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Clara Hypatia is here! (coming up for air, finally able to post)

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Well, our little girl arrived on the full moon just as her dad predicted. I started having contractions around 1pm friday (10/26) afternoon and she was born at 11:23pm! Not too bad for a first timer! it was a bit fast towards the end, we went to the hospital around 7:30, i was 2 cm 100% effaced, they wanted me to walk for 2 hours. serious serious contractions started about the minute my midwife left the triage room. an hour and a half later, after laboring in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, in the hospital, going home and coming back to the hospital i was 7 cm. they wheeled me downstairs to the alternative (read: natural) birthing center, i got into the jacuzzi, started uncontrollable pushing around 11. they got me out of the tub, water broke on the walk to the bed. I pushed on my hands and knees for a few contractions and it wasn't doing much so they flipped me on my side and she was born about 10 minutes later. i had a 2nd degree tear that they fixed up once i stopped shaking (at my request... who wants to have their yoni sewn up when they can't stop shaking?) it only took about 20 minutes and it's healing pretty well. we spent the night in the ABC thinking that we'd early discharge the next morning, but...

sadly, i got really dehydrated in the jacuzzi and ended up passing out trying to take a shower, and then in the bathroom trying to get back to my bed, then the following morning trying to go pee. so me, the needle phobe, had to have an IV, which was shockingly anti-climactic. and we had to spend the next night in the hospital as well to make sure i was done with the unconscious spells.

clara was a healthy 7 lbs 6 oz when she came out, 19" long with quite a cone head. she's nursing like a champ and i'm also online looking for sore nipple advice, cause wow, it hurts. she's gained back all her birth weight. she's shockingly compact for such a heavy baby. all of the nurses/midwives thought she would be much lighter. but she's just like her dad and me, small and sturdy! we only have a few items of clothing that actually fit her, the rest she just swims in, so i'm hoping she gains weight really quickly!

you can check out our little photo website to see the goods: www.bellayarns.com/baby
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Congratulations!!! I'm not in your ddc, but I come here to lurk and live vicariously through the ddc boards since I'm through having babies! Anyway, I just wanted to respond to your sore nipples question. The biggest reason for sore nipples is an incorrect latch. There can be other reasons, of course, but incorrect latch is the most common and easiest to correct. I would suggest calling your local LLL leader to help talk you through it. Their phone help is free, and most leaders really know what they're talking about. Good luck. She is beautiful!
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Congratulations and Welcome baby!
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Congratulations!!! Well done Mama
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Congrats mama and welcome baby Clara!
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Congratulations mama! Welcome to your LO!

I posted in the announcements. Enjoy your babymoon!
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congratulations and welcome Clara!
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Congratulations,she is so sweet!
I am visiting from the dec ddc.
I just wanted to suggest a nipple shield for the breastfeeding pain. With my Dd I got super engorged and she had a hard time fitting a big hard boob in her tiny mouth. I went to and visited a lactation consultant at the hosptial who gave me a nipple shield. This helped to get her to latch on correctly and it took the pain away and gave my nipples a chance to heal.
I am sure your hospital has them, otherwise I have seen them stores such as Babies R us. I was thinking of getting one this time Just in Case.
Enjoy your beautiful baby!
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congratulations and welcome clara!
As far as nipple pain goes, i had "flat nipples" with my first, which really aren't flat looking, it just means that when you press down around the areola, they retract to a flattened state instead of protruding. THis was really painful for the first long bit, but eventually it was no problem. I wish I would've known sooner, i might have tried nipple shields, etc. The second kiddo, no problem however....
good luck! I know it is no fun at all!
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i'm not in your ddc, but "are you food" just cracked me up!! all of your pics are lovely. congratuations!!
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