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Goodness have I missed you dingos!

GL tomorrow Poppy!

Thinking of Po7's little one.

Academic mamas or any of y'all who've relocated, I'd love some support about DH's fledgling job hunt, but it is too off topic for this thread so I started a new one...

Maybe soon I will even post about forward motion?
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whew. this just in:

I ran, during the day.

Modified week 3, day 3 of the couch to 5 km.

on a treadmill. 5 min walk there.
1.5 min walk
1.5 min run
1.5 min walk
3 min run
3 min walk
3 min run
3 min walk
3 min run.
5 min walk back (stopping for cake on the way at the library's opening reception : )

tis done for the day and I feel pretty good.
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Good luck this weekend Poppy!!!

B1, I posted on your other thread, I can totally feel your pain!!
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post
you know the scientist in me thought the same exact thing.
I agree, I'm fairly skeptical of curing cancer just by repeating a chirpy phrase but everything that comes out of her mouth is negative and she is constantly saying she can't or she wouldn't or she won't. Seriously, everything is just insanely negative so I was hoping that maybe by pointing that out to her she'd start to pay attention to herself. But I guess I didn't have the right balance of tact and directness.

Originally Posted by kerc View Post
April 17-20 at weber state is the conference. I just looked at my calendar and Easter is WAY early this year too.
Hmm, that's probably too late for us. But I'll make a note of it just in case!
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Thanks mama's for your thoughts and hugs.

We just got back from the pedi and I got a chance to see the lab results with my own eyes. The good news is that her blood count CBC stuff was textbook normal. The only thing off was the clotting stuff they tested for as well.

The doc did an exam and went over the lab results and agreed that it does look like she has a mild bleeding disorder. (Dr Jen....her APTT results were pretty high 70 on the first draw and 56 on the second...the normal range was 22-36. Her PT was high on the first draw 11.6sec and on the high end of normal on the second one 11.0sec )

Her labs were faxed out to a pediactric hemotologist that is supposed to call by monday to get us an appointment.

I am relieved that it's not too big of a deal. Words like lukemia(sp?) come up when you start googling stuff about blood clotting issues. : I don't think I could deal with something like that. Surgery is off for now.....now I have all of this ice cream in the freezer that I have to figure out what to do with.
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moonshine - are you up for a meetup way early tomorrow morning? dd and i are going into the city tonight and will be going to the men's olympic trials for the marathon - starts sat am at 7:35 at rockefeller center, then to four loops around the park.
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Affirmations vs. science: I've read about studies where they've linked negativity to sickness, etc., as I'm sure you all have. But I think that by the time you have full-blown cancer it is a little too late to try to fix anything with an affirmation, kwim? But I really do believe in the link between certain thought patterns/emotional issues and physical responses. I also believe that what you "put in" affects what comes out.

I have heard all kinds of amazing stories about people making cancer disappear from their bodies by sheer willpower, including one from a past lover's father. He had stomach cancer... He went on a "walk about" in the mountains for two months... when he came back home, there wasn't a trace of it left. Pretty incredible.

P-lady, regarding your mom's response to the Hay book, well. Let me just tell you how many times I've been laughed at and ridiculed over that book. I think it is really hard for some people to accept total responsibility for their lives, and the idea that they create the experiences they have scares the pants off of them. It is a lot easier and safer to think that it is just random crap, not fair, you have no control, and other people are doing things to you. Blame shifting 101.

I'd love to come up with a dingo mantra for the Thanksgiving run, for those who are interested. I'll work on it. But if anyone else has one to offer, I'd love to hear it as well.

Work has been sheer torture today, and I'm exhausted. And I'm still not done with it! MAMA NEEDS A RUN. And to lift for arms, because it didn't get done yesterday. And to walk that big doggy before he goes crazy.
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Oh, Kate, what timing. I would love to meet up, but my cousin from Germany just got here tonight and is only staying until Sunday afternoon, so we are hanging tomorrow. One of these times we will get it together and meet in person!

I would normally watch the marathon, but I have two massages scheduled for Sunday am. I know that I can still catch some of it, but the elite runners might be done by the time that I get to work. : I think that I just missed seeing Lance last year. It would be fun to see Katie. One the way to see last year's I saw Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, with baby Mathilda. My one and only celebrity siting in the 9 years that I have lived here. Actually, I saw Heath a number of times after that.

Ok, blah blah. And thank goodness we aren't being to stringent about requirements, or else I would be out.of.here. Although, I did start thinking about starting up again. Thinking about it counts, right??
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Originally Posted by moonshine View Post
And thank goodness we aren't being to stringent about requirements, or else I would be out.of.here. Although, I did start thinking about starting up again. Thinking about it counts, right??
Yeah, I'd be out of here too.

I had my MRI and ultrasound today. No official results until next week, but the ultrasound tech said my right ovary looks fine. Whew! I've been scared to death that this horrible pain I've been having is from a big ol' ovarian tumor sitting on my nerve (this is what happens when you know entirely too much), so I feel much better. Herniated discs I can handle. I'm really sick of being a medical and chiropractic conundrum. I "sprinted" a few steps to the lab this am, which brought the ice pick back full force.

Po7, I'm glad the news wasn't all bad today.
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Ha, I'd be the first one voted off the Dingo Island for inactivity. My former running self is starting to seem like only a distant memory.

Po7, thanks for the update. Still thinking about y'all.

Moonshine, thinking about you too. Do you mind if I ask how the quitting is going?

So we found out yesterday that our dog Hannah has chronic kidney disease (most likely something called glomerulonephritis). She is not in kidney failure yet, but it is inevitable. We just don't know what the rate of progression will be like because we aren't certain of the underlying cause. It is probably some type of immune system problem.

OK, time for me to haul my : self to bed.
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I'd probably be off Dingo-island too . It's been an entire month since I've run and 9 days since I worked out in any way at all. I feel so loggy and yucky. Tomorrow I'm going to do SOMETHING, no matter what.

I'm really irritated with DH right now. He came home from his trip at 5:00pm, we had dinner, played, did DS's birthday celebration and at 8:30pm he headed out the door to play indoor soccer. Couldn't he miss tonight? He hasn't seen me in 9 days, he knows I've been sick. Plus putting all 3 kids to bed AGAIN was not something I was planning on. It went fine, of course, but I'm just irritated. He's not home yet either.

Guess I'm off to bed too.
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Anyone an extreme rookie to running? : I did two weeks of the C25K program a few months ago and loved it, but the I quit and I want to start up again.
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babygrant! We were all rookies at one time or another. Just jump right in and start C25king again!

I walked the mutt, lifted, and ran. I AM A DINGO!

I did intervals on the TM, and in honor of Moonshine seeing Heath Ledger, I watched the beginning of A Knight's Tale.

I'm so wiped. I'm off to wash up and hit the proverbial hay.
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eksmom~ I'm sorry to hear that about Hannah.

I'm just checking in because I really should be getting dressed for my five miles right now. I've been so tired this week and am having trouble getting going today. Plus, DH made chocolate chip pancakes. With AF on her way, how can I resist those?!?!? I was pretty good but should have been better since I have to go run. Okay, I'm off. I'll check back in with the run report. (This is a great way to hold myself accountable! )
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okay, checking in quickly from the road. I'm in Williamsburg, VA at a very nice resort. However, I'm so stressed out about this event going smoothly that my neck, shoulders and upperback are essentially siezed. it's very painful and distressing to feel so immobile. this morning I got up and did about 30 minutes of yoga. which helped some, but it's still painful. I know as soon as this event is over that it will go back to normal fairly painlessly - but until then :sigh

eksmom - sorry to hear about your pup

no running for me, can't get excited to go out on the paved trail around this place. we'll see though.
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I just had another lovely three mile run this morning. I was listening to music and at one point "upside down" by Diana Ross came on. I was boogying and running at the same time. Some man saw me and I had to chuckle, but he just looked at me strangely. Poor guy, no sense of humor.

So I need some help from the tea drinkers in the thread. My dh has started drinking tea, but he's really finicky about it. Here's what he likes so far: chamomile, peppermint, tension tamer tea. Here's what he doesn't like: chocolate, earl grey (?!), the berry tea (grnmtnmama sent me some of that when she was my secret sprinter). So given that, what do you think he would like? I'm thinking of getting him some for Christmas...
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12 miles done with HBM!!!!!! go us!!!!!!!

(and we had some EXTREMELY tasty breakfast afterwards that didn't completely negate the run but maybe halfway..... YUM)

I have a crazy day and then will be in Vegas baby so will see you all in a week!
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grnmtn~I love Williamsburg this time of year! I surprised myself the last time I was there by how geeked up I got learning about that era. Plus, I really like all of the holiday decorations. It might still be early for those. But it's all natural stuff--fruit wreaths, evergreen boughs, candles--so pretty.

mamabeth and HBM~12 miles?!?!?! You guys rock!!! Mamabeth, have fun in Vegas!

babybugmama~ at running and boogying! I have so been there! It's a rush, isnt' it? As for tea, I know it's old school but my absolute favorite is Sleepytime Tea by Celestial Seasonings. I think it's basically chamomile. I'm hoping to try some teas in the pretty tins the next time I restock.

monikita~(insert Mission Impossible music here) Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a Dingo Thanksgiving mantra. We are putting our Dingo sisterhood vibrations in your hands. :

RR~ I did it. I got my 5 miles in. It was actually really easy. I guess I should try picking up the pace. My ankle chattered at me the entire time though so I didn't want to push it. I listened to Car Talk while I ran. I adore those guys!! I literally laughed out loud a couple of times while I was running.
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Mandy, oh, I am jealous that you are in W'burg! If you are near the historic district, definitely work in a way to run down DoG Street (the street that runs down the middle of the historic area). Running on the Colonial Parkway is pretty but a little scary w/ traffic, and the surface is hard on your body.

I have to get down there sometime soon.
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It was fun to meet up with MB and HBM yesterday!
12 miles! Wow!

My next door neighbors got their house TP'd last night! It was looking wild this morning.

Just chilling with the family today. We all lazed around in bed this morning and dh made french toast for us. Yum!

We have tickets to they symphony tonight, but I could not fing a babysitter all week. Yesterday I was calling around like crazy. One called me this morning. Yeah!

No running planned for today.

Have a good weekend!
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