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Save SlingWearin'Mama $240, by answering this poll!

Poll Results: Are Jenn's boys Identical or Fraternal?

  • 36% (55)
  • 42% (63)
  • 18% (28)
    Tell Jenn to spend $240, because I don't know!
  • 2% (3)
    I didn't read your post, I just like voting in polls.
149 Total Votes  
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Are these boys identical or fraternal? Their eye color is the same and so is their hair color. One guy is bigger than the other. Look at the pictures & then answer our poll:
Piano Playing Boys
Up Close Faces

My dear IRL friend SlingWearin'Mama aka Jenn has been going back and forth forever whether she should eat that BIG cost and do the genetics testing to find out if her boys are identical or fraternal (Jenn, I know there are more appropriate terms, but let it slide this time, okay?).

So, here's the deal, she's wanted to post this forever and a day, but is just not finding the time (it's like she has a 3 year old, 14 month old twins and is pregnant again... oh wait, she does). That's why I posted instead of her.

So, save her some money and vote today!
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I voted fraternal, because in both pictures, their jaws struck me as differently shaped. But if she really wants to know, I'd reccomend the test.
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Oooo, that is a tough one. They do look identical, with one of them heavier. I voted for the test. There is a test from Affiliated Genetics for $160. There is a link in a recent post.

Let us know the outcome! I'm in the same boat myself.
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Mine are identical and one is about 3lbs heavier, from TTTS.
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Save the $$$! Totally identical--variations are totally normal in mono twins. This is, of course, coming from someone who had to be slapped upside the head by her MIL for thinking that her boys *might* be fraternal.
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I'll say fraternal...but I still think it would be fun to find out for sure, maybe at a later date when she has more free time and $240 extra bucks is easily to come by!
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Just curious - what's the point of finding out? Is there some practical consequence to being identical or fraternal...except in maybe the case of needing to transplant organs?
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Defenitely identical! Trust me, I am an expert on this.
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I say identical. With one being slightly heavier.
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Identical. Mine are much like hers. Slight differences with one being larger.

If she decides to go ahead with the testing, send her to a cheaper company! I ordered my test from Affiliated Genetics for $160.
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So it sounds like every twin mama thinks identical and the non-twin moms are pretty much voting fraternal? I should have put an "I am a twin mama & I think..." and a "I'm not a twin mama & I think..." in the poll.

Good to know about the cheaper test! Thanks!
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I say identical, too.

My ID girls (only a week old, but still...) had a 1lb weight difference and Lucy's face is much fatter than Hazel's.
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I said fraternal, but only because they look less alike than my boys, and I am not sure what mine are either! Good reason, huh? My OB says fraternal, but my ped. (a twin himself) says identical. I guess I should put up a poll next.
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Another twin mama here voting for identical. However, if I were in her place, I'd try to do the testing eventually (cause I'd just want to know for sure!). The only differences I can see all seem weight related.
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Do a finger print test.
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^^^ I hope you're joking.... even identical twins have different prints
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I wouldn't be surprised if they were MZ.

I think most people envision MZ as truly identical, when most MZ twins do have slightly different shaped faces (it seems like a lot have one twin who has a rounder face), even if they don't have height/weight discrepancies (which many do). I mean, if you think about it, MZ means that they share the same basic genes...but we also know that can be affected by environment, and NO baby ever shares the exact same environment with another. The share of the shared placenta is almost never 50/50. They're in different places. They're differen't people. THey have different genetic mistakes (in copying, that we all have) from each other.

OTOH, I have seen siblings that are dead ringers for each other. LIke people think that Mary Kate and Ashley are MZ twins (they're not!). I have a couple of cousins that are indistinguishable in their baby pictures (they're 5 years apart though). It's downright freaky when you see them wearing the same outfit at the same age (just as a handmedown) and it even fits the same way!

My MZ boys are 4 lbs an 1 1/2" apart. They hit their growth spurts about 4-5 months apart from each other, which I actually love because Tom tends to hit his in the summer, which means at the start of a new school year the teachers can easily tell them apart as long as they're near each other...and by the time Dylan catches up they KNOW them so can tell by their facial expressions and personality.
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I think identical . . . but I would spend the money on the test if she really wants to know. For me, it was their ears (they look alike). And even in fraternal twins who are very similar, there are usually some differences in their ears. That's my "scientific" opinion.
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They could be identical, but a local lady has twins that are a year old and look more alike than that, and says hers are fraternal b/c they have different bloodtypes? If I wasn't sure and really wanted to know I"d do the test!
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If you REALLY NEED to know do a test. I really think they could be either. Mine are MZ (they sent the placenta to pathology and it was definitely one) and look very different. I have a pic in my siggie...

ETA: I voted they are identical. Esp with looking at the other pics of them (from the slinging two thread) I say almost certainly identical or half identical.
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