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is this normal for no-poo'ing?

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I've been no-poo'ing for about six months now!! I have a couple of observations about my hair. I'm just wondering these are normal??

My brush gets linty or dusty. Last week I scrubbed it out with a toothbrush; and not two days later it was all linty again. I don't know if it's coming off of my hair or what... otherwise, it's at least going into my hair.

Also, I lose hair like I'm trying to create another person. My hair is very thick. I brush my hair whenever I put it in a ponytail or take it down and off comes a good amount. I brush before I shower so less comes off while I'm washing it, but I still lose some in the shower & after I towel dry. I'm not losing chunks or anything severe. It's enough that I noticed that it was never like this when I was still a poo'er.

Oh, and my regimen is BS (& sometimes honey) & then ACV with grapeseed oil.

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Your hair is likely getting brittle and staticky. For thick/wavy/curly, or thin fragile hair, sometimes adding some moisturizing agent like honey, or what I use - conditioner, with your baking soda is best. Perhaps you're using too much baking soda to start with. I think when people start no pooing - they think that they will use the same amount of baking soda or their formulation will stay the same forever, and it doesn't. It shifts as your hair gets used to no poo and as the seasons change.

Part of it is that it's fall now and your hair is prone to shed more now. I think the other reason is breakage due to brittleness. I also had linty stuff when I didn't have too much conditioners in the mix. Basically, conditioners help with static and conditioning hair, when you don't do that - like with baking soda only, you attract all kinds of lint to your hair from your towel and clothing.

Also, if blow drying your hair, with no poo, you can use a lower heat setting but still keep it full blast. As you progress with no poo, you will need less heat. Take full advantage of the cold blast button too after you're done, it helps keep your hair shiny, sets your hair and keeps it from frizzing, and it also keeps the charge on your hair on the right level so that it doesn't produce static.
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To help with brittleness, people here have recommended dissolving the BS in water and pouring that over your head, instead of using the BS as a paste.

Spastica, what other conditioners do you recommend (besides honey in the wash and ACV in the rinse)?
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Oh yes - if you're making a paste, stop! That works really well for a little while, but over time, it really sucks.

I personally use something not so crunchy, I use Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner. In the scheme of commercial conditioners, it's not too terrible. I'm not too worried about parabens if they're on the bottom of the list (I think Suave *may* have some). The rest of the ingredients are really great. On days that I need extra moisturization, I use Mane & Tail conditioner (yup, for horses). It doesn't have any bad silicones in it and is nourishing.

After showering, if I rub some coconut oil on myself, I use whatever residue is left on my hands to rub down the length of my hair a little while it's wet. I comb with a detangling comb and blow dry as usual.

You can probably also add fun stuff to your baking soda solution, like a drop or so of jojoba oil, and some lavender essential oil. I'm sure you can try aloe too. Or you can do your no poo process and spritz your wet hair with a spray bottle of distilled water and EO's like lavender. Some other EO's may be drying or astringent, so make sure it's something that isn't drying (like cedarwood).

For me, I wanted my curls to come back and I didn't want to ruin my curls by shampooing everyday with a detergent shampoo, as it was doing. Also, I couldn't go a day without shampooing because my head would itch so badly. With no poo, I don't have the itchy, scabby scalp anymore and I can skip a few days of having to clean my scalp. I still put something moisturizing on the ends of my hair so that it stays nice, but I don't have to scrub my scalp everyday, I can just wet my hair, moisturize the ends if I want, and style as usual.
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