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He's Here!! (finally having a chance to post!!)

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Well, after 41+2 days, Linus Henry was born into the world at 12:25 am on Halloween morning.
I went into labor on 10-30 at about 5:30. I wasn't sure if it was labor, or I needed to use the bathroom. Contractions were irregular and in my lower back. After a few attempts, i was able to use the bathroom successfully (sorry tmi!!) and contractions really picked up and, thankfully, moved to my abdomen. At around 8:45, there was no denying I was in labor and at 9:30 they became strong enough for me to call my midwife. She was at another birth (!), but that mom was not as far along, so we decided she'd come to my house at around 11, after I'd nursed DD to sleep.
Easier said than done!! The only thing that felt good was to rock my hips side to side during a contraction. Well, DD likes to sit and rock in a glider to sleep, so contractions were a bit rough for awhile. After having to sit through 4 contractions while nursing, I finally laid DD down and went to call my doulas.
The four of them arrived between 10:45-11. It was so good to have some female energy around!! During each contraction, J rubbed my back as hard as I wanted (very hard). Sometimes, H or D would take over and use a tennis ball. It was agony!! I just kept focusing on how soon I'd be able to push and get some relief!! I kept feeling intense pressure to have a bm, but no pressure in my cervix.
My midwife arrived at 11:15 and I allowed her to check my cervix at about 11:45. I just couldn't imagine having to lie down on the bed!! I was also petrified I'd only be at 7 or something. My contractions were right on top of one another and I just couldn't imagine that. Well, imagine my relief when she said I only had a slight anterioir lip which I could easily push through!! AMEN!!
I got into the tub (aahhh!!) at 11:55pm and at about 12:10am felt like I needed to push. My water broke at around 12:20am (I remember the midwife saying "Did you feel that? That was the water bag. Time please? Water broke at 12:20.")
After about 3 more pushes and 5 minutes, Linus was born. It seemed like it took forever to get his head out. Much harder than I remember from DD's birth.
I looked down, saw his penis and couldn't believe it. A boy!! I had a boy!! My parents had their first grandson after 5 granddaughters!! I couldn't wait to call my parents downstairs and tell them I had a boy-upstairs in my tub and not in some hospital 20 minutes away!! They slept through the whole thing and had no idea I had planned a homebirth. DD also slept through the whole thing and awoke the next morning to find her baby brother, to which she replied "Oh, he's nice!!"
So, here we are 6 days later. Linus and Avery are happily tandem nursing and all is right with the world.
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Congrats!! Welcome Linus!
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Congratulations mama! Welcome to your LO!

I posted in the announcements. Enjoy your babymoon!
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That's great that your birth was so nice! COngrats and welcome Linus! I think you'll enjoy tandem nursing especially once your milk comes in and your toddler can drain it quicker than Linus can.....that's been a nice perk for me about tandem nursing....
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