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What are you most looking foward to??

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Now that my wee one is here I'm remembering all that GREAT newborn stuff. The little kitten noises, the "I'm only 3 days old but I'm gonna hold my head up..kinda"

Oooooh and the breath. There is nothing better than the breath of a breastfed baby. I wanna bottle that stuff. I love getting up in her face when she mouth breathes or yawns. Hmmmmm, it's so yummy.

James is 2 and he has icky morning breath now I really missed baby breath. Just perfection.

What are YOU looking froward to?
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As someone who is currently in the early stages of labour (I hope), I am most looking forward to being able to see my baby and learn it's name, because I still don't know if it's a boy or a girl.
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Mmmm...newborn smell. There is *nothing* better!

Looking forward to snuggling up my baby in the Moby Wrap.
Looking forward to watching them dream about nursing and suckilng in their sleep.
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Baby breath of a bf'd baby! I loved that scent when dd would sleep next to me and I would smell her breath. Now at 2, she has dragon breath sometimes. Not enjoyable!
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Ahh you are going to make me cry (but in a good way). Oh I miss that newborn milk breath (DS has horrid morning breath too ) And the little movements, and the suckling in their sleep, and just the soft feel of their tiny heads pressed up against your cheek.

And yes, I can't wait to know our little one's name too!
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just that feeling of the "warm weight" of him/ her on me right after delivery... I don't now how to describe it .. just a "presence" kind of feeling.. is that weird??
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Seeing my first cloth diapered bum. I've got some pretty cute wool that I am just so antsy to put on her!
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I can't wait to hear her cry and see her little face. I am so freaking excited! It won't be long now. A few weeks till I can officially meet her!!!!
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I want to know what baby is and have a name.
Warmth and snuggling on my chest.
I cannot wait to hear the noises!! Mewling and sneezing and hiccupping and grunting and everything.
Sensing that skin to skin contact that's always missing when preggers and waiting.
It's alwas fun to hear the baby's first cries.
We get to do the whole comparison thing to see whom the baby looks like.
Listening to the breathing and sighing.
Just having baby on your lap or chest and you get to stare at them for HOURS, marvelling.
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mmmm, such a nice thread!

of course, there's that first moment when you see baby, know it's he or she and realize that __________ is THE perfect name!

saying "hello!" for the first time.

Also, I'm looking forward to seeing how the entire baby finger is about as long as the fingernail on my pinky finger, and marvelling at how perfect it is, right down to the tiny little nail.

I look forward to touching a tiny head full of thick hair (if s/he is as hairy as DD was, that is!), just rubbing little circles on the scalp and being in awe of how soft and silky it feels...

And the first moments of breastfeeding....

And eating sushi - our after-birthing meal of choice.

craving CA rolls and all googly eyed.
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Well, if I had to pick 1 thing...having that baby in bed w/me.

Can't really say that I've abstained from sushi :
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I'm also enjoying the breastmilk breath from my girls.

I also LOVE watching them sleep and hearing the noises (grunts, sighs) and smiles while they dream.
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Everything! Just meeting this one.
Babywearing, naps, breastfeeding. Sister and brother finally meeting their sibling.
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Looking into my babies eyes and meeting a new person that I will love so completely and so instantly...like I've know him/her my whole life...even though right now the baby is still abstract for me.

Nursing again...I weaned DD about 6 months ago and my breast just feel like they need to have a baby to nurse again, especially a tiny newborn without teeth!
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Oooh, I forgot, a LITTLE bean in a sling. DS jusg got so big, so fast.
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I'm really looking forward to nursing again, which sort of surprises me. I always enjoyed nursing, but didn't realize how much I missed it.

The tiny warm weight of a baby in my arms.

Having someone to put into all those little tiny clothes and diapers.

How completely sweet and innocent and perfect they are before they turn into toddler monsters (okay, so I've had a bad day with the older one, which is coloring my perspective).

And selfishly, I'm looking forward to a cessation of pelvic pain, a cold beer, and vinyasa yoga. And not having a gigantic protrusion that precedes me everywhere.
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someone who only needs to be fed and diapered.

and most of all sleeping on my stomache
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loving this thread.
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And one I forgot.... introducing the baby to my mother, after whose father he will be named.
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ya, just being tucked into bed with a little newborn for a week or so! babies are such great snugglers!

i also can't wait to start slinging this little monkey around, all warm and cozy and tucked into my coat
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