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Chipped tailbone?

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Wondering if anyone had experienced it as a labor injury or otherwise. My dd was posterior and I had to push very very hard to get her to come down and out. Only had to push for 10 minutes with dd1 and 3 pushes for dd2.
Anyway, since the birth my tailbone has been killing me, right about an inch below where the butt crack begins, especially if i sit on a hard bench or if I walk too long. I thought at first it was bruised but it's been six weeks now.
How long will it take to heal?
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I wish I knew since i've had the same pain for almost 2 years now!
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I apparently had a broken tailbone with my 2nd birth. Also had lots of pain/soreness when sitting and recently my massage therapist confirmed that it is now crooked. It might be possible to work on via chiropractic care, tho mine has not addressed it specifically. Mine did eventually feel more normal and I was not having routine issues with it. It was sore after this last birth but not nearly so much. It didn't create any problems for the birth either, which was a concern of mine.

Is it improving at all yet? If not or if it lingers you might check with a MW or chiro about it.
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i second the chiro recommendation, and do it well before all the relaxin leaves your system (at 3 mos it's usually gone) or your body will likely harden in this malalignment, if that is indeed what it is. Just be sure to get a good referral as not all chiros are created equal....
hope you feel better soon!
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I had a bruised, cracked, or dislocated tailbone at the beginning of my second trimester. My uterus was retroflexed before I got pregnant, so I think that the tailbone pain was caused by the uterus swelling and popping out of my pelvis. I had pain for about six weeks or so. I did a lot of sitting on donuts and placing pillows so my butt was in a little hole. I also stayed off my butt as much as possible, and then before I knew it, it was gone.

If yours doesn't go away, I'd go see a chiro at the very least.
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I broke my tailbone with my first dd and it took about a year to heal. I carried around my boppy to sit on for the first 6 months until I got one of those traveling pillows which kept pressure off it until it was strong enough to sit on again. I actually had rebroken it early on, so be careful and I hope your recovery goes quickly.
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My sister broke her tailbone with her second. That was almost 26 years ago. The only problem she had after it healed was that she has never been able to do sit ups since.
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Hmm, i will have to see if my new insurance covers the chiro or not.
It actually didn't start really bothering me until a few days after the birth, but I think that's because there were other things that were more sore so it just seemed sort of generalized.
It's been six weeks and it still bothers me.
Thanks for the suggestions and we'll see how it works out.
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my tailbone was the sorest thing on me for weeks after this birth. it was probably about 5 weeks before it didn't hurt all the time. nak.
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