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Sept/Oct Mamas - Aug Thread - Getting ClosER!

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hey all. thought i would go ahead and get a new one started. 4 pages is a lot. should we restart roll call????
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good on ya! that thread was too long for its own good.

i just posted about pregnant hot flashes... *fans herself*

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i am one long hot flash! hee hee. luckily, things have cooled off here this week.

time for dinner!
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Does anyone else get nosebleeds? I got them when I was pregnant with Ds 4 years ago and this time (I'M 30 weeks) they
are much worse. It's not a gush, just an annoying dribble out of the left nostril that just takes forever to stop.
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Just wanted to stop in and say hi Not much longer now, only about 8 weeks or so.

Anybody else feel like they've been pregnant forever? Most of us got pg in December or January. Do you realize that we've been pregnant the ENTIRE year of 2003?! Not exactly how I'd expected to spend this year....but whatcha gonna do?:

I'm anxious about how my 19 month old is going to take having another baby in the house. She's been so loved and doted on, that having to share us with someone else is going to be difficult.

I hope that everyone is doing great....
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Boo to hot flashes. When I was staying with my mom, I had to have the fan on me and I felt bad cause I didn't want to freeze her (we stayed in the same room). Then, at my parents' house, I actually got up and slept on the couch under the air conditioner cause I was so hot. I went to see Dh in the morning and he was shivering in the room I'd started out in. I still thought it was hot in there, and that night it had been 58 degrees.

I have 5.5 weeks left. What seems really weird to me is that I haven't had a period since December.
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Hikaru-yes to the nosebleeds! I've had them all throughout, off and on. Conventional lit I read says it's not enough Vit C. Holistic sources say it's too much Vit C. :
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No hot *flashes* just HOT all the time... I never got sweaty before I was pregnant... now, yick. Its not fun...

Now that it's August I can tell people that I'm due NEXT MONTH. I'm having a baby NEXT MONTH. OMG. Nervous, excited, nervous, excited.

We're moving in 10 days! Woo for moving. Boo for still have lotsa stuff to pack and unpacking! :LOL At least we will have a home for all of the baby's stuff, as well as I'll get to decorate! I could just do without having to unpack. And having to help as much as I'm able, which means long periods of standing which HURTS now.... *Sigh* Here's hoping all of our moving friends really show up to help huh? Dh's Dad and Brothers offered to help, so that would be a great amount of manpower we'd sure appreciate!!

I'm 34 weeks along now and have no idea where this child is going to grow anymore. My fundus is *right* against my ribs when I sit, and he wiggles around like I'm squashing him... no where to go but outwards kiddo! :LOL At least that's how it feels.
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Originally posted by ladylee
Hikaru-yes to the nosebleeds! I've had them all throughout, off and on. Conventional lit I read says it's not enough Vit C. Holistic sources say it's too much Vit C. :
LOL. Why does that contradiction not surprise me at all??

I think I will just go ahead and continue to consume whatever the heck I want (within reason of course)....
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Yes to the nosebleeds! Sometimes I'll just be standing around and all of a sudden...*guuuush* goes my nose & there's lots of blood everywhere.

Also, the past week or so I have noticed a significant "numbing" of my belly. I can't feel the baby moving very much unless I put my hands on my stomach and then I realise that it's booting up a STORM. Probably a good thing though in some ways...if i could really feel how much it was kicking all the time, i'd go crazy & probably it would make me a bit queasy

I'm almost 34 weeks...tehe!

I have been noticing babies everywhere! I just want to cuddle them all sooooo badly. I don't think I'm showing all that much really and I usually wear a coat (it's winter here), so all the mums generally seem quite put off by my starey-ness. Like they think I'm going to steal their babies or something. When I'm out with my partner, I'm all "ooh look at the little teeny baby....awwwh", to which he replies *cluck, cluck, cluck*. God, it's so true.

Just got to keep telling myself...soon you can cuddle your own as much as you want! Woo
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"I think I will just go ahead and continue to consume whatever the heck I want (within reason of course)...."-Hikaru

My reaction completely!:

Another symptom to my list-insomnia. I was doing so well! But the phone rang at 2 am and I cannot get back to sleep. Overall, I feel T riffic though.
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Good morning mamas,

Well I am at 33 weeks and 4 days today. Original due date was 9/27/03, but I am scheduled to deliver via C on 9/18/03. We are having another baby boy! Yahoo!
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we're 31/32 weeks. due oct 4, full term sept 12. once we're full term we're doing all we can to get labor started!

i had some nosebleeds w/ e. not this time though.

we had a prenatal last week friday morning. very low key. we saw all of the 10 midwives at practice last time. this time, we've just stuck to a few favorites. one had mentioned possible induction if the baby is big (which it WILL be). ummm, NO? we were induced with e for PIH and we're NOT doing that again. we were very pleased to talk to jill (she's one of our favorites) about it this week, though. she basically said what we've been thinking already "there's no evidence to show that induction helps in the case of a big baby. smaller baby if you induce early, but then you're forcing you body to do something its not ready for. wait, and the baby is bigger, but your body is more prepared." so, she will not suggest induction. hurrah. all of our prenatals around the time we are full term are with jill, so we shouldn't have any battles. all looks good. at this point with e, i was going in every week for non stress tests and i was swollen up like a balloon. this time, the cnms have been saying instead "oh, you should prolly be coming in every two weeks....but come back in four...things look great."

e has been sleeping better, but i haven't. we're hoping to order our new natura bed this week. now all we have to do is sell a few organs to pay for it!
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34 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe it

Still nothing is ready except me, there is no longer baby room. X is up to and I feel past my ribs. I'm already as big as I was when I delivered my son so this baby need to get ready quick.

I can't believe I'm do next month, heck I can't believe in 2 weeks the midwife will say "if you go into labor we won't stop it". I'm not at risk for or expecting an early delivery but right now in the 100 degree heat a little early would be nice.

Despite how horrible this pregnancy has been I still can't believe it's almost over and how fast it's gone by.
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My pregnancy is the one thing that HASN'T been horrible about this year!

I've had a chronically bloody nose, but it doesn't really bleed actively, it's just my poor nasal passages are so dry they bleed instead of secreting mucus!

It probably sounds goofy, but I just noticed my stretch marks yesterday. They're like this vertical striping pattern along the underside of my belly. Since I haven't been able to SEE the underside of my belly for quite some time, I hadn't noticed them until I happened to be in front of the mirror yesterday. DH was all "yes, dear, they've been there for quite some time now." and full of reassurances that I didn't resemble a zebra, the stretch marks aren't that prominent or contrasting. (This followed my "I look like a zebra" comment.)

He's such a dear.
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Can anyone dispute that ultimately no matter how a woman has her baby, as long as they are both healthy, it doesn't matter?
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Well, no. As long as both are healthy, the ultimately it doesn't matter. However, when you have your heart set on one certain set of events and then things spiral way out of your control, you can feel some disapointment and sadness over that.

But in the end it all comes down to having a healthy baby and mom. I hope that no one has made you feel like having a c-section is bad or wrong. It comes down to what decisions you are comfortable making.

Good luck with yours. I know you can't wait to meet your newest addition.
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hello again...

Yes to nosebleeds, more like a chronically bloody nose as someone put it. I think the tissues in there thin out and bleed easier much the way your gums sometimes will. I always feel stuffed up too, even when they're dry.

Yes to hot flashes. I was convinced the a/c was broken again last night. I had it down to 73 and still felt hot all over.

To round out my litany of complaints, my pelvis is aching and my feet get swollen at night now...I just don't want to move after a certain hour but I get so damn STIFF....going to a chiro on Wed or Thursday, hope it helps.

On a happy note, my GD test was normal and my belly is finally rounded and nice looking, I think. I carry close in so it took forever to look pregnant and not just fat. I just bought a load of nursing clothes at motherwear...they're usually too expensive for me but they're having a 60% off sale right now so...go check it out!
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I am loving being pregnant in the summer! Geesh I should have planned the others this way. I feel fantastic. Have an amazing wardrobe. It is great. This is our fourth and final and I suppose we are going out with a bang. I am loving every minute of it. Time seems to be flying soooo fast this time around. I suppose the boys keep me so busy I don't have much time to be anxious. If only I knew the sex.... I hate not knowing....
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Can anyone dispute that ultimately no matter how a woman has her baby, as long as they are both healthy, it doesn't matter?
ultimately no...but it IS an experience you carry with you forever, and it should be as positive as possible. my birth was dd was very similar to the birth a friend had with her first. the same things happened (induction, some intervensions, etc.). i left the birth feeling good. we had done our research, had a doula, were active in the choices that were made. she felt she had no power and no choice. so, how you go into birth, and what you do to prepare DOES matter. your health and your child's health matter more, but it is also important that you do what you can (including keeping an open mind) to keep the experience positive.
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