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Originally Posted by abimommy View Post
If I was pregnant with six I don't know what I would do. I don't think I could reduce and I don't think I could take care of that many. I think I would plan on having a nervous breakdown.
I think you'd have a rotating mod invasion for a few months.
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I don't believe in abortion so I'd just pray a lot and trust God to give me the strength to live through it. I can't imagine though, Jon and Kate's kids are adorable and she's got it down to a smooth routine but I couldn't imagine 6 BABIES at once. ACK!!
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Oh wow, what a fun thread!

I'd be sure to let my church know I'd accept any and all help- babysitters, mother's helpers, meals, etc- that they wanted to give. Cause having that many newborns, there's no way two people could do it by themselves. I know dh and I would need help.

We would stay in military housing but we'd be able to get one more bedroom than we have now (I think 4 bedrooms is the most our military housing has). So 4 bedrooms for 8 kids (the sextuplets plus our older 2) and dh & me would work out.

I think I'd write a car company or Oprah and ask them to donate a large van. I'd probably write Graco about getting free carseats. Cause after all, having sextuplets is huge and would make the news, and wouldn't the company's love their names being up there as helping us?

As for AP, I wouldn't plan on it. Whatever happens happens. I don't think I could ever commit to a specific type of parenting plan with that many kids of the same age.

Now, for breastfeeding, I would only breastfeed the smaller/unhealthier/weaker ones. I'm sure that sounds harsh, but whichever 1 or 2 of the babies truly needs that breastmilk would get it. I'm sure some will think that's unfair, but I only have two boobs and can only make so much milk! I'm only one person, and if one of my babies desperately needs that milk to give him or her an equal chance as the others, well, that one would get it.

Co-sleeping? No way. Nu uh, not happening. I would absolutely NEED some good quality sleep at night to survive the days without having a mental breakdown. If I can't get enough rest I'm not going to be capable of taking care of the babies. So they would be in their crib's in their own room's.

On a totally vein, shallow note, I can't even imagine what having 6 babies at once would do to my body. I think I'd write those shows that do cosmetic surgery and ask them for a tummy tuck or whatever I'd need to get my body back.

Baby wearing... not sure. Probably.

Scheduling? Heck ya. I can't imagine what utter chaos my home would be without a schedule with that many babies. I can't even imagine.

Also, I think I'd find a couple sitter's once a week- or once every two weeks if we can't afford it every week- and dh and I go spend a date night alone. We would NEED some us time, away from the babies, to keep our marriage strong.

I would also have to try and spend some time with my older two alone often- or as often as possible- so they don't feel too pushed to the side by the other 6.

Anyway, that's my take on it. I pray I never have to face this situation though!
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CRY!!! We already have six - I wouldn't reduce, but one of us would have to quit working (most likely hubby seeing as I make about 3x the money he does) ... I just cannot even fathom - but seeing as the plumbing is shut off I don't need to worry about it !!
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I'd have 'em and love 'em. I don't know how I'd manage to take care of all of them... pray for help I guess.

Kind of overwhelming to think of! Good thing the chances of that happening naturally are like, next to nothing.
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I'd take them down to Walmart in a cardboard box with a sign that said 'FREE' in large letters. :
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Originally Posted by meowee View Post
I'm just curious-- what WOULD you do as an AP parents if sextuplets landed on your lap?
Sextuplets don't just land in your lap.

I wouldn't have implanted that many embryos.
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Originally Posted by dealic View Post
Quite honestly, I wouldn't. I'd have selectively reduced.
I would have thought seriously about reducing, and probably would have done it, but would have felt guilty about it.

If I ended up having all 6, or even 5, 4, or 3, we'd probably sell our house and move to a small town with cheap real estate so we could both stay home with the kids. Then, you just do what you can, and hope for the best. I would probably get lots of hired help if I could afford it, and be really organized about schedules and routines.
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I'd reduce to triplets as that is apparently the most a human mother is suppose to have naturally.
I've heard of breast feeding exclusively for triplets but never more. If I had to supplement I'd take donor milk.

I'd try to parent from my heart and not be afraid to try something different in case its not working.

I'd feel so sorry for ds if I had multiples. I can't imagine sharing attention with 3 newborns.
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I'd do whatever I'd have to!
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******* Not a mod here, but: I'd think we should stay away from the reduction/abortion talk as to keep the thread open. *********
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I would reduce. I couldn't handle that many babies. I couldn't handle them emotionally, we couldn't afford them and I don't think it would be fair to DD.

I doubt I will ever be in a situation where I would be pregnant with six. Multiples don't run in our families and because we have a healthy kid, we have no reason to use fertility treatments.
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I have eight kiddoes. They are 11, 9, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 5 months. You just do what works. Find a way to love your kids best. That is the best way to parent.

Seriously, I hate that show. She is awful to her kids and husband. I won't let my kids watch it.
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I should be sleeping, but I got sucked into this thread....I've not read pages 5-8 yet, so forgive me...

What would you do if someone gave you 6 babies at once? I dunno...let's say something extreme where you were the only one to take care of them?

First, I'd pray for money and help. What I would want would be to have several helpers...with assigned jobs. Like, a bottle fixer, a diaper changer, laundry person, kitchen help, etc.

And then, I'd fix up one room (BIG room) daycare style, with a quiet corner for me. And I'd set myself up as queen bee so I could watch all my children at once, but yet have only 1 or 2 at a time rotated to me. I could give them individual attention, but still see what was going on. I dunno...I just CAN'T leave my kids with people who aren't family...and not even all of them...no matter how nice they are. As they got bigger, I can see that we could start dropping off the baby care help, but we'd need to keep the laundry/housekeeper/kitchen help fairly indefinately, I'd think.

I'd also pump on a schedule, and distribute the milk evenly. It'd be sad, but I wouldn't actually nurse any of them. I wouldn't co-sleep, though, if they slept okay that way, I'd probably put them together at night, at least for a while. And, they'd be close to me (same room?) Oh, and I'd hire a "night shift".

Realistically, though...all that would take a lot of money that most people (us!) don't have. So...I'd make do.

With ds I changed my parenting style definition to "whatever is best for the baby." Which, I guess is what is was all along, but I needed to clarify that in my own mind. So, I'd try to learn about my babies the best I could, and do what was best for each one. And I think I'd still try to set up one big room (knock out a wall or two?) for everything. Beds, food prep, diapering, play area, etc. would all be together so we could easily handle everything and keep an eye on everyone at once.

Hmmm....it's fun to think about....but I'd hope I got all 9 months to think and plan...I'd need every second.

Oh...and it would be REALLY fun to buy baby clothes. And I'm another who would LOVE the toddler phase.

Ideally, I guess, I'd want to have someone (more than one, probably) to take care of all the "needs" and I would want to "parent." Like..."okay, so and so is going to change your diaper and then bring you right back to mama and then we'll all read a book." So, I could just be "mama", and all that piddly stuff that takes forever goes away.
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Originally Posted by lalaland42 View Post
I'd take them down to Walmart in a cardboard box with a sign that said 'FREE' in large letters. :
in keeping with AP, we'd all sit in the box together, and i'd tandem bf em all.

seriously, the thought of this is what makes me not totally judge Kate. i cannot imagine what life would be like with 6 babies. and then 6 TODDLERS OMG. my ds is 10 months, and INTO EVERYTHING. he is Danger Baby. I vomit in my mouth just thinking of 6 Danger Babies at once. omg. my head spins...

i can't see how i could do some of the AP practices i do now with that many. Cosleeping would not fly, i'd have to have seperate sleep arrangements. i would go insane if i were sleep deprived with that many to tend to. Nursing-since there's no way to 100% bf SIX, i guess i'd nurse them in rounds, and ask for doner milk from all ya'll . I still wouldnt vax, and i would be even more careful about toddler (and mama) nutrition and supplements than i am with my own now, b/c sextuplets tend to have health issues and compromised immune systems.

i would totally schedule stuff like mealtimes, bath and bed. i don't see how you COULDNT and it not be total bedlam!

my attitude wouldn't be any different-i would still respect my children, their autonomy, their feelings, their thoughts, and thier bodies.

I hate how mocking and chiding Kate is toward them, and how she talks about them when they can hear her. I also can't stand that she won't let them have markers or paint at home, and that they don't seem to own play clothes that they can get dirty in. I'm a neatik control freak too, but she gets SO UPSET over the smallest things-it makes me feel so sad for her and for the kids and jon too. i wish she could let herself breathe and relax a little bit.

i would still mother the same at heart.

i would ask for and accept help. lots of it.

financially, i just really don't know how on earth we could do that-things are extremely tight with the 4 of us lately. i guess we'd be writing a "Dear Oprah" plea for help, too.

i would pray ALOT.

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Seriously, the truth is I'd THANK GOD for giving me six blessings. And I can guarantee with five grandparents, three bro/sis in-laws, a few aunts, and several adult cousins we'd have no issues with babysitters. I'd do all the same things I do now, but times six. Of course, i'd have to quite my job and we'd have to buy a bigger house, but no problems there.
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Originally Posted by dealic View Post
Quite honestly, I wouldn't. I'd have selectively reduced.
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Firstly, we don't do fertility treatments for religious reasons (the flip side of our rejection of birth control).

If by some crazy chance we got sextuplets naturally, we couldn't and wouldn't reduce.

I'd call in the cavalry. Either hire a nanny or one of my sisters to stay with us, and try to be the milk lady for a least a few weeks. "Hand me the next baby". I'm sure we'd have a pretty strict routine just in order to survive.
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Originally Posted by dealic View Post
Quite honestly, I wouldn't. I'd have selectively reduced.
That was what I was going to say as well!
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Originally Posted by dealic View Post
Quite honestly, I wouldn't. I'd have selectively reduced.
Me too and that's exactly what I was going to post.
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