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Thanks veganf for making this thread!!!! You must have done a bit o research to put that together!
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I'm actually due July 3rd, I calculated wrong before, I'm fixing my sig. :

This one is #1 for me.
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Hey there could you add me?

I'm due the 22nd. With #2. I have one angel baby. I live in Idaho.
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We're expecting baby number 3 early july! We're in WA.
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Due with #1 in mid July!!
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July 13 with #2 here! I'm in MO!
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I have mostly been lurking but can you add me to the July 8th dd?
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Hi, Thanks for putting this list together! Can you add me on? I'm due July 26th, it's my first baby, and I live in Denver.
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ooo!ooo! add me! i'm "due" (whatever that means) july 27th according to my TCOYF software.
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I'm due on July 28 with #3, I'm in WA.
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count me in for 7/30, please.

Originally Posted by churchofdisco View Post
ooo!ooo! add me! i'm "due" (whatever that means) july 27th according to my TCOYF software.
Hey Kristin! I remember you from LJs March2006 DDC, glad to see you here too
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can i be added for July 25th? this is my 4th and i am in Missouri.
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Add me please

July 27th I think.
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Helooo,toss me in the list! We are expecting our 5th baby of 6 pregnancies here in early July!
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Hi everyone,

I'm in for July 26th. I'm in Switzerland.
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Originally Posted by Hadleychick View Post
July 27th I think.
Oooh, another mama I already know! Cool! Congrats!

- Krista
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Hi! Can I be added? I am pregnant with #1 via IVF. According to my calculations, I'm due July 22nd. I'm in GA. Thanks!
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Could you add me please?

This is #3 due late July (but probably early August)
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Hi everyone! Can I be added too? My EDD is 7/29/08, based on my LMP. Using the date I *think* I ovulated, it would be 7/28, but I figure the 29th is close enough--I'll probably be late anyway, knowing me! This is my first pregnancy, and I'm *trying* not to get too excited yet. I'm in PA.

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I'm expecting for late July (24th) but I usually am "late."
Congrats, Mamas!
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