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Random Vaccination post. . .

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Did anyone see this article?

My MIL read it and proceeded to call my husband and get him riled up about our choice to delay some vaccinations and not even give others. (Forgive me for not shortening the word vaccination, but my keboard is broken and I'll have to type vac instead). She made me feel so unsure about my decision that I've been having NIGHTMARES!

I picked up an illness from her children last week - a really bad cold. My daughter's immune system has been great - she's run a low-grade fever (100) for four days now, has a runny nose and has napped more often and longer than usual, but for the most part she's fine. I don't know why I'm so freaked out about it, but last night I had nightmares that she had something that Hib or Prevnar would prevent and that she was going to die and everyone was going to say it was my fault.

And now I'm reading that vacs have fetal tissue in them and I'm so weirded out by it that I can't even handle it. It's just so WEIRD and the last place I want modified fetal tissue from the 1970's is IN MY DAUGHTER!!!

We were following a delayed schedule and have done 2 rounds of Hib, DTaP, and Polio. I'm now considering shutting everything down and if we DO give any other vacs, to do it much later -- when she's around 5 or so. . . unfortunately hubby doesn't really want to discuss it. I was trying to read him the label that someone typed out on here - that particular vac had MSG, fetal tissue and other things in it -- we don't even eat things with MSG in them and I'm supposed to let people inject it into my daughter???? Ugh.

I have faith in her immune system. It's working well now -- and this is the first time she's shown any sign of illness whatsoever in the 9 months she's been alive, so why do I keep having these dreams and what do I tell my MIL and hubby to calm them down???

Sorry so random. . .I'm just really upset!
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first of all I am so sorry you are so worried. You sound like you are a wreck. And I don't mean that in a critical way, I just mean I can hear the concern in your posting that you are very worried. kInd of like... I want to vax my child and protect from the diseases but then I don't want to vax my child so that she is protected from the vax repercussions.
Frankly, we have all been there or at least it seems we have from all the postings I have read since joining mdc.

Take a deep breath.

now, the reason why that article by the cdc is out there is because there is a shitty drum beat to get more and more vaxes in people. And it is not just kids... the flu shot is getting more and more noise every year. The reason why this drum beat is louder and louder is pretty obvious to me.... once I did some research... anyway, follow this thread for my opinion:


as for your own research. It sounds like you need,f or yourself to be reminded why you skipped what you skipped and maybe even some future skippings....
When I had my son I was already tipped off that I probably wouldn't vax my son everything. that I would selectively vax..but then as I did research, more and more...well, I ended up skipping... anyway, that was us. You do your own researching and follow your gut. Maybe this thread to my cheat sheet will help


as to pertussis, and that article goes off on it...

this t hread may be of interest:

by the way, read all the discussions and all the links. There is a lot of wealth in that thread.

and finally, check out the link for colorado. might be helpful:


finally, my son was born on 7-12-01. Now if you do the math you can see when he turned two months old it was 9-12-01. Does the date seem familiar? Yeah, it was the day after september 11th. So, talk about raw nerves. And remember right away the media went off on the other possible scenarios that terrorists could do and biological was almost immediately discussed. How scared was I to tell my doctor 'we're passing on vaxes" ? I cancelled the appointment for two weeks, once I got centered (again) and then proceeded to say, "we're passing."
guess what, the nurse closed the door before the doctor came in and said, "If I could do it again, I woud not have vaxed my daughters."

ah..sometimes we just need to get centered.

good luck.
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MFuglei, DO take a deep breath...

...and calm down. A fever of 100 is not a big deal.

my boy (18 months) just kicked measles ass!! (he hit 103.4 for a day)

He barely had a rash, and it never got past his trunk..
He didn't even notice it.

But he has never been vaxed, and honestly I embarrassed that North Carolina is one of the higher rates of vax states.

Colorado, keep doin what you're doin (62.7%)

If you want to know why the CDC are all hot and bothered-- it's not about health, it's about money, read this:


Then check out this:


And know that you are fighting for the health and possible life of your child. The Thimerosal is still out there, as well as a host of other toxins.

Check out our Vaccination, Immune Dysfunction, Probiotics... section, we're on to something.

It's time to get hubby on board, he needs to see the info.

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I just wanted to throw in a link to Colorado's disease stats, for your reference.


Wow! In going to the site to copy the address for you, I noticed the site is much better than before!
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This is the one I was originally thinking of.
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Thank you guys so much. It helps to have someone say "Take deep breaths - calm down!!!" After my horrible night of sleep that night, I really was unsure of what to do.

I discussed this with hubby a bit more today. He's suggested (after I mentioned it a few times, but this way it was HIS idea) that we read a few books. He really liked the Jill Aviva Romm pregnancy and postpartum books we had, so I told him she had one on vaccinations and he seemed interested. The nice part is, we don't have to make any decisions now -- we can always vaccinate later, but we can't take back a vaccination. He's on board with me there -- so that's good.

After looking at some of the statistics for Colorado, I feel so much more comfortable about our decision -- especially regarding the MMR. We will likely never have that one done but statistically speaking, she runs a higher risk of having a negative side-effect from the vaccination than getting or dying from measles or mumps. Why ever would we do it then? I digress. . .

Thanks again for your support. I assure you I'm much more calm today. I have been wracked with illness for the past week and was quite upset the day I wrote my last post, but after watching her surrounded by all of this illness and seeing how strong her immune system was (thanks to mama's milk), I have much stronger faith in our decision not to vaccinate. Your support and the information and statistics therein was just what I needed to reaffirm my decisions!
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