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RideSafer Travel Vest Car Seat

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Anybody know anything about this? We're taking a plane for Thanksgiving and it seems like a possible alternative to a big bulky booster seat, and possibly even safer. Thanks!

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I can't address the safety of that particular item, but I was hoping you would clarify what you mean by "booster." You can't use a booster seat on an airplane that I know of. Also, is that item approved for Airplane use?
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Moving to family safety
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It is not certified for use on a plane, so I assume you mean for car travel at your destination. I used the vests with my younger two children and they are certainly, portable, but they aren't necessarily easier than a couple of low back boosters. It takes, a few more minutes to get them in the vest and buckled in. If you don't mind this, then they are very convenient, both my kids stuffed their vests in backbacks and carried them on the plane. The RideSafer vest tests very well safety-wise.
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Thanks for the feedback everybody! I phased it poorly. I meant how good and safe is it as a booster seat for car use? We're taking a plane from NC to NY with our 4 yo and 7 mo and would rather not lug 2 big bulky car or booster seats on the plane and elsewhere unless necessary.
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Okay, four is a little on the young side to be out of a harnessed seat, but the RideSafer does do well in safety tests. The biggest issue you have, if you decide to use one, is the manual specifies that the vest should be tethered when used with children under 6 yo (I think it is 6, I no longer have mine to double check, but I do know it is older than 4). I would be happier having a younger child in a tethered RideSafer than in a belt positioning booster for sure.
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It could be acceptible for your older child, but your infant needs to be in a rear facing seat.
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We have the RSTV for my 5 year old. We like it a lot for travel since it fits in a backpack. It does crash test well (frontal impact only) because kiddo sits so low & far back. It also spreads crash forces out across the entire torso. However, it has absolutely no side impact protection & it is not FAA approved. Neither are booster seats.

What is the child's age, weight, height in question?
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Alannah is 4 1/4 yo, 37 lbs, 43".
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Perfect Should be a great travel seat choice for her then ... just remember to use it in the center when possible: either there is a lap/shoulder belt + headrest or top tether anchor for lap-only belt + high enough vehicle seatback such that the top is at least up to eye level (also make sure she doesn't disengage the buckle since it will be easy to reach)

Just out of curiosity, what are your plans for Leela? :

Hope you all have a lovely vacation
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Leela will ride in my lap attached to me by the Baby B'Air vest. I know that it's not as good as a car seat, but it would have been expensive to get an airplane seat for her. Hopefully it'll be fine. :
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Oh, I'm confusing the plane & car again. We might bring Leela's Graco Snugride seat and base. It's awfully wide though, so I doubt that'll fit in a coach seat on the airplane, and it's heavy and bulky to lug. If not, we'll see. We have family with kids in NY and they might have something recent we can borrow.
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