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Hi guys,
A good friend of mine (J) and another friend (T), and I are henna-ing our hair tomorrow. I've done mine before, but neither of the other two have. J doesn't have running water, T is 13 and part of the point of this whole exercise is to give her mom a bit of a break (5 kids, 3 of them teens with FASD...), so, to my house we go. How do you work three heads being henna-ed at once? My bathroom is only so big, really! I do have a laundry tub in another room, and hopefully not everyone will need to rinse out at the same time? Any suggestions? And, if we owned this place, I would just chalk a henna stain or two on the floor/walls up to life, but, we rent, and our landlord would have a complete meltdown. Mess avoidance strategies?

Also, more importantly, T is First Nations, so, thick, black hair. She really wants it to be lighter and red. We mixed the henna tonight, and put chamomile and cinnamon in hers, with lemon juice as the acid. Is there anything else we can add to make the colour "stick" better for her?

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What I usually do to avoid a mess is cover every place I will be using old towels and blankets. I normally just cover the floor and sink area in the bathroom and then make a path to my bed, where I pile a bunch of blankets and sit and watch a movie before I wash it out. I stage drinks and snacks before hand. I'm not sure how you did it before, but you're usually pretty safe if you wrap your head in cling wrap and a towel over that. You may get some drips though so be sure to wear old clothes you don't care about. Henna doesn't necessarily have a specific time that it needs to be washed out at so you're fine with taking turns in the shower. As for the color issue, if her hair is starting out black it won't get much more than a reddish tone to it at best, henna does not lighten hair color it just stains red. You can vary the intensity of the red with additives, like you already have in the mix. It will be super shiny though! And don't forget to use tons of conditioner, henna applications usually cause tangly hair just afterward.
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Have you done it yet? Will you let us know how it turns out.

I agree about the conditioner, use tons to help you rinse it out.

Using Body Art Quality henna gives the best color...it cannot lighten, but repeated applications can give a reddish-brownish cast in sunlight. The chamomile and cinnamon won't do much to affect the color, but will make your mix smell nice. Slather in on nice and thick and leave it for 3-4 hours. Wrap it in plastic wrap to keep it moist.

I've found henna stains clean up nicely if done quickly.

Good luck!
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They're coming over in about an hour. We've got a movie. I know the henna won't really affect T's hair colour, but wish there was a way to make it show up more. Oh well, the point is to hang out, the colour is a bonus. I'll let you know how it goes.

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In India they use strong black tea to help set the color.
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Spread newspapers or old towels out. And wipe up spills as soon as you're done. I wipe up after I wrap my head and wash my hands and clean my ears. The floor (tile) and walls (tile/paint) haven't been permanently stained in any place I've lived. I've never gotten it on linoleum or vinyl flooring. If you have heavily scratched enamel in your tub/sink, it may stain those scratches. Bleach will usually take it out.

Henna can only deposit color. It cannot lighten hair. Your friend's hair will likely take on red tones that will be mostly visible in sunlight. With regular use, her hair might turn a very deep black-red, but she's not going to go lighter without bleach.
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Well, the only mess calamity was a spot on the wall in the laundry room. Hopefully no one will notice it. You can see it though.
T's hair has red tones in the light, but otherwise, no noticeable difference. She was a little disappointed, but I think was a bit distracted by the fact that J's hair turned really bright red/orange. I know the orange/brassiness fades with a few washes, but it's a bit alarming none the less! My own reddish/brown hair is just more red. A bit orange in the baby fine hairs along my forehead and temples. I wore a head scarf to cover it today. Not a fan of orange hair. Hoping it will fade out quick!
I was a bit alarmed when J, who is in her first trimester, dropped a bunch of rosemary eo into her henna. But, no ill effects to be seen, so I guess she's got a good sticky babe.

Thanks for the advice re: cleanup.

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