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Harsh words

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My Pediatricians receptionist asked me why I missed our 9 month check-up. I explained to her that we were having transportation problems so it was difficult to get there and because I wasn't very happy with the practice. (I found out through another Ped that our current Ped is leaving and on numerous accounts I have recieved very rude comments from her and her staff about co-sleeping and for delaying solids).
The receptionist said this is no reason to neglect my baby! I couldn't believe my ears! I explained to her that I don't see it as neglect, I call it delaying. And there have been no problems with my child.

So now we are in between switching to a new Ped. (He seems to be pro-whatever my choice is.

So much of me wants to let the old Ped know that her receptionist is treating her patients this way. I wonder if she even cares.
Do you think I should write her. I feel like I am just running away from the situation and I want to let the Ped know why exactly I am leaving her practice (for more reason than her leaving anyway).
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How totally rude, judgemental, and just plain obnoxious! I'd definitely write to let the ped know how offensive her receptionist is. She may not care, but she deserves to know why she's losing you as a patient and she should also know that her receptionist is a liability to her business.

I'm glad you found a new ped that you like .
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Oh please. Does this receptionist thinks she gets an honorary medical degree for working in a doctor's office? What's she going to do next, start dispensing medical advice? I think her comments were totally inappropriate, and I think you should write a letter. I also think you should let them know your reasons for leaving the practice, i.e. criticizing your parenting choices that are a) none of their business and b) they're not qualified to advise you on anyway.
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yes-i would write the letter too!
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Wow! I would definitely write the letter. There's a good chance your ped doesn't know how her recpetionist is treating her patients. And, like others said, she needs to know why you are leaving her practice - then she can decide on her own if she needs to change her ways/her receptionist.
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Oh, I would absolutely write the letter. She shouldn't be treating parents that way--and your ped needs to know. Good luck.
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I would write a letter.

sometimes (or is it most times?) doctors have no clue about what their staff is doing or saying to patients. and these "front desk" people really do represent the doctors and the practice. (whether they like it or not).
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As someone in health care, yes I would definitely want to know if my receptionist said such a thing. It is completely unprofessional, uncaring and unkind. Patients should never be treated with animosity in this way; also it's none of her business-obviously this does not qualify as neglect. And if she thought that you were neglectful, she should tell the ped and then the ped should tell the parent. Sorry to rant, it's just so NOT OKAY, I would be totally poed, tell the ped via call and letter
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A letter sounds like a good idea to me too, that way you can put everything down in black and white without being interrupted and without thinking at the end " did I miss something" Hope it all works out.
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Definitely let the office peds know. DH and I had a similar situation with a receptionist at our fertility specialist's office, and when we told him, it turned out she was already on probation for that exact behavior! It could be that they have not yet been made aware, or that they are aware and she needs correction. Definitely, for the sake of less strong mothers out there, let them know. I'm sorry too.
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The scary thing about people like that receptionist is that they serve as a gatekeeper to the practice. A parent might call to get a sick child looked at , and this is the person that decides if an appointment is necessary. She controls access to the Dr and the nurse(if they even have one!).

I would definately write the letter...she need some supervision!
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