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Thank you again for your advice and thoughts. Unfortunately, this is the best daycare option for us at this time. We will already be spending more on daycare than I'm making at my job (internship). I am hoping that my parents or inlaws can meet me at work and take DD maybe 1 day a week and my DH may try to work from home 1 day a week so that he be home with DD. This should help limit her time in daycare, but I just can't eliminate it. Trust me whan I say that I sincerely wish that I could.
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Is it possible.....that the reason that soy is a "major immune stuffer upper" is because of the fact that a huge amount of the world's soy beans are GMO?
And in that process the gene is "shot up" with anti-biotics, preservatives, and who knows what else. And then when ingested, the person receives all the complications that those "additives" present?
There is still soooo much to be learned about GMO's, but aren't soy allergies a recent phenomenon (last 10 years), as are GMO's?
Just wondering??????
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I'm confused

or maybe I'm just really tired....how did we get from the topic of Hib to milk? I certainly am not intending to give her cow's milk anytime soon. I must be missing something (I really am rather tired).

Incidently, as blood work was mentioned earlier as well as iron deficiencies I suppose I should add that I bled severely following my DDs birth (2 hemorrhages over 3 days as a result of a retained placenta). In all I ended up being transfused with 6 units of blood and was severely anemic (hematocrit 12.7) and on megadoses of iron for 6 weeks post partum. Could that have anything to do with anything? Need I be worried about the "contents" of the blood I received or its impact on DD?
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Hilary I presume all the research on milk you provided is for pasteurized milk. I "doubt" the same results would have been found with raw cows milk.

Some interesting raw milk research (sorry I can't provide links on line):

Pottinger proved that there is a deficiency disease similar to Vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) that can be cured by giving an endocrine product that contains no Vitamin C. He proved that raw cows milk naturally contains that endocrine nutrient and that pasteurized milk does not. He proved that raw milk reversed and prevented scurvy.

Stefannsson, an anthropologist working for the US government reported that an artic-sea captain who ingested high amounts of Vitamin C did not reverse his scurvy. After the captain ate raw meat for several days he completely healed. (Harper's Magazine, November/December 1925 & 1936)

It was reported in 1942 that grazing cows produced as much Vitamin C as does the entire citrus crop, and most of it is lost as the result of pasteurization. (Proc. Nat. Nut. Conf. for Defense, May 14, Federal Sea Agency, pp 176; US Government Patent Off. 1942)

A Dr A.F. Hess reported that milk-pasteurization was intended to prevent humans from getting diseases that cows sometimes develop was a waste. He further reported from his observations and tests that infants fed pasteurized milk easily developed common disease [don't have specifics]. He stated that deaths from those common diseases should have been attributed to the defective nature of pasteurized milk. (Hess, A.F., "Recent advances in knowledge of scurvy and the antiscorbutic vitamin," J.A.M.A., April 23, 1932)

Research by John Hopkins University and the University of Maryland found that raw milk contained 2 1/2 times more IgG enzyme than pasteurized milk. IgG enzyme inhibits rotavirus organisms that cause diarrhea in infants.

In 1923, the high infant death rate from gastroenteritis at St Vincent's hospital, Philadelphia was a major concern for Dr Paul B. Cassidy M.D. who recommended raw milk instead of pasteurized milk. Of course the raw milk critics panicked, predicting a catastrophic increase in infant deaths. The death rate in infants from gastroenteritis fell by 94% from a high of 89 in 1922 to less than five percent a year. (Annual Convention, Certified Milk Producers Assoc., Hotel Roosevelt, New York City, February 8, 1938)

From the Milk Book; How Science Is Destroying Nature's Nearly Perfect Food, Wm Campbell Douglass Jr. MD, 1996, Second Opinion Publishing, Georgia; pp 204:

Destin was a child who developed asthma as an infant on baby formulas, suffered near-fatal attacks yearly, grew frail, weak, underdeveloped, extremely small for his age, and was on regular medication. Dr Douglass treated him, at age nine, by feeding him raw milk. In six weeks he stopped wheezing for the first time in his life.

So what I am getting at with all this is, there is milk and there is milk. I am truly grateful I have been able to nurse my two girls until they were four years old and my DS is still going strong at 3 1/2. But if for any reason I couldn't have nursed them, I would, without hesitation, have given them raw cows milk. I am also grateful I am able to feed all my kiddos raw milk from a farm I trust that has only ever been organic. They only consume raw butter (homemade) and raw cream also. My youngest two have not been immunized, my eldest was fully vax'ed until she was five and then no more (she is now 13), and thankfully, she appears to have a strong, healthy immune system. Not one of my children have ever had antibiotics which of course will have something to do with their overall good health.

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