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I got my IUD today

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And let me say, it did not feel good. I feel so crampy, have spotting, and it's so weird knowing there is something in my uterus! Ew! However, having paid the deductible for the year, and seeing how expensive they are, now was the time to do it before I switch to new insurance. I got a Paragard which is the no hormone one. I hear you can have heavier periods which knowing my luck will probably be what will happen but hey, I'm not up for having a baby anytime in the next 2 years or so.

Cross your fingers for me that this will be a good option for us. Anyone else joining me?:
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I think I will be at my 6 week check up.
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I'm getting another Para on Dec 10 and I'm counting the days!

I did not notice heavier periods. And it didn't hurt going in (or coming out).
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I'm considering it but I had a cesarean and for some reason it scares me, like it will implant in my incision or something.
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I have an appt to get it put in tomorrow. The Paragard one. I'm nervous about the pain...and I finally stopped bleeding from childbirth and now I'll be bleeding again?! No thanks!
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Still considering it. Just not ready. Mostly because of what you said: knowing something is up in there.
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I am getting Mirena. I have it on order now, so as soon as it arrives in my MW office I will have it put in. I have Endometriosis, so the option of having a heavier period terrifies me. My MW said that the Mirena is safe for BFing mamas, so Im not concerned there.
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the dr. said the bleeding was unusual and that it might have been just postpartum leftovers. The bleeding lasted almost a WEEK! I was about to really get upset and it went away on day 6.
I feel great at this point, we were sucessfully able to dtd, and now I pretty much forget that it's in there. It's nice not to have to worry, especially when the baby is crying I think I'm nuts for having another in the first place...
Talk to me in a couple of months and hopefully I can give you even more positive feedback.
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