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Poll Results: Do You Have Your Own Car?

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No, DH drives the car. But hopefully we'll be getting a 2nd very soon!
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Ya, I have my own car (with the car seats in it) we actually own several vehicles (we farm) so there is always something here for me to drive.

Dh works 45 min from home and we live over an hour from any town, plus I have to run to the school (25 miles) a couple of times/week to pick up kids, so it really would not work for me to not have a car.
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Yep - paid cash for my A.W.E.S.O.M.E. prius
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Originally Posted by NiteNicole View Post
Sort of. DH doesn't drive so THE car is, I guess, MY car.
Kind of in that boat -- DH doesn't drive to work so I get it then, but we share it otherwise. We have just one car.
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We have our "nice" car and our crummy car. The person that drives 2.5 year old son the most gets the nice (safer) car. Right now that is me! =)
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No, DH drives the car to work. But luckily, I can walk to most of the stuff I need.
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We share our SUV.
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I can't imagine not having a car in the area we live in. The nearest grocery store is 10 miles away, no public transportation. Not to mention the fact that I would go completely nuts without a weekly library visit and trips to the park.
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Originally Posted by RedWine View Post
We share one car. My husband usually rides his Segway to work. That's much cheaper than a car (and better for the environment), and he works within 5 miles of our home. He has artifical legs, so he can't walk/run the five miles.
You have a Segway? That's so cool, in a nerdy sort of way. And I say that with love and respect.
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We have 2 cars.

Mine is called the "Mommymobile"...
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I said yes but we are a one car family. DH has a company van that he gets to drive to and from work so I do have a car during the day.
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I have to have one, because I homeschool and there are activities and things we have to go to, also (God forbid) if there were some kind of emergency somewhere I'd need to have a way to transport the kiddos.
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Originally Posted by chinaKat View Post
You have a Segway? That's so cool, in a nerdy sort of way. And I say that with love and respect.
I highly endorse the Segway as a commuter vehicle, if you live within 5 miles of your workplace. You can easily bring it inside and charge it overnight (in a wall plug). It's easy to use, goes up to 15 miles per hour, and can go on the sidewalk (safely, if you go at a walking pace), and the street (if you use the bike lane).

You can buy a seat for it, too, so your don't have to sit.

It's a great, sturdy vehicle.
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I do have my own car, and I'm not sure what I'd do without it! There isn't a whole lot for us to walk to around here, and in the wintertime it gets very chilly so I would hibernate for months at a time if I didn't have a heated car. Hibernation doesn't work so well with two fighting toddlers; I like to be able to put them in the car and go somewhere, if only for a change of scenery.

Actually, at the time dh was buying his car we were pretty newly married and his credit was still miserable (before I whipped him into shape), so his car is in my name. So, technically, I own two cars. But, alas, usually only drive the bulky one with the car seats.
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If I really wanted the car...dh would walk to work. But I usually find enough to do locally/at home.
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dh has an '07' nissan versa, we decided to never get another second hand vehicle after buying a hunk a junk 92 jeep grand cherokee... it was in the shop weekly:i anyways i dont have my full licence yet, but I will in may and that car will be mine! dh can hike to work for all I care I hate being stuck in the house on rainy or cold days!
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We're car-free, and we all take the bus or bike instead (even in winter).

If I ever desperately need a car, there's a shared car (Flexcar) on our block.
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i have my own car but only because i bought it when i was still on my own with my ds1. my dh has a truck that he drives to work however, because he's in school right now and has to drive 45mins away to get there, we felt that it would be better if he took my car due to gas costs. i can't drive the truck so i'm mostly carless (for 2 more weeks).
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When we were just starting out, dh and I shared one car. Now that we can afford two cars, I have my own. My last two cars, I researched on my own, visited dealerships, made the deal, and dh saw them when I drove home.
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DH rides a scooter to work and I drive the van. If it is really cold then I drive him to work or he takes the van if I don't need it.

So, we share but really, I have the van whenever I want it.
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