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Anybody interested in a diaper swap?

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Now that a lot of us over here make diapers/soakers/covers, etc...is anyone interested in a swap?

For example, I can make a cover - but I can't make a soaker or a diaper...I would sign up to swap with someone who makes diapers or soakers to swap for one of my covers. Follow?

I'm going to be busy until the end of August with the other swap, but after that - are you guys interested?

If so, post here - and maybe include what you can/would make?
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I would love to participate. I am pretty flexible, and can make diapers, knit soakers and occasionally wool covers.
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i'd love to! I can do prefolds, adjustable size fitteds (snap closure), or wool covers (front aplix or side snap). I'll need lots of lead time, though, seeing as I've got a three week old. I keep thinking I'll whip up some covers for him, but the term "whip up" is no longer appropriate!!
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I would like to participate. So far I have made covers and an AIO.

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I want to!! ME ME!! I need newborn diapers!!
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I'd love to... I've made fitted diapers, covers & an AIO. Still perfecting some of my patterns, though.
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I'm in! I can crochet soakers. I use 100% virgin wool and can custom make them to a babes measurements.
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my mom is making some cute stuff and a swap would be an easy way to get testers I'm sure she'd do one count her in(through me of course)
She makes Fleece AIO's custom embroidered/appliqued, wool covers, and fitted dipes
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I'll join...I've made poopockets fitteds, one AIO (HB), and my version of a quick-dry AIO-- basically a HB w/out the internal soaker... I use a doubler separately.

I'm just starting out, though, so my dipes tend to have wonky topstitching! LOL
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I have tried my hand at all these things, but so far the only thing I have "perfected" is the knit soaker. I would love a swap........let me know when, where what!!!!!!
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how isthe list going? my mom is itchin' to get started
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I am excited to get started as well!
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hi everyone, i'm new to this part of mothering but i post on the diapering board and i post frequently on the sewing board at AW's...i'd love to join this swap if i can...i make all sorts of diapers, covers and aio's!
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I'd be interested too...I don't make fancy diapers like some of you, though!

BUT I do use organic fabrics that are very soft and nice!
I have colored organic flannels and some organic fleece and a little bit of hemp fleece left as well...

I can make contoureds or doublers or wipes with those fabrics.

I would suggest we put a retail value to our trade and then I could make equal amount for $$ amount...

For example, if someone makes an AIO that would normally sell for $20, then I'd feel comfortable trading them for 3 Organic cotton contoured diapers and 6 organic wipes

see what I mean?
Or is that more confusing? Maybe I better stay out of this swap...I may confuse myself!
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No, LaLa - that's a great point!!

Okay - how about a $20 diaper value?

And since mine are basically the same as fuz, you have to send me three packages! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!
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I'm in! I can make AIO's and Fitted Diapers. The AIO's are Honeyboys with Windpro and microfleece on the inside. I have hemp fleece, hemp french terry, organic sherpa, windpro, lots of PRR knit prints and a few flannel prints.

I'd love a wool cover or soaker!
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This may be a silly question, but for those of us who are new to the whole diaper making thing - how do we figure out the worth of the diapers/covers/aios?

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Ooooohhhh.. the excitement is mounting..... WOOOHOOOO!!! This is going to be fun!

I just pulled the sewing machine out yesterday & got started beefing up my stash as Ian is *gasp* growing! :LOL I have some windpro fleece (black) some red wool, some hemp terry & some breathable PUL coming, among other things. I'd rather not use the wool in the swap, as I've only ever worked with recycled sweater wool & I wouldn't want to send someone something that ends up not working since it was my first try! Wait... I do have a couple absolutely butter soft wool sweaters (blue & black) that I just felted (felled?). I could make someone a gorgeous cover "bum sweater" style.

May I suggest that we discuss sizes? Since I don't have a pattern, I make size, err...Ian. So I'll need to swap to someone who has a baby similar in size to mine. Or smaller (like the size he a couple months ago. :LOL
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SadiesMama, I'm kinda curious about that as well, but I'm guessing that we aren't going to get terribly picky about it. Maybe we'll say 1 AIO = 2 fitteds with doublers, etc... That's my only guess/thought.
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Well - AIO's usually run around 20 bucks (or a bit more)
Wool covers usually run around 20 bucks (or a bit more)
Fitteds normally run about 12-15 bucks. Extra doublers are usually 3 bucks. Wipes are about a dollar or so.

Is that right?

Oh and I could make a windpro cover too.
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