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Uva Ursi for UTI while breastfeeding...Need help!!

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So here's the story. I've had abdominal pain for over a month now. For the past couple of weeks, it's gradually worsened and Tuesday I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the doctor. I didn't get in to see my regular Dr. (I absolutely adore her, she's a D.O. who specializes in complementary medicine and always gives me natural alternatives), just an M.D. that my sister works for. I had UA done and it came back clean. She felt my abdomen and said she was sure it was a UTI and she thought that it was moving up my ureters. Is it normal to have a clean UA if the infection is moving upward? Well, she prescribed antibiotics (nitrofurontin sp?, which I have read is NOT safe for breastfeeding) and I have yet to pick them up from the pharmacy. I called my regular doctor and spoke with her and she suggested taking Uva Ursi and we discussed the fact that everything I've read about it says not to take it while breasfeeding. She thinks it would probably be ok for the short while that I'll be taking it. I also have a natural remedy book that suggests it for use in children. Ok, I said all of this to ask this-what would you do? Do you think it's safe? My daughter is 14 months, so it's not like she's a newborn anymore. What do you think about a urinary tract infection with a clean UA? I'm so confused! Sorry this wasn't completely coherent, trying to type with a toddler climbing all over me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Well, I'm going to take a shot at this, only b/c I have lots of experience w/ UTIs.

Yes, it's possible to have a clean UA AND have a UTI. As a matter of fact, I had that happen when I was pg w/ DS. I *knew* I had a UTI, went and had a UA done, came back clean. The dr. did send it out to be cultured b/c I was insistent that I had a UTI. Needless to say, I went into labor 3 days later (before the culture came back). Labor forced the bacteria up the renal system and b/c it was untreated it developed into a blood infection. They discovered this when they FINALLY got the urine culture back and it was the same bacteria strain as the blood culture they did after labor.

So, what to do for a UTI...

- LOTS of water. Stay hydrated b/c you need to flush the bacteria out.
- Try a cranberry supplement and/ or cranberry juice. Not the Ocean Spray stuff either. Knudsen makes a juice called "Just Cranberry" and so does some other company. It's REALLY tart and not very good, BUT I've had great luck w/ it and my renal system.
- Probiotics. Probiotics aren't just for gut flora, they benefit the whole body.
- I would personally try the uva ursi.
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also, the antbx you mention ARE safe for nursing older babes, just not newborns--should you wish to go that route.
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http://www.uspharmacist.com/oldforma...mp/acf1e63.htm look at the urinary tract preparations.



From what I understand about uti's it's best to have the uva ursi at the first stages of a uti. Personally I wouldn't risk getting a kidney infection waiting to see if the uva ursi kicks it. I'd call the doctor back and tell her your breastfeeding and get a new prescription for an antibiotic that's safe while breastfeeding. Hope you feel better!
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I would take the uva ursi over ANY antibiotic ANY day. With that said, what we have used is D-Mannose. This one in particular...


I hope that helps. I also second the probiotics!
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Thanks so much!! I started on the uva ursi a couple of days ago so we'll see what happens. I have an appt. w/my regular doctor on the 6th. I haven't felt feverish and I can't tell if my back pain is caused by this or the fact that I've started my period.
So, I've read that it's better for your urine to be alkaline to the uva ursi works better. Should I hold off on the cranberry for now?
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