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Im so overwhelmed i just want to cry. My life is very chaotic right now. DH has been unemployed since May-ish... I love our family time but things are piling up.
I am still slowly decluttering from my first set of multipules, dealing with the twins plus all the other kids and my mother who lives a comfortable 2000 miles away just informed me she is starting to clean out her 5000sq ft house and will be sending weekly boxes my way. :
Its not the expense of shipping since my father owns his business and gets shipping for next to nothing with the corporate account however i dont need more boxes of junk headed my way.
Most days i have a horrible time staying current with dishes and laundry and putting away groceries...

Ive mentioned to her I DONT WANT IT... etc etc but shes determined to send out these dang boxes...
She has stuff from 40 yrs ago... honestly i dont need old family photos, old blankets, used toys, my old clothes and god knows what else is over there

I dont know if i had a point, i just needed to vent... i guess i can go right from the mailbox to the donation center?:
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Sounds like you've got a ton of things going on, just take things one at a time and know that you'll get through this. I think the mailbox to the donation center sounds like a good plan
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Freecycle it, have a large yardsale......Ooooohhhhh.....twins and trips.....Unless you need the $$$, freecycle....It may not be worth your time to make a little $- guess it depends on what your mom sends. I can relate, I flat out told my mom I don't want XYZ...do whatever you want with it.....well she didn't listen
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You poor thing If you are managing to keep up with dishes and basic laundry on your own, it sounds like you're doing an awesome job! I only just manage that, and I only have one baby to tend to!

And I agree, straight to donation centre sounds more than reasonable. Or can your mum sell some things on your behalf and send you the money?
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I'm so sorry! It is overwhelming to get stuff like that from parents. Right after we got married we got boxes and boxes since both my parents and my MIL moved that year. We still haven't gone through everything, since so much of it was boxes of papers and we somehow feel the need to look at each thing before tossing it (partly to make sure we shred anything with SS numbers or the like). When we first got the stuff, we had just started careers so worked long hours and wanted to relax on the weekends. Then, the kids came along, so there just hasn't been a good time to get through it all.
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This is going to be a very long process from my mother
Box #1 arrived today... shoebox sized... contained every freaking report card I ever got... 4 per year... 12 years plus college report cards..:
some medical records (ht and wt records from 12 yrs of emdical) none of which i ever wanted to see again... do i really care what i got in 3rd grade spelling?? (FTR it was b+)..
Spent about 20 mins shredding and put the box in the recycle bin...

I can hardly wait to see what the next box holds...
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My mom does this. It is about once a week and has been going on for years. And it is NOT EVEN MY STUFF!!!!!! My mom is a hoarder and she buys/finds/saves the strangest things. Like she has a stockpile of toaster ovens. She has the one she uses in her kitchen then 3-4 more in the basement for "later". Anyway, the boxes..... She will just pack random stuff to "help me out" once a week. I have asked her not to. Actually I have begged, pleaded, and demanded she not. She is on a fixed income and the $10+ a week in shipping alone is depressing. I take the boxes and pile them in the garage. Once every month or two, I dare to open them. 99% of it goes directly in the trash. Like the time she send me a very large box full of paper napkins! They were all the leftovers from every party she (and friends/relatives) ever had, including my childhood birthday parties. So like 2 kermit the frog napkins, 4 Care Bears, 3.5 Star Brites. Some were even "slightly used"!!!!! She knows we do not even use disposable napkins. And on top of that all, she has a moth infestation due to poor housekeeping and the hoarding so everything she sends has to go in the garage to prevent an infestation in my house. It is a very strange system. She spends an hour and $10 to basically throw out a box of stuff every week. Then i pay to throw it out: I long ago quit feeling guilty. I asked her to stop now I can do whatever I please with it.
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my mother did this. I swore I will never do this to my kids. I do not have any of their report cards, my mother did the same thing. Why would I want my report cards LOL. But I just sign them and send them back to school , when we get the last one, I look at it and by by. there is no reason to keep it. The only thing I do keep is the IEP papers for dd. I try not to keep every little thing the kids bring home from school, which can be hard. If they get a good grade it is allowed to stay on the fridge for one week.
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My grandma does it to me a little more than mom does. She mails me large envelopes full of papers-old copies of magazine articles, recipes, advertisements even. She hates throwing things away, so she gives it to me.
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Congrats on the b+ in spelling!

Ugh, what is it with parents! I guess they just feel like they are being motherly and helfpul, but it's really annoying.

I've been going through all the save stuff, slowly but surely. Some of it was funny - a play bro and I wrote when we were 10 and 12 while on vacation and a letter I wrote to the paper when I was 8 about why my dad was the best (in case you're wondering, it's b/c he let me watch A-Team.). What did I do? Gave it to bro and dad respectively for a good laugh. Then told them to chuck it! Guess I could be mailing shoeboxes some day...
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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
Like the time she send me a very large box full of paper napkins! They were all the leftovers from every party she (and friends/relatives) ever had, including my childhood birthday parties. So like 2 kermit the frog napkins, 4 Care Bears, 3.5 Star Brites.

PLEASE dont give my mother any ideas... i can see her doing this... its been rumored my next box will be very freaking greeting card i ever recieved from birth til about 14 when I FINALLY JUST STARTED CHUCKING THEM...

DH is just shaking his head and laughing... This is one time he is so very glad he is estranged from his family.
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My first thought was to get a big black marker and write RETURN TO SENDER on it...

then I thought that might make for a bad relationship. Oh well.

Maybe put the boxes straight into the trash, unopened?
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See, I love stuff like that, and I'm sure some day my kids will be chucking my boxes as they lament what to do with them. I will hopefully learn from you all, and keep the stupid boxes to myself since I'm the one who enjoys them. I really like looking at my old report cards though, and my old school work and such.
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