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I keep feeling little twinges in my lower abdomen is that normal?
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See my reply to "darn cramping--" it is probably a corpus luteum.

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I've felt twinges periodically throughout the day for this pregnancy and the last. My midwife told me that that was perfectly normal.
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"Twinges" (as opposed to cramps) are probably round ligament pain. It's just the ligaments stretching. It happens throughout pregnancy.
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I am having tem too. :
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My doctor told me after I had Katelyn that as long as they aren't really painful, they are normal. A lot of what you are feeling is most likely your insides moving back into place! LOL I have felt them all three times...

Also, you will find you feel little "phantom kicks", too! Little twinges and stuff inside and you will find yourself wondering if your body ALWAYS had those and you just never noticed until after you have had a baby! They seriously almost feel like tiny, *tiny* kicks! LOL (At least I've had these and every mom I've talked to about them thus far has felt them, too! LOL)
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