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BBQ Beef-How to?

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I have a beef roast that needs to be used, along with some TJ's BBQ sauce. I'd like to do it in the crockpot, but need some guidance because it's been a looooong time and I've never really mastered shredded BBQ beef sandwiches. I'd like to make some for dinner tomorrow and freeze the rest. Hit me with your advice, recipes, ideas, anything! Thanks!
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OK, I know this one, it's sooo easy! We do this all the time w/ beef, chicken, pork.
All you do is put the beef in the crockpot, pour the BBQ sauce over it, & turn it to high. After an hour or so all the juices are coming out & it's looking a bit like BBQ stew. Stir it up & see if the meat is falling apart yet. Usually happens after 2 hours for me. Once it's falling apart when you poke at it I use 2 forks. I do a stab-and-shred type thing using the 2 forks. Stab a chunk of meat w/ one fork to hold it down & use the other fork to shred. Repeat until meat is shredded to your taste. Then I usually put a bit more BBQ sauce in there & stir it up. I leave it on high until the juices & sauce are cooked down to my liking. DH likes it just a tiny bit soupy. If there's a lot of juice & I want to hurry the cooking down process, I'll leave the lid off for awhile. Once it's where you want it, you can keep the lid on w/ it on low until everyone's ready to eat. If you happen to let it cook down until it's too dry, simply add some more BBQ sauce & maybe 1/4 cup water & you're good to go.
Hope that helps some!
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