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Hydroxyzine (atarax)

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Moms, have you ever given this to your toddler? After talking with the Dr. and telling him about his sleeping patterns this was all he wanted to Rx us until he gets diagnoses from his C.P. which has been moved to as soon as we can get an appointment. He felt the "6 month window" was too long of a wait.

I read about this online and wanted to know if anyone has tried it, and it has worked.

I asked him about the melatonin, and he said that it has rebound effects... so yeah.


- Jennie
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So atarax sent one of my kids into a near coma. Not that my anecdotal info is the norm, but that stuff is strong. Not sure how atarax is safer than melatonin.

Inositol is also helpful for sleep without the melatonin side effects.
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well an hour and a half from giving him the 1tsp (dr. rxd dosage) and he is bouncing off the walls hyper as anything. Whee. Yeah, i guess were gonna cross this one off our lists. I am going to buy some melatonin tomorrow.

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yeah, 3 hours later and hes not even tired. Wheee.
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Start low with the melatonin and you'll have much less problem with any rebound. We give Bede .5mg, and he's 4.5.

I hope your boyo finally goes to sleep soon!
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i doubt hes going to go to bed for another hour or so, and then hell be up again in 3. Whee! Lol. So .5 mg, do you buy tablets? is there a liquid form? Its late, im not thinking properly. :P
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I got 1 mg tablets from GNC and use a pill splitter to cut them. They are chewable and cherry flavored, without being colored. Ds1 usually fights medicines mildly but takes melatonin with excitement. I just call it a tabby, like I call any homeopathics I give him.
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thanks ill look for them today when im out. he didnt go to bed until 4am and he was up at 8. Whoo. Lol
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The 2 of my kids that have eczema had prescriptions for atarax as toddlers. It worked well for the oldest, but for my daughter, it had her bouncing off walls.
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I get .5mg chewable peppermint-flavored tablets from Trader Joes if that's an option for you.
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I bought some melatonin, and the pharmacist told me to give him 4.5 mgs. So I did. It took 2 hrs for him to fall asleep, and then he was up in 2 hours. And hes still up. :/
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