky and annoying tendency to be regular so sometimes the boundary between late pregnancy and early labour is pretty thin with me anyhow. But I just don't want to do that one again :
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Could you all see my thread about sickness in bigger families here?
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It is super easy for me. In fact I have mine so fast we opt. for induce, just so I make it to Hosp. on time. My 2nd was born in a wheelchair as they were wheeling me into the hosp. It still hurts!!! it is just fast. I think I was in labor 20 - 30 mins. total w/ her. when I am induced (she just breaks my water) my labor is more like 45min. -1 1/2 hr/
so.....I like natural cause it is fast & done, but w/ induce I get to make it to hosp on time. ( I always worry something will happen now) both my girls were born so fast the had to stay in hosp a while due to breathing problems from the precipitous labors I have. One spent a week In NICU & then a couple weeks later got rsv & spent another week in the hosp:

sorry..my post is long now. I just want to say...I think it gets easier... not harder...((for me, anyway))
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Just found you all :
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I am thinking about #5 and hoping like mad that this 2ww ends with a
But I have noticed a pattern of my labors being shorter but much more intense with each subsequent baby.
DS1 was 56 hours, born posterior.
DS2 was 12 hours.
DS3 was 5 1/2 hours and was my biggest baby by over a lb. but was my easiest labor thus far.
DD was 3 1/2 hours and was my most difficult pushing phase, despite being my smallest baby to date. I think she was asynclitic.

I'd like another girl but I hope my next birth is a little easier.
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My labors have been faster with each one but I spend more time in prodromal land with each one too.No matter how much water I chug I still get painful BH and it is hard to tell when I am in labor by the "traditional" Dr method so I say I start active labor when my water breaks.I've never felt there was time for pain meds for any of them.My first was 5 hrs. and the prelabor started at 36 weeks and I was sure he was coming the week before I had him.He came the day before his due date.My second was a pitocin induction that was overkill since DS was so ready I couldn't sit up straight,I was just trying to hold out for 4 more days until I could have my support in place.The pains started at 34 weeks with him and my labor was 2 and a half hours.My third was fast!She was 50 minutes and I barely made it to the hospital that was literally around the corner.The prelabor for her started at 32 weeks.I had a feeling as soon as i was pregnant about when she would come,I didget last minute worries 3 days before I had her that she wasn't going to come out right and that this would be the one that was going to be my longest labor.#4 was really fast too.He was my UC because I knew better than to try to get a hospital that would be 20 minutes away.My labor was 20 minutes.I had been told he was posterior at my 32 week appt. and so I spent the rest of my pregnancy in prodormal labor just so that he could line himself up right.I hope thats why i spent so much time thinking hes coming and then get dissapointed.
I think the best thing is to listen to you and how your body usually handles things.I wouldn't have doubted that I could have had DD if I hadn't listened to others telling me the third is the hard one ect.
Dreams in Digital I hope it happens for you this cycle.
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Having different dads made a difference to my labours I think. I can't see any other explanation for 1 and 2 slipping out easily then 3 and 4 ending up very long labours oblique and brow: their heads just don't fit me well and that changed the course of my labours.

That research wouldn't be filling me with hope either! Taking longer to get to 6cm then everything is OK?

With number 4 Miss Brow presentation, my waters broke almost 48 hours before she was born and I had the most awful fruitless contractions every 15 minutes day and night which produced almost no dilation whatsoever. I put that down to her postition more than being a fourth labour though.

I know it's hard not to search for clues but sometimes you need to find an opposing/contradictory conclusion to ease your mind. Get searching....
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I just had to share, since I can't really say anything to anyone else yet. But AF got lost sometime last week and all the signs are there and growing. I have not POAS, but am pretty sure of the results. I am getting kinda anxious not knowing. But I am really begining to hope. Plan to POAS within the next couple of days.

~waiting with fingers crossed~
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Fingers crossed for you, Jenny: you too, DiD, though I can't believe you didn't take this cycle off and get the wedding out of the way. Here's sending you both and smooth, glowing first trimesters and beyond.

Rachel, Crittersmom, I'm feeling better about this birth- I went to yoga the other night and one of the breaths seemed familiar although I hadn't done it before. I'm sure that it was the breath I used unconsciously when I was lying on my bed depressed during DD's birth because this was yet another false alarm, just before my cervix dilated, waters broke and baby fell out, all in the space of three contractions. Whilst I was lying on my back. With my legs crossed until the very last moment : It was an odd day. I don't think that birth was as freakily-fast as I'd assumed, just that I had a weird (non-existant) pattern of contractions and was so worried about everything else that birthing just went out the window. The BH are starting to get more intense, and I don'y want to lose another month of my life in prelabour.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates, btw!
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Bah. AF reared her ugly head for me. Good thing: My cycle was only 42 days instead of 81. Bad thing: Obviously we didn't get knocked up this month. Oh well. I guess it's just as well, I'd like a glass (or 6) of champagne at my wedding and now I can do so guilt-free.
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I know you're gutted, Lydia, but this baby's going to come along when s/he's ready
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