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I have *got* to brag on dh!

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I've been sharing with him all the baby stash info, dipes.....slings.....what kind of birth I want.....and he says to me, he by a store and saw a lady with a Baby Bjorn! He's listening! He's learning! He's gonna make a *great* daddy!
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awww-wait till you see him with the baby IN the baby bjorn!
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he's planning to wear our baby! and help with cding, etc. *so* romantic! :LOL
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Awww...isn't it just the best feeling when you realize that the man you married isn't just the best man for *you*, but that he is the best daddy for your kids, too? Seeing Matt with Thomas makes me love him so much more than ever before...who knew baby talk could be romantic?
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Awww. I'm DH of wannabmommie. You guys are making me blush. Yes, I will be happy to wear my little one around. I'm still not sure why wannabmommie is so supprised that I can notice a Baby Bjorn from a distance. I'm kind of supprised that other DHs don't have more support for the wives in this whole endevor. What are some of the issues? Hmmmm?
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he joined mdc, :LOL after hearing me :LOL all the time at the diping board!
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You two are so cute! My dh wears my dd (6 months)... wrap slings, pouch slings, padded ring slings (I've still got to get him to try my unpadded ring sling!) - It's great to see him enjoy spending that time with her. He's yet to join Mothering , but he does like to listen to me talk about it... oh.. and when I had a weak moment the first few weeks Anna was born - HE was the one who refused to allow a disposable near her bottom. He changes, washes, etc diapers and loves them... can even tell them apart and has distinct preferences on what his favorites are... very cool.

It's nice to see a dad (almost dad!) around these boards! You'll offer quite a unique perspective .
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You guys are so sweet! It is nice to have a dad/dad-to-be who has so much interest.

I actually have to fight with my DH over who gets to wear the baby.
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Awwww thats so sweet
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