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Suggestions for nat. exfoliant and shaving cream?

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I need something to seriously exfoliate my dead skin....I dont necessarily have a lot of seemingly dry skin BUT ....I always feel over moisturized when I use moisturizing body wash. I want something that will slough off the dead skin ....also, I need something to shave my legs with I dont want to buy any commercial brands (unless they are natural). any suggestions? Thanks
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I love the mesh poufs that you can get at any store. They're like $1.50 each.
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I use sugar to exfoliate and Dr. Bronner's to shave. Just keep rubbing the Dr. B until in lathers. OR you could do like I do and wax at home. Sugar, lemon juice, and water. Cheap and you only do it once a month or so.
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Stupid question... How does the sugar, lemon juice and water work for waxing? Do you measure, or just mix it into a sticky paste? Do you need paper strips, or just peel it off? Sorry, I guess that's multiple stupid questions! ;-)
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What are you using as a body wash? Maybe it's not your skin, it's something in the wash that's just sitting on your skin instead of being absorbed.

I like those scrubby gloves with a moisturizing body wash (Oyin Handmade has a yummy and natural honey one). For shaving, I recently tried a bar of shaving soap - it's a glycerin soap with kaolin clay in it. Less packaging and nicer ingredients than anything else I've tried, and it gives a really nice shave.
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Originally Posted by brogansmomma View Post
Thanks, brogansmomma! That helps.
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I recently became a consultant for a great company that has lots of natural products - truly natural - we're very forthcoming with the ingredients. Check out my website: angie.daisybluenaturals.com
I hope it's not against any rules to promote myself. I'm really just trying to be helpful, not a pushy salesperson! I loved their products so much that I became a consultant so I could have a discount
Anyway, we have shave cream that I love; it's also not to girly-smelling, and my husband likes it too. And we have a couple exfoliants - face ones specified for particular skin types and and a mango/apricot exfoliant that can be used all over.
I think I'm spelling exfoliant wrong.:
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