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My little sweeties..

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Very cute! I'll have to show off my cute kids together.
How is your older one dealing with the new one?
My boys have been a lot whinier and they are 5 and 3.5
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Awwwww :
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Awww... they are adorable!!
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absolutely gorgeous!
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awww! i *love* little sibling pics. nak.
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Aww, so cute!!
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very sweet!
BTW, what kind of little tummy toy is your little one laying on? Maybe I should make one like that for mine!
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Yummy! Wonderful pics
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That tummy pillow is one my SIL got from Etsy. I will have to find the tag and see who made it. I really like it!

DS1 is doing okay with the baby. He has his moments, like when he hit the baby on the head! Ahh! He has been a lot more hyper and demanding, but that is par for the course I think. I have had a lot less patience this whole pregnancy and PP, so I am working hard on dealing with that! I have just started venturing out of the house alone with both of them the past couple days, boy is that something!
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