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WOW! Fitteds are that much?? I really am a cheapskate! I guess if you use decent material & add velcro or snaps it adds up, though.
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WAHM fitteds usually range 12-15 (or maybe higher! )
but many of the more mass produced flannel fitted diapers are easiily half that price
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LOL! I've never seen dipes half that cost.

Now that I'm making diapers, I find that the cost to sew a diaper is fairly high when I factor in the hemp, PRR, malden mills microfleece, snaps or touchtape. It's practically cheaper (and definitely easier) for me to make a wool cover. Now if only I could find more wool jersey.

Anyways, I just had to mention how I think it's interesting that wool covers cost so much more than a fitted that includes several layers of hemp and or PRR or other knit print and other high-end materials!
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Okay - as organizer I am going to set these regulations:

$20 value constitutes:


1 Wool cover

1 Crocheted or Knit Soaker

2 fitted diapers

1 fitted diaper made of organic materials or hemp with a doubler with snaps

Sound good?
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that sounds like a reasonable scale to me , although the soaker knitters might object (being a new knitter with cramps in hands from working on it today, I know I'd consider my work worth more than $20!!).

Next question to address: do we get to choose what we want? Like I can sew my own diapers and covers, but I'd really like a wool knit soaker and I'm a far cry from being able to make that on my own. So can I request that or do I just have to "deal with" getting diaper fluffy mail if that's what it comes to (oh, the horror!! :LOL).
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Sounds pretty good to me too. What happens next?
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I've never done a swap here before; I'm wonderin' too. Are we each going to have some sort of "partner" to trade with, or is everyone going to just send theirs to someone else?

With respect to requests, I'm open to making several things, as I think many of us are. May I suggest that we each say what we'd like, & do it that way? Or is that confusing things? I dunno....Sandra Deeeeee..... oh wise swapping woman??? What say you?

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Well, the other swaps I've done have been less specific, so I think those "rules" are out the window! :LOL

I say - start here ......

and post your ISO and FT

I'll match accordingly. Sound good!?
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Sounds Great. You'll be assigning partners so we can chat and get sizes as well as preferences, right?

Wool Soaker (knit/crochet)
Fitted Diaper (higher end one)
Wool Cover

I can make:
Honeyboy (my preference)
Fitted (organic/hemp/knit print)
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