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Anyone nursing another babe still?

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I'm nursing my almost three year old and my newly turned one year old. The big one only nurses once a day after naptime and will wean (fingers crossed) in the next two weeks (we've made a deal ) but I don't plan on weaning the one year old until she's ready (and if her big sister is any indication that will be in oh, two more years). I had a pretty big dip in supply when I was pregnant with my second, so much so that my big girl stopped nursing almost altogether and picked it back up after my milk came in when her sister was born. Is anyone planning on nursing through this pregnancy and if so, what are you doing to keep up your supply? I've ordered some more milk two (even though it makes me gag) and have been eating granola with oatmeal and oatmeal/brewers yeast cookies like crazy. I also vaguely remember something about alfalfa and maybe marshmallow helping? But I have to check that out. Drinking tons of water. So anyone else??
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I'm nursing my 3.5yr old. I hope to continue through the pregnancy and tandem afterwards.

As for keeping milk supply up, I haven't done anything yet, but am wondering what I should do also, I don't have much milk left now as it is, E nurses about twice a day in the morning when we wake up (its our special cuddle time ) and about 5 or so min before napping. We don't nurse to bed anymore so my supply has taken a dip, but she doesn't seem to mind.
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Nursing my 12 month old (turned 1 year on Nov 2nd!) here. I'm planning on getting more milk two and eating oatmeal and keeping my fingers crossed...

Oh, and making muffins and cookies with flax meal and brewer's yeast. For my milk supply. Yes. *coughs*
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I am nursing my eight month old. I've nursed through several pregnancies but this is the youngest I've ever had to nurse in pregnancy. I bought some of the more milk two. I'm hoping that helps.
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I am nursing my 13 months old still. It's weird, the last week or so he has been ATTACHED to me. Literally. He won't leave me alone, wants to nurse ALL NIGHT and has been super clingy. I swear, he knows something's up.
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I am nursing my 2 1/4 year old ds. So far I feel good about nursing while pg. I'm glad we will still have that special closeness throughout the pg and hopefully after dc2 is born. I haven't thought about doing anything to keep up supply. I think I will just not do anything special and see what happens.
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I'm nursing my 29month old ds. I know I don't want to tandem nurse (nothing against tandeming, I just know I couldn't handle it), so I'm hoping my supply drops. He still nurses all night, I'm ready for him to wean.
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I'm nursing my 27 month old son. So far it isn't too painful, but I can see that my supply is already dropping, and it's rather heartbreaking, because he doesn't seem ready to wean at all. I have not thought about tandem nursing yet - if he continues to nurse throughout the pregnancy, I guess I will have to.
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Still nursing here!

DD1 (who really is almost 2!) is still nursing.

Now, don't have any insight into nursing while preggers, as we just found out that I'm pregnant today.

Looks like I have alot of reaseach to do!
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I'm still nursing my 2 sons, one will be 5 in 10 days and the other turned 3 in Sept. Totalled, they nurse about 5x a day, for very short sessions.

If this baby sticks, I am planning to nudge DS1 to wean and maybe DS2. DS2 is less emotionally attached to it, but it is the easiest way to get him to nap and momma loves naps! DS1 doesn't nap, so I'd like to hang on to one of them napping as long as I can, especially while pg.

When I was pg with DS2, DS1 did nurse a ton at first 9he was 15 mo old). I believe they nurse more frequently the first tri to try to boost your supply (like they did as infants during growth spurts) but after awhile they give up and accept it as it is for the rest of the pg.

Edited to add: there's tandem nursing picss in my siggie, if you are interested! Click on the smilies link.

I have enjoyed tandem nursing my sons, it has been an amazing experience for both of them as well as for me. That said, I'd like to nurse a solo baby the next time, mainly because the others are so much older. If DS2 was under the age of 2, I would definitely want to keep nursing thru pregnancy.
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I am still nursing my 2-1/2 year old dd. She nurses day and night. She has been wanting to nurse for longer and refuses to unlatch sometimes. I'm not sure if that's related to milk supply or because she's been sick with a cold and last night started throwing up . I nursed ds through my pregnancy with dd and tandemned for 4 months afterwards. Part of me wants to tandem again but part of me wouldn't be too upset if dd decided to wean during this pregnancy. We'll see.
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I'll be honest. I did NOT enjoy nursing while pregnant the first time and I had originally not planned on trying for another until our second child had weaned. But um, that resolve didn't last long and here I am again. I just got my more milk two in the mail and have taken my first dose. I'd forgotten how yucky it is in the beginning :
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He started to latch on before his nap today, then pulled back and stuck his tongue out at me . I guess he won't be nursing through this pregnancy.

I tandem nursed until pregnant with #3, so I've done it before, but my youngest is just not interested. Sigh.
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I am still nursing my 3 1/2 year old. He has been nursing more frequently and sometimes complaining that there is no milk.
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Originally Posted by finnegansmom View Post
I am nursing my 13 months old still. It's weird, the last week or so he has been ATTACHED to me. Literally. He won't leave me alone, wants to nurse ALL NIGHT and has been super clingy. I swear, he knows something's up.
This is what's going on for us, too! I usually stay up later thanDH and DD and she can usually be comforted by him and a paci until I come to bed. No longer!!! and I can't just get her to sleep and then get back up, I have to stay. Maybe she's telling her mama to rest more!!

Not sure if I'm gonna do the more milk 2 or not. Might just see what happens....

Glad to see such a big support here about nursing while pg....wish it was like this IRL!! :

ETA: I would like to tandem. i think.
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I am still nursing my 13 month old daughter about 4-5 times a day. She is VERY attached to it, so I don't foresee weaning any time soon.
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I just picked up "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" at a local La Leche League conference & its been very helpful....(goes into great detail about nursing while pregnant & of course tandem nursing) ....so far my milk supply seems to be ok but from what I've read (sigh), there doesn't seem to be a lot I can do to compete with the powerful pregnancy hormones that can sometimes cause a dip in supply....my son has never had formula & he's not quite a year yet, but it would really be hard on me if I had to supplement....so I'm hoping & praying that my milk can hang in there at least through his first Birthday....I know some women don't notice a decrease in supply until mid-pregnancy & some notice right away....and some have no problems whatsoever.....we'll see! Keep the posts coming....!
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My first son was barely 6 months old when I got pregnant with #2 and he nursed through pregnancy just fine. I did introduce a sippy cup of water and some rice milk, but otherwise he just nursed a lot and kept growing just fine.
But you never know, each pregnancy is different, as I am finding out now.
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I'm nursing my 18 month old. I noticed a small drop in my supply even before my bfp. I'm not going to worry about it too much though. I'll just continue to let him nurse as much as he wants. At this point he really only asks for it around three times per day. I would definitely prefer to nurse him through my pregnancy though.
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