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Leaving babe for first time

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And it's very nerve racking. I hate that I have to leave him so young. It will only be for a couple of hours. I have to go give a massage. It bums me out though b/c I didn't have to leave ds1 to go give massages for 3 or 4 months. But Wyatt will only be five weeks on Sunday.
But gotta do what I gotta do. I have milk pumped and he will be with dh so that is good. I'm just afraid he's going to scream the whole time, and it is likely. I say that b/c he's pretty into mama and not so much other ppl, not even dh. Only for short periods of time does he tolerate other ppl. So we'll see. I'm still glad he'll be with daddy though. I wouldn't leave him yet if it had to be with anybody else.
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I hope it goes really smoothly. I had to leave Dahlia around 5 weeks for dental work. She did well but she is pretty easy going. I have to go get more dental work on Tuesday. I don't like leaving her this early but I have to get my teeth fixed. I will be thinking of you. Let us know how it goes.
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Thanks Wendi!

Well it went pretty much as expected..he cried off and on the whole time. Part of that is his gut problems though. Dh said he pooped 6 times in the first 1/2 hour. But seriously this kid has mama radar like crazy. If I leave the premises (even to just go outside for a minute), even if he's asleep, he knows it and wakes up INSTANTLY. It's sort of funny and sort of disturbing
The good news is though that I didn't feel terrible. I don't know if it's second time around or what, but I did not feel anywhere near the anxiety I used to feel leaving ds1. Maybe with two kids now, I just needed the time away so bad that even working felt good? I dunno, but I was glad I didnt feel panicky and crazy like I used to with ds. I think I would if I left him with someoe other than dh though. Even the idea of that makes me nervous.
Fortunatly I will not have to leave him very often. Only a few times a month, so in the end I'm very lucky
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Good for you! I'm glad it went well & you felt okay with it.
I also left my dd w/dh over the weekend. I had to do it in the first few days to go to the hospital for a rhogam shot but she slept through it. This time it was for a workshop so I was gone 2 days in a row for 2 3hr stretches. I left dh w/ about 8oz of pumped milk and then he brought her up for lunchtime nursings. It went really well! He felt empowered & I felt, well... really relieved! It was so great to be out in the world w/my hands free... but I really missed my girls & poured over them when we reunited.
I'm singing the praises of my breastpump, tho! I feel like I could get away every couple of weeks just to go do something creative w/my friends... I love to go craft with others.

I never did this w/dd #1, I refused to do anything artificial, at all.... but am excited to let up on that a little! Maybe it'll preserve my sanity a bit just to get a little "me" time.
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