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Chamomile tea ok in early pregnancy?

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I am 5 weeks pregnant and wondering if having some chamomile tea would be ok. I'll try posting in birth professionals also. Thanks.
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My doctor told me to stay away from it. I have been drinking Rooibos...
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It is perfectly fine. It has a smooth-muscle relaxing effect and can actually help with pre-term labor. No toxic effects. The only drawback I can think of is it can be very mildly diuretic and peeing more is the last thing we need right?

I can only tolerate chamomile or rooibos right now, everything else is nasty.
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It's not OK. There are lots of misconception about if Chamomile tea is safe during pregnancy. As what my herbalist told me and verified by the web site referenced, the oil of chamomile is an herb to avoid, because it stimulates the uterus, Some say you can drink the dried tea but for myself I would avoid any herbs that could cause the slightest adverse affect on my pregnancy.

Check on these sources. Hope these help:
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Thanks to everyone who replied. I went ahead and had a cup after getting a few responses.....I also found gentlebirth.org and it was very helpful also...It does say to avoid chamomile OIL but chamomile tea is fine. I know my m/w said it was fine to have it while b/f and I thought GENERALLY(not everything I know) something that is safe to have while b/f is safe for p/g.

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What I've always understood is that the tea is ok in small quantities. (This is from Aviva Jill Romm's book Natural Pregnancy. She is a certified herbalist and midwife. Great book for further information, but always double check anything anyone tells you about medicinal herbs). BUT, if you have a history of miscarriage, a sensitive uterus or an allergy to ragweed (same plant family) it should be avoided completely during the first trimester. She recommends not drinking more than one cup per day, regardless.

For whatever the anecdote is worth: I have a sensitive uterus and a history of miscarriage but I have personally had no problems with the occasional cup (maybe once every couple of weeks). Because at this point, being able to chill out and actually care for my family is better than the small risk a single cup of tea will pose for me. It's all about weighing your options and making the best choice you can make...
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