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Okay so what IS AC?

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I am a bit of a numpty here, but what is writing at associate content? I have read the links, but I am not sure what it even is? Can someone explain in layman's words please lol!
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Think of Associated Content as being a warehouse for articles. You can write under a wide range of topics and submit your piece to them. Based on several factors, they may pay you an upfront amount (supposedly anywhere from $3-$20) for the piece. Additionally, you earn money for the number of page views you get, that rate is $1.50 for every 1000 views, but you don't get paid until you reach $15.00 worth.

Payment is done through paypal.

I don't know of anyone getting $20 per article, but I have heard of one person getting $15.00. My personal highest is a little over $8. My range tends to be between $5- $7.50.

In general, they will not pay you for prose and poetry, as well as most that would fall under opinion/editorial. You can still publish those pieces for page views.

There are things that you can possibly do to increase your upfront payment as well as your page views. If interested, we can help explain that to you as well.

If interested, feel free to join us on the AC thread and send me your link to articles.

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While I think it is a good exercise in coming up with ideas and expressing your writing chops, I do have a few problems with it, problems that I hear often in the writing world.

1. They do not pay you enough for your work. $10 an article is not enough for the time and effort. When they do this to writers, it hurts everyone in the long run.

2. While there are several interesting articles on there, many are not professionally edited like one in a magazine or newspaper would be. This will hurt you in future endeavors if you ever plan on becoming a freelance writer.

I personally, as a paid writer, suggest you find other websites (that pay a bit more and have some form of editing) to help you with making money and making a portfolio.
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I have to disagree with Rachel! I'm buying most of my Christmas shopping this way. I like what I get paid for my articles and I enjoy writing for AC quite a bit.

There are other places that you can write for, but AC has been the best that we have found.

I mean seriously think about how big the threads are! This month's thread I think is so small due to the other huge writing thing going on!
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(Let me preface that I'm not arguing-- read as if I'm asking in a perfectly nice and friendly voice.)

Exactly how many stories/submissions are you doing a month to add up to enough to pay for Christmas?

Instead, you could focus all that time and energy on markets that pay a bit more... $100 is worth more of your time. I'm urging you to consider how much your time is worth and to get paid what you deserve.
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I'd really love if you could point me a direction of one of these sites that you mentioned that accept writers with no formal writing education immediately. I have not been able to find anything like that.

I will add that many of us write at AC not for the money, but for personal growth. You don't have to fight to get your work published. It also doesn't require a great deal of time. I feel I am paid appropriately for the time spent on each 400-800 word article.

I respect your right to feel as you do about AC. However, there are so many of us MDC mommas really enjoying what we are accomplishing there.
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Well, in theory, you can submit to ANY magazine/website/newspaper without "formal" education for writing. Truthfully, writing is something that matters more on how you do, not what education you got to get there.

I'd Google Wooden Horse Publishing to see a variety of new magazines opening up- many are paying less than the higher ones, so they have not as much competition.

Just trying to get you gals to realize that 400-800 words should be able to get you anywhere from $200 (web) to $600ish (print)-- though, obviously, things vary from publication to publication.
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Originally Posted by rachiem View Post
Just trying to get you gals to realize that 400-800 words should be able to get you anywhere from $200 (web) to $600ish (print)-- though, obviously, things vary from publication to publication.
I do appreciate that very much. Most of the rabbit trails I have followed haven't yielded any results. I realize though that I have no idea were to begin.

I'll try what you suggested. Thanks.
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You are right, in theory. But, I've been writing for years and I have had no luck getting things published anywhere until AC. Honestly, now that I've been writing for AC and Suite 101 for a bit, my confidence is better and, after the New Year, I plan on looking into other ways to get published.

It's not so easy for someone breaking into the freelance writing business to start making $200+ for an article right away. If it has been for you, then you are one of the lucky ones. Most people don't just walk into that.

I've always looked at AC as the first step in a process for me. I write to learn how to write better on AC and Suite. I think my writing has come a long way since I started. I admit, there are a lot of writers on AC who are not good writers and the pool is definitely not the best. But, there are serious writers there too, who are supplementing their income and learning as they go. As far as learning how to be a better writer, Suite actually is a much better site for that. But, between the two, I've come a long way.

I think anyone that is serious about being a writer wants to do what you are suggesting. Why wouldn't we? For some, AC is just right and they have no intentions of going elsewhere. But, for others, it is the foot in the door that we desperately needed and a chance to make a little money in the process.
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Am I right in understanding that I have to pay them to submit my articles, but that may not insure that I get published?
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Originally Posted by evies_mom View Post
Am I right in understanding that I have to pay them to submit my articles, but that may not insure that I get published?
Wow, I bookmarked the site, but haven't looked it over yet. If so, it's a scam. You should never have to pay to submit articles.
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you submit articles and they make you an offer of how much they want to pay you for it you can accept the offer or reject it.

I just started doing AC. It is predictable. I am a good writer and dont work too hard on my articles. Doing this is giving me practice functioning as a freelance writer. I do feel the pay is low but it is better than nothing and it is a chance to try my hand at this profesion.
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I feel that what I am getting paid for my short/long articles is okay. I'm not looking to make a fortune or anything.

AC is not the only place that I write for ( I also write for a few different people on a personal level and get paid better than at AC), but I'd die if someone showed me a place that would pay be $200 for a 500 word peice!
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Erika - I started writing part time (about 8 hours a week) two years ago and I regularly get over $200 for 500 word stories. I actually write 500 words for $500-$800 fairly often.

It's fine to take low pay when your starting if you believe it is moving you toward something better. The problem with settling, and believing it's all you'll ever earn is this attitude has begun to bring down rates through the entire industry.

Too many people are just grateful to be published and don't treat writing as a business. I started off with the belief I was providing a professional service. I spent money on a couple of online courses (the money was earned back during the course btw.) Got out a bunch of books from the library and gave myself 3-months to figure things out. By the end of the third month. I had about 15 assignments with a total value of over $3,000.

I'm not particularly talented. I'm grammar and spelling challenged - but I made a point of learning how the industry worked. So honestly, it can be done.
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Erika- you can make alot of money writing for print publications (though take my advice FWIW as I haven't gotten anything published yet save one little poem years ago, but I am seriously working on it cause AC isn't cutting it for me!)

I will say since writing for AC and sharing with people locally I have gotten asked to send queries for print work! (nothing i have followed up on yet but the work is there)

this book has helped me a lot understanding the process

also I like this book too (good even if you aren't a mama yet )

also have you looked at constant-content.com ?

I will admit writing an article in 10-20 min for AC isn't going to be as time consuming as writing for print but the pay is better that's why I want to go that way! I still will totally write for AC for the instant gratification and also I feel it's great practice and nice for quick spending/pocket money (though it's never going to pay the bills!) also how professional it is I am not quite so sure. I also am finding content writing is alot different than print writing.

Don't get me wrong, I think AC is great as a springboard and it's fun!
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Dianne & Rachel you are so inspiring!
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I wanted to mention that I've read that even those little sidebar things you see in magazines can pay $50 or more! (Just for a couple of paragraphs!)

I just checked out wooden horse. cool resource. thanks for posting! maybe we could start a beginner freelance thread? then the more experienced mamas can stop by with advice now and then?
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