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tempature of house

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Just wondering what everyone's thermastat is at?
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I am curious, too! DH wants to keep the house at 70 since we have a baby, but I'm sweltering!
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We still have our AC running most of the time. We like it relatively cool in the house. Maybe 72 with the AC on. We haven't turned on the heat yet.
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Mine is off and windows are open. FL here. But, we were keeping it at 77 before the "cold" fronts started coming through here.
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76 here... it gets cold during the night... and during the day if it gets warmer I turn on the fans!!
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Our Thermostats are OFF! We have a woodstove, though, and we've been keeping it at about 68°F. I do keep the bedroom much cooler, around 58°.
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We're keeping it pretty cool. I think the thermostat is set at 70 but it gets cooler in here. I just dress baby warmly and we co-sleep so she's usually nice and toasty at night!
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Min is set at 68 and It turns on once every night. I'm always sweating but my poor baby's hands are cold When I feed her in the night.
It's getting down to freezing every night here now, so it was a sad day when I had to turn the heater on. I love September and October because I don't have to have the A/C or the heater on. I'm so cheap!
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mid-high 60's. brr. nak.
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67 here
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I have ours set at 70 during the day and 65 at night!
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68. But the kids' rooms are hot and ours is cold, so it doesn't mean much!
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68 in the daytime and 66 overnight, though i bump it up to 70 first thing in the morning for an hour or two
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We've had it at 58 - 60 at night, sometimes we put it up during the day. R is a very cold baby -- he hates getting undressed & cries & shivers all the way through, so I keep him in two sleepers most of the time and almost always have him in a blanket (unless he's in the wrap). Even when the temp was warmer (we had a few days where it was close to the 70s) he was cold. He seems to be more comfortable now; he has gained 4 lbs but only grown a couple of cms, so he's quite round and chubby. It seems to be helping.

Now, my older kids on the other hand don't seem to be phased by the lower temp. I have to beg & plead to get them to put on pants (instead of shorts) and socks or slippers. I wouldn't really care, except they are getting over colds and I cannot believe the amount of mucous they're producing. I find being warmer helps, but they just keep dressing like it's summer.
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we use some space heaters in our living room during the day and our 2 bedrooms at night (12 yr old DS has his own room and 2 yr old and newborn DDs sleep in our room in their own spaces when they're not cuddling w/ us - twin bed and cradle respectively)

I don't make our house hotter or colder for the kids. If anything its cooler w/ the baby because she is always double layered and I wear her a lot which tends to make her too warm if its not a bit on the cool side here. Right now she's got a t-shirt, CD (which imo is a bit warmer than disposables) socks and then a pair of footie pj's over that and I had to take her blanket off because she was too warm. She's laying in the pack and play in the living room next to me.

But I think that having this be my 3rd child, I don't stress nearly as much about things like temps and allergies etc as I would if she was my first. (my kids are pretty durable to all that stuff historically speaking)
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we have ours around 70 and keep dmitri skin to skin most of the time. when he is not skin to skin he has been swaddled. he has worn a shirt twice the rest of the time he is in just a diaper or totally naked and on a towel (we are trying to do ec)
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