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It is here. Aldi's has a few things that are cheaper but they don't have a lot of stuff that I want. Some stores have good sales but their normal prices are a lot more than WM. I also prefer WM generic over all the rest. It's not worth it to me to have to go to multiple stores.
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Our Walmart is generally cheaper on most items in comparison to regular grocery stores, but not compared to Aldi's. I do still shop at Walmart, but also shop alot at Aldi's and our Farmer's market.
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I have found Wal-mart to be cheaper over all. Yes, it is the devil, but there are times when I need to stretch that grocery budget. It is also within walking distance, so proximity is another factor.

I made a price book and found that we definitely save money on our regular purchases there.
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*How many other mamas out there shop at Walmart for groceries? Organic or non-organic families?
I rarely shop Walmart for groceries. For one, it's a 15-20 minute drive (which honestly, is fine by me, I don't need/want one in my neighborhood). Second, I'm not all that thrilled with the prices - I'm really good at knowing how much we pay for things and how big the box/package is. We do some organic, some not. Kinda depends, you know? Walmart does have the cheapest price on Tang and Tums though - we use the Tang to rinse the hard water leftovers out of our dishwasher, only once or twice a year does the hubby actually use the stuff as a drink.

*Can you get a lot of organic at WalMart?
Not ours. They have three kinds of organic crackers at the end of the cookie aisle, but other than that, it's *really* hard to find organic stuff because it's haphazardly mixed in at random places. Like Annie's mac and cheese? Nowhere near the Kraft/Velveeta mac & cheese, I think it was in the baking aisle. And it was cheaper anyway for me to get the big box of it at Costco.

*If so, what is your opinion of the variety of organic foods? The quality?
Again, eh. Not much variety, if they had it. Quality, well, you'll see stuff like Newman's cookies and Annie's mac & cheese - things you'll find at most health food stores.

*Is it really cheaper to shop at WalMart than the regular grocery and WholeFoods?
Not for us. I watch the sales at my local grocery store (there's two stores near me, one of which has an organic section to rival Fred Meyer), stock up when appropriate, and also hit Costco. In the last year or so, Costco's really stepped up the organic stuff. Lettuce, milk, carrots, chicken stock and a few other soups, frozen veggies, frozen pizza, granola/oatmeal, bread, etc. Sure, sometimes I can find some of those things cheaper while on sale at a different store, but when you're out of milk, you're out of milk you know? I don't have a Whole Foods closer than 6 hours away though, so I can't compare prices to them.

ETA: When Walmart first moved in, the prices weren't as high. : I hear that's about how it goes. We also don't buy meat or produce there. It's all sad and wilty and brown. Same at Safeway and sometimes Albertson's.
My local grocery store actually has better produce (sometimes even a few batches of organic apples on sale throughout the season when they get a truckload in!) than our local fruit stand. So if I couldn't find something at the Farmer's Market this year, my grocery store was my second stop.
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My WalMart is NOT cheaper than the grocery stores. On some items, yes, but not the items I buy (I don't buy that many convenience foods and those are what are really cheap at WM). Produce is horrible anyway, and the organics are spotty. One week they have them, the next they don't. I stopped shopping there for moral reasons last year anyway..it was nice to realize that they don't have better prices than the local merchants.

This past week, I was thrilled to find that a local grocery chain has slashed its prices in an effort to compete with places like WM. I shopped there today on the advice of two friends (Super Stop and Shop) and prices were 25 to 30% cheaper than the other grocery stores around here. They have a nice natural foods section, too. I am so excited because my other regular grocery store has been upping its prices over the last year to the point where nearly everything is 1/3 higher than it used to be---outrageous.

I can basically discard my price book at this point...it is not worth my time or gas money to drive all over creation looking to save a few dollars here and there when one store is consistently cheaper than the others. YAY!
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Yes some things cost less at other stores (toiletries might be .20 cents or .30 cents or even an occassional 1$, if you're careful and watch the sales you'll never really end up buying from a higher end place anyway, buy when the price is good not because you're at the same place. I walk everywhere, I don't have a car, and I still have budjeted under 250$ for everything for DD and I all month.) but if you're reading, and keeping an eye on stuff then you're not going to buy the stuff that isn't cheaper. Bread, frozen foods, canned foods, organic milk, organic eggs, rice milk, soymilk, chrunchies and munchies of dry goods, flax seed, soybeans, wheatgerm, honey, organic jellies, organic spices, some teas, and a few coffees are all cheaper. Mind you, I'm not happy to shop at wal mart for a year. I was a tried and true publix and fair trade and wholefoods raised girl. Being poor means changing and adapting. I had to shop cheap for a few months and then I had to learn to eat unhealthy muck and deal. When I learned to budjet very very carefully I could and did add other stuff in. Organic meat is not an option for us, we cannot afford it. I've found, oddly, that entire cultures and countries have survived with some pretty high level of quality even in third worlds without organic so I've stopped feeling snobby about the meat issue, I'm not raised kosher, so I'll live as I am.
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I avoid walmart at all costs. There was a time when we did go in occassionally and I would never buy their produce or meats. I refuse to buy meat that is not local/natural as it is. I will go completely vegetarian first. Even if I had to make my food budget stretch going to walmart means more driving and I would rather one stop and get everything rather then 2 stops with kids.
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Originally Posted by Isaac'sMa View Post
Ok, ladies, I don't want to start an argument here about Walmart's practices and what the "true cost" of shopping at Walmart might be...I am well aware of many of the negative practices WalMart engages in and realize that shopping there may not be the most socially-conscious choice for shopping. I am asking this question purely with an eye on our family spending the least amount of money on groceries. So, please, no flaming!

A Super WalMart just opened near us and I'm thinking about checking it out...I am due any day with #2 and I'll be taking some time off work. That leaves our budget *very* tight and I need to stretch our money.

We eat mostly organic. I will not compromise on organic meat, dairy, eggs. We can eat less meat, though if I make meals hearty enough that dh doesn't "miss" the meat Right now I'd say about 80% of our diet is organic and I would prefer to keep it that way, if not more. I usually shop at a regular grocery and WholeFoods (no good place around here to order bulk from...)

My questions:
*How many other mamas out there shop at Walmart for groceries? Organic or non-organic families?
*Can you get a lot of organic at WalMart?
*If so, what is your opinion of the variety of organic foods? The quality?
*Is it really cheaper to shop at WalMart than the regular grocery and WholeFoods?

Our local Walmart is not cheaper than the grocery store. Usually they are about the same in price. I dont buy anything at Walmart that I can get anywhere else... I live in a rural area so I know if my local grocery store goes out of business Walmart will just raise their prices. I shop local whenever I can.
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I have been going to Wal-Mart off and on for the past 5 years and when I first started going the Super Wal-Mart it was relatively new and it definitely seemed to be cheaper than the regular grocery store. However I went a few weeks ago and aside from a handful of items it didn't seem cheaper at all. I do however go to Sam's Club to stock up on certain items and that seems to be a much better deal, outside of the pesky membership fee. Unfortunately there is no Cosco near me and BJ's is too much of a hike.

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I generally buy everything but meat at Wal-Mart. Occasionally Kroger will have a sale that is better, but they are almost always higher. If they have a sale on canned goods or something, I can just take the ad to WalMart when I do my regular shopping.

Meat from Sam's Club is a thousand times better quality, I buy all meat and a few items that I can get in larger quantities at Sam's. I split the cost of the membership with my mom, that is the way to do it if you don't buy a lot of their bulk items.
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Don't know; don't care. Wouldn't step foot in a Walmart unless a gun were pointed at my head, and even then, very reluctantly.
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My questions:

*How many other mamas out there shop at Walmart for groceries?

Me :

*Organic or non-organic families?
We're generally non-organic.

*Can you get a lot of organic at WalMart?
Yes, but not meat. Actually we don't have ANY organic meat at any store around me.

*If so, what is your opinion of the variety of organic foods? The quality?

I think that the only organic milk/milk products they have now are Horizon brand, which is not the "best" in terms of how they treat the cows. Other than that I guess the rest of the organics are fine. Like the only organic berries around are the frozen Cascadian Farms brand at our WM, the only organic raisins are the...what's it called? Earthbound Farms Organics raisins. They have fresh apples, potatoes, carrots, common produce like that. WM has organic flour too, and I don't think the other stores around here sell that. They have all the different canned beans in conventional and organic too, organic spaghetti noodles, organic dried spices, lots of different things.

*Is it really cheaper to shop at WalMart than the regular grocery and WholeFoods?

For the shopping I do, again that's mostly conventional, WM has the cheapest regular prices and other stores have cheaper sale prices on SOME items. I can't just assume that WM is always cheaper. I buy a lot of stuff when it's on sale at other stores. (Like meat - thank God other stores have good sales on meat so I don't have to eat WM meat!) But stuff like flour, dry beans, staples like that, WM is always cheaper for me.

But I can't compare it to WF (or Costco or whatever else) because we don't have one.
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Wal-Mart is definitely cheaper overall because of all the generic options, but they do NOT have high quality produce (it's not terrible though), and they don't have many vegetarian or organic options. I generally get non-perishable and frozen items at Wal-Mart, but for fresh items I prefer Publix or Kroger (as expensive as they are - but they do have good buy 1 get 1 free sales occasionally & they are closer to home).
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