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Does anyone regret NOT vaccinating?

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I would be interested to hear from anyone who has not vaccinated, but now feels regret (presumably because of contracting one of the diseases.)

We vaxxed our first born for only taetnus (sp?) and no other. Now we have six week old. My husband has a daughter who was not vaxxed and contracted whooping cough as an infant and it was an awful time for dh, but they got through it, and he still does not regret not vaxxing.

I guess I'm a little more worried about my second child since we have a 3 year old to bring more germs into the house: playgrounds, playgroups and maybe preschool soon. But since I seem to hear more regrets about vaxxing than not, I'm leaning toward NOT vaxxing, but wanted to pose the question this way.

I already know there are many out there who will say they have no regrets, but any regrets out there?
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But I stay connected to mothering and continue to research and I stay informed.
Because we don't vax I feel I have to do a bit more diligence on what is going on out there. Not just medically speaking but...politically and other ways... exemptions laws changing.

And I love the support here , so if my dc got any of the diseases I have my resources here to get me through, plus my own I have found on my own and from mothering suggestions.

I didn't phone in the decision and I haven't phoned in the post work on the decision.

does that make sense?

I have never heard anyone regret not vaxing...only people I have seen here regret vaxing... but more will post.

this thread might be of interest..

do you need a cheat sheet for researching? Let me know.
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I have not regretted it. So far my kids haven't contracted anything yet either. But I don't believe that the vaccines are reliable so that wouldn't matter much anyway. I just can't see injecting toxins in my child all for the sake of maybe preventing something I can most likely treat.
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