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wooden highchairs?

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The other day we were out for lunch and we decided to try ds who is 7.5 mo in the sweet little wooden highchair they had. It was a very simple one that pulled right up to the table so he could theoretically eat with us (not on solids yet). Anyway he seemed to enjoy being right up there with us and we got to thinking that we'd buy a wooden one w/o a tray. We're thinking restaurant supply stores would be cheapest. Any other ideas? TIA
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That is exactly where we bought ours...a restaurant supply store. You can also try a used restaurant supply/equipment store and they might have a gently used one for cheap. However....ours brand new was only $35.00.
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that is exactly what I found for Quinn! at a consignment store for 12 dollars! yeah!! I sanded it down,restained it and painted little flowers and butterflies on the sides. cute.I like it cause it is wood and it also fits under the table and doesn't take up as much room as the big plastic ones seem to do. my DH is in the food industry and he said he could probably order one ,new,if I wanted to. I am sure you could get one that way!
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I think I saw something like that at IKEA...
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I have one, too! I got mine from a mama on another message board, new, for $40 shipped! We love it

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I saw one at "Once Upon a Child" too!
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We got a wooden highchair today at a restaurant supply store. $45! Ds looks adorable in it. Thanks mamas for your input.
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