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veggie lunch ideas

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I've got the dinner meal planning down but get really stuck on lunches, especially balancing them out with what's for dinner.

a typical week of dinners would look like this:

- tofu stir fry & noodles
- rice & beans
- quiche and potatoes
- pasta
- curry & rice

breakfast is always oats, toast, eggs.
snacks are hummus, crackers, cheese quesadillas, fruit, carrots, celery, nuts

so what's left for lunch? (besides a lot of soup!)
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Can you just use the last night's dinner and make extra for lunches the next day? Also what about wraps, salads, etc?
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ooh wraps, good idea. what do you put in those?
and salads, i forget about those when it's not summer!

last night's dinner works sometimes but dh likes to eat as much as we've cooked : )

i have to get in the swing of cooking double and freezing half before he gets to it!
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Oh I thought of another one, quesadillas or pita pizzas, etc. For wraps I would often take things like rice, cheese, beans, avocado, tomatoes, sour cream, etc and just put a little in and wrap it up. Yum! They work great for rice and bean leftovers and things.

My DH will eat all I make too. So I have started making him a plate (which is plenty!) along with myself and DS and then I go ahead and put up enough so that we are sure to have leftovers for lunch the next day, at least enough for DS if there isn't enough for me (DH usually takes his lunch, something different, he likes sandwiches, fruit, etc. not dinner stuff). That keeps him from even thinking about it so he doesn't eat it. If he's still hungry there is a ton of other stuff in the house he can eat like chips and salsa or muffins or whatever, there is always something, so that way I'm not having to cook lunch, too. There is plenty on his plate for dinner so I'm not starving him but he doesn't have a "full" button and will just eat and eat until he makes himself have an upset stomach which I think is just terribly wasteful! And of course he never gains an ounce! If I did that I would can 10 pounds a week.

Good luck!
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We do our own pizza's for lunch, hummus & pita bread, fruit, tomato soup w/ rice. Cheese tortellini & sauce; grilled cheese & soup. leftovers from dinner
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