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Breastfeeding and orgasms

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When I was pregnant and during first 18 months of breastfeeding I could easily have multiple orgasms. (Not that there was much time for such activities, but when it happened, it was easy.) At 18 months I noticed a significant reduction in his milk intake and things reverted back to pre-pregnancy conditions i.e. it takes a lot more work for just one orgasm. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. It doesn't really matter, it is what it is, I'm just wondering if it's the hormones or something else.
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Wow that's awesome for you - sex sucked for me during pregnancy, which was tough because we had just gotten married (and had waited for marriage!). Now things are much better - but even now when I seem to climax I don't really "feel" it, and I've actually wondered if this is connected to the fact that I don't feel letdowns, either - I take it oxytocin is responsible for both? It does seem like hormone changes play a pretty big role in what things are like for me, even if that means pretty different patterns from what you're describing.
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Well i don't have an answer... i have had a lot of difficulty having any orgasms since i gave birth i don't know if it's from BFing or what...
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For me, after having ds, my mind just turned more toward mother instead of lover. It is still there at 19 months pp. It's been really hard to feel the way I did before ds was born, and I wonder if things will ever be the same as they were.

But, that's just me....My guess is something Oxytocin related as well.
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OP, I am thinking it has to do with the increased blood flow to the area during pregnancy and BFing. Kinda like how viagra works.
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